Silver Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Eyeliner with Black Eye Shadow

I’m going to use some eyeliner. And since
we’re doing a dramatic look, I’m going to use black. And I’m going to use a powder.
You can use a pencil, you can use a liquid eyeliner. I prefer the powder because I have
nice control with the brush – an angle brush. And you just want to dip into it, but you
want to dampen the brush a little bit so that the eye shadow goes on nice and smooth, kind
of like a cream or a liquid liner. So I’m going to start out basically on side of her
eye – close – and I’m going to kind of wing it up, like a cat’s eye. This is just going
to lengthen her eye and it’s just going to look really pretty and dramatic. And the eyeliner
is going to go on really smooth because the brush is damp. So really, you just want to
get it as close to the lash line as possible. Thinner towards the center of the eye, and
thicker as you make it to the end of the eye. You can just add more and more, depending
on how thick you want the line. I’ll do a bit of a thinner line. And just get, like I said, as close to the
eyelashes as possible. You want it to look dramatic, but you don’t want it to look –
you want to blend it. I mean, blending is the key to make it look like, look beautiful,
rather than look like you have a ton of makeup on. Look up for me. Open and look up. And
you also want to put a little bit on the bottom of the eye so that all the eyeliner isn’t
on the top. I like to use a nice, little pencil brush and just smudge just to make it look
a little smoky so it doesn’t look like a harsh line. Kind of smudge everything out and smoke
it out. Brushes are great tools to have. They make everything go on so much better. You
can have the greatest makeup, but if you have bad brushes, it’s not going to look good.
Now it’s up to you how much you want to wing it out. You can do the whole Amy Wine house
wing if you want, or you can keep it really thin and simple. It’s really up to you and
the look you’re going for. Open. That’s about all I want to do with hers’. Just kind of
accentuate her eye and makes it look bigger, but it’s not so dramatic that it stands out.

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