SISLEY PARIS / My Sisley Tutorial – Casual Copper Eyes

Hi, this is Tania Grier. And this is the Casual Copper Eyes by Sisley. To start, I’m applying the foundation Phyto-Teint Eclat, with the fluid foundation brush which helps to give a flawless finish. I’m applying the Phyto-Cernes Eclat under Sonia’s eyes by tapping, then using the brush to blend and the fingers to blur. A trick is to use it to eliminate any redness around the nose and to highlight the chin and the cupid’s bow. This is Phyto-Sourcils Design in Capuccino, start by brushing up the brows, then using the pencil, follow your natural arch filling it gently, and finish by brushing again to get a more natural result. Take the highlighter, apply to the brow bone, and the inner corner to illuminate. Now use Phyto-Sourcils Fix, a translucent gel which seals the brows. With Phyto-Eye Twist in Pearl, apply directly to the lids, then blend with your fingers. Using the smudge brush, apply the toffee eyeshadow onto the lids and into the crease. Let the brush do the work for you. By simply tilting it it can create the crease. Take So Intense Mascara right into the root of the lash then sweep up. For a peachy cheek with a hint of shimmer, take L’Orchidée blusher using the blush brush to help your contour. Lastly, I’m using Phyto-Lip Twist in Coral applying lightly for a very natural finish.

3 thoughts on “SISLEY PARIS / My Sisley Tutorial – Casual Copper Eyes

  1. Très joli effet sur la vidéo, mais attention car le rouge à lèvres coral est beaucoup plus orangé qu'il n'y paraît ! Je l'ai acheté suite au visionnage et il n'est pas du tout naturel comme indiqué dans la vidéo. Très déçue du coup, impossible pour moi de le porter, alors que J'ai exactement la même carnation que le mannequin.

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