Skeleton Makeup : Watchers of the Night

hi beautiful I have here a hauntingly beautiful look for you to try out first thing you’ll need to do is to cover up your eyebrows with a glue stick you just need a small amount and smear this over your brows to flatten them down and once the glue is dried you can start with your face makeup this isn’t really needed but if you want your makeup to last all throughout the night prime your face first this is going to help hold the makeup in place now using your black eyeliner start sketching on your face begin by outlining the eye sockets then the nose and hollows of the cheeks and if you need extra help I recommend looking at reference pictures of skulls and you also want to feel the actual bones on your face you can feel some areas popping out and others sinking in think of it like a small anatomy lesson and now break out that black face paint and fill in the eye sockets just wet your brush and load it on the cake to activate the paint I’m using a water activated face paint that’s also gentle to use on kids from here just fill in your eye socket with this black color and feel free to stop here if you want to look like a cute panda now take your white facepaint and with your brush paint to white out the bone area start at the forehead and work your way down I recommend working in layers so that you can really build up the contrast where you need it and you know what don’t worry too much about getting perfectly clean lines because later on we’re going to be blending them out and just keep painting to reveal your skull you can also run this over your lips and don’t worry because it’s gentle to use on the skin and the best part about this is that when you’re done it washes right off with just water you want to try and create depth and dimension by bringing out features on the skull that pops out like the cheekbones forehead and teeth now if you need better precision for smaller areas just switch on over to a smaller brush when you draw in the nose try not to cover the whole area just do the front section in a triangle like shape and because I have on a strapless shirt I’m going to paint my decollete as well you can always look for a skeleton shirt that goes up to your neck so that you don’t really have to paint everything on but if you want to go all out just paint all over your body this is super easy you just have to loosely draw out the skeleton frame and don’t worry about it being accurate because people will get the idea and from here with your black paint start filling in the empty spaces and of course covering up your flesh only letting the bones expose kind of like an x-ray the most important tip is to just have fun with this look so experiment and play around cry use a sponge with a dab of white facepaint to blend for a realistic skull look and if this look is too intimidating for you just get someone else to help you out to shame and once you have the deep hollows drawn on take a thin eyeliner brush and just draw the teeth on your lips remember they don’t have to look perfect and if you prefer you can also use a black eyeliner to draw the teeth lines and now we’re moving on to shading all you need is a fluffy shadow blending brush and use a mixture of black and deep purple to shade in the areas around the eyes lips cheeks and of course forehead this will give your skull look even more dimension and grittiness it’s kind of like ìitís guru but for the undead and once you have all the shading in place use a sponge with a dab of a white face paint to blend to help soften the shadows and if you want that piercing gaze pop in some intense light contacts and finish off your makeup with black eyeliner on the top and bottom waterline and now you’re done and if you’re going for that fantasy finish just put on a beautiful colored wig all right it’s time to slay mmm love ya and of course good luck music by my all-time favorite late night alumni key Hey an oculus of glass oh and my book makeup your life guide to beauty style and success online and off is now available wherever books are sold bye everyone see you in my next video you

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