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Hello and welcome back to my channel So if you guys follow me on Instagram, then you know that I had a trip planned out to Buffalo However, I feel like every time I booked this trip Something happens and we just end up having to cancel it But because we were gonna be going with the trailer I wanted to show you guys a quick little easy skincare minimal make-up Travel bag that I take with me. I’ve been taking this bag with me pretty much all summer Every trip that we’ve done with the trailer. This is my go-to bag and products and I wanted to share that with you guys So first starting off with this bag, I actually got this on Amazon. I’m obsessed with it. It’s super handy I love it and I’ll show you the many reasons of why I like it so much So to start off and like that I can carry it around like this with me. I like that It’s got a little pocket on the back where I usually just put my wallet The wallet I use is from Matt and Nat that I got as a gift from a really good friend of mine Jasmine for my birthday I usually put my wallet and my phone back here so you can see it does kind of come out a lot so you can store Your headphones in there, which I also do and just any little things that you don’t know where to stuff I throw them in there. One of the main reasons why I like this is because when you Open it all that velcro. You can actually hang it and it’s got three little compartments. In our trailer we have where the beds actually slide out There’s a metal bar that goes across the bed and I just hang that right there You can hang it on a doorknob you can hang it on the hanger You can hang it like on your closet anywhere it this is really really helpful The fact that it comes with a hook and it’s one of the many reasons why I ended up getting this travel compartment thing So I guess I’ll go through every little compartment that I have the first one Um pad because you never know Second thing I have on here is an eyelash curler just because I don’t like to wear mascara when I’m off camping There’s just no need for it and I just still want to look sometimes a little presentable I’ll use that if needed but not really I still take it with me just in case. I definitely Take my gua-sha with me because when things get really tense you guys have noticed on here My face just starts to like pull pull pull I have like crazy muscle tension on the right side of my face, your left, especially when I’m stressed out This helps calm everything down when I go in and just massage all those little muscles and tension up. The other one that I have On here, this is actually a nail filer that I also got on Amazon. I love that It’s got this little storage or what do you call it? Just like its own little compartment. It’s actually a glass nail filer I’ll leave the link for it down below as well. This has helped my nails grow out immensely. They never break anymore I actually did end up going a little shorter, and I know what discussing right now That’s probably why they were in the bag because I needed to get them done at some point this weekend And I just haven’t done it yet. So don’t judge me. But yes, this is one of my favorite nail filers It’s actually really not good to clip your nails. It’s easier to go in with a nail filer and class is so much better I’ve actually noticed it too what there is like a little bit of a crack on my nail It’s a lot higher it doesn’t go into my nail bed. When it breaks It breaks straight definitely recommend for you guys to use a glass nail filer Alright, so that was all for the first apartment now moving on to the second one right over here. I have my Dental floss and this is from Desert Essence Which I really really like. Still trying to find something that I can get without all the plastic packaging So if you guys know of one that you highly recommend that’s vegan as well Please let me know down below. On to the next toothpaste I don’t have a travel sized one I always just go with like the full size from the Green Beaver Company and so far It’s one of my favorite toothpaste. As for my toothbrush I know I have this plastic one on here, but I got it from my dental office I usually use the bamboo one or the Diamond Sonicare which is an electrical brush. But this Toddler toothbrush also helps me get all the way to the back of my wisdom teeth and because I had it I mean might as well use it right and if you’re wondering why I Rather do bamboo and not all of this is because so many plastic toothbrushes are thrown out like people use them What every three months and then they get another one. Do you know how much damage this hard plastic? Causes it’s like it’s not very gonna break down and now I’m a shitty person for using a plastic one. Down to my last compartment. This is the big one this is where all the goodies go into and as you can see it has a lot of room I can still pile up a lot more in here, but because it’s mostly camping. I just don’t use a lot of product I keep it really really simple starting off with my deodorant from Native. I love this one I had a really hard time finding a good deodorant If you guys have seen my previous deodorant video where I had like a crazy rash under my arms I couldn’t figure out what it was this helped tremendously. It smells really good and it actually works It’s paraben free and aluminum free you can find them at Target I have personally just ordered mine online. And then as for a scent, this one is the Aloe Eucalyptus. They’re all really really good I just rub that all over my nose So I’m pretty much just gonna go in on whatever is in here and then I’ll go in and show you guys what I keep Along the elasticated areas Can I say that the elasticated areas? The areas where it has the elastic Holding everything back. Second thing I have on there is my CBD oil because I’m someone that suffers from like really bad anxiety and depression and although my depression has been it’s I’m not gonna lie. It’s been acting up just a little bit lately This helps me keep everything so under control. Next up I have this Kosas tinted face oil that I really really like I don’t always use a tinted moisturizer when I go camping But I had this in mind because we were gonna be going into the Finger Lakes area and they have a lot of wineries there and I thought it’d be really cute with my sister in there taking photos. I like That this gives your skin a little bit of a blur, but you can still see your skin. Really really nice product Mascara again because if we were gonna be taking photos at the winery, I needed a mascara I needed to look awake. Eyebrows again because I’m like eyebrow bald and really really need this. This is a product from ELF It’s a brow pencil, but I really like it cuz it’s more like a crayon. It’s really really light Like I said, it’s got almost like a crayon texture to it It makes it really really easy and this spuli honestly is just the best. Also have a mirror from Sephora. A matte cream bronzer from Milk that is really beat-up and really need another one I use this product so much. There’s really nothing left in there My face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body. Right now I’m wearing makeup So it’s a little evened out But in case I just want to add just a little bit of color to my cheeks instead of blush I’ll just add this on and it’s really cute. It’s really natural, really light, I like it! Next up I have this lip balm that I just got at Shoppers Drug Mart. Actually, it’s from NYX, vegan, cruelty free It’s really really good. I’m obsessed with this. Oh, why didn’t I have this on already?? My lips are so dry. I don’t know. This is a new product because I haven’t seen it before but I’m really really liking it. As for my cleanser This is the one I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s from Acure It’s a cleansing soothing cream And I really like it for days that I’m not wearing any makeup, but still want to wash my face It’s really light, making it really good for like normal to sensitive skin. I’m obsessed with this brand I can’t even tell you the amount of products that I have from this brand Actually I can I can film a video and let you know exactly which products I use from them. If that’s something that you guys are willing to see let me know down below and I just realized we’re now heading to the Elasticated parts. First should let’s start from over here So I have a Beauty Blender Just in case my fingers can’t cut it for the bronzer I use this guy and in order to keep this wash I use my Dr. Bronner. This is the eucalyptus fragrance one It’s really really good I also use this as a body soap and it’s really really fresh and I just feel really super clean after using it because it’s like a Tingly minty feeling and when you’re camping you just feel so rugged and dirty and all that fire smoke got you stinking up? This just makes you feel so so refreshed So I use this for my body and I also use it to clean out my Beauty Blender Because it is amazing to clean makeup brushes beauty blenders everything. I clean my floors with it I clean my whole house with it. I love Dr. Bronner’s. Next up, I have this lotion It’s a lemongrass ginger body lotion. I actually picked this up when I was in Bali. I love the smell of it so much it’s pretty much coconut oil and then a bunch of essential oils like lemongrass and ginger Mixed in here and it just smells so fresh and clean and next up for face lotion I use this Coola Sport SPF. It’s really lightweight, I like that It doesn’t feel like it’s clogging up my pores. It does the job, 50 SPF and it moisturizes really well It also smells amazing. This bottle is recyclable Vegan cruelty free love this brand and I picked this up at Sephora Another moisturizer that I brought with me with that I use Mostly for the night time is from this DermaE. It’s a collaboration that Sunkissed Alba did with them I absolutely love this product. It’s a jojoba, argan oil and sea buckthorn oil all mixed together You can use this in the morning. You can wear it for a night time I actually use it for my hair and I use it mostly for night before I go to sleep after I’ve washed my face just Because I save the SPF one for daytime and then just waking up with this I feel like my skin is just so plumped, nice ,smooth and radiant. I think we’re down to the last product which is this Briogeo, Rosarco milk reparative leave-in conditioner. I like that it’s a spray bottle I got this little sample size just because I wanted to test the brand out really this is probably the first product that I ever Tried from theirs. I really really like it I like keep being a leave-in conditioner in my hair because my natural hair texture is a curly wave and Curly hair just tends to be a little bit more on the dry side So I like keeping this in my hair and because I don’t use any hair product when I’m camping I like to just keep it o Natural as soon as I wash out my straightened little bit of a curl hair and leave it all natural I’ll go in with my derma e oil and a little but of this and my curls is just like revive I also like that you can reuse this bottle put in some of your conditioner that you have at home, add in a little bit of water shake it up and you’re ready to go So that’s it for my three compartment and I just realized that there’s another one over here as well So I’m just gonna open up that zipper. I can’t remember what I have in here Oh my EpiPen of course. If you guys are new on here and didn’t know I actually have a dairy and an egg Allergy so this baby needs to be with me at all times I say at all times and I’m just finding out that my EpiPen was in there. If would have gone out and something bad happened.. It’s my travel bag and that’s it! That’s how tiny this thing gets. That’s how small it is, and I had expanded it so much So yeah, that’s it for this video very simple. Like I mentioned at the beginning Basic cuz it’s for camping But yeah That’s just everything that I’ve been using for my travel bag all summer long As for the bag and the nail filer that I got on Amazon I’ll definitely be leaving a link for that down below If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give me a like and get to subscribe right over here I make weekly videos for every Thursday 7 p.m. Eastern time, and I will see you guys at the next one. Bye Hello and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is Mayra. Hello, and welcome back to my channel So if you guys are new here, my name is Mayra. Um Hello and welcome back to my channel if you guys have been following Hello and welcome back to my channel My neighbor is crazy. I don’t know if you guys can hear that but She’s cussing all up and down. Charlie is here giving me like the dirtiest. Look, what’s up. Want to come say hi. Come here Can I have a besito? Give your mommy a besito.

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