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Welcome to IreviewUread Beauty! Today we’re going to review Cathy Doll’s
Shocking Black Liner. Just look at the ninja like packaging. You know it’s gonna be good. Anyways, Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black Liner
is formulated with tank type, direct filling technology which makes it easy to use, glidable,
long lasting, extremely pigmented, waterproof, smudge proof and allows you to draw thin lines.
As you can see the packaging is really sleek with minimal wordings on a plain black background. It have a thin brush pen tip which makes eyelinering
so much easier. You can create different thickness of lines
just by turning the brush After it dries it’s smudge proof and waterproof
Although I did not test out the water part in the video, I did test it out behind the
scenes Oh and do remember to shake it first because that’s
how the technology works. Now let’s test it out on my eyelids! Erf, you’re so close. We’re so close. Does it makes us friends now? A trick I learned over the years is to use
any cardboard or straight things as a ruler for your extended line. Just look at this, Amazing! Now for the other eye! And we’re back with our liners all done! There’s just something so satisfying about
perfect makeup. This is one of those moments. As you can see the products goes on quite
evenly and mattee. Next we’re going to go embrace Singapore’s
hot and humid weather for a few hours and put these liners to the test
A few hours later. Presenting my oily face! Most of the liner seems quite intact. Only the inner corners of the eyes were rubbed
off. It seems that the part which are not ‘soaked’
in oil doesn’t smudge despite the rubbing. And we’re back to the present! Now that I’ve put Cathy Doll’s Shocking
Black Liner to the test here are the verdicts I feel that the eyeliner did meet its claims
of being easy to use, smooth, able to produce thin lines, waterproof and mostly smudge proof. It is also long lasting with an intense black
colour. However, I find that it is not as oil proof
for the inner corner of my eyes did smudged off a little. In conclusion, Cathy Doll’s Shocking Black
Liner is a great ‘go to’ eyeliner for everyone. With that, we at the end of the video! You can read my blog which features this review
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  1. I love stocking up on Cathy Doll cosmetics when I travel to Asia – they're so cute. Impressed with the results on your eyes! Looking fab x

  2. Aww this eyeliner looks fantastic! I'm always on the hunt for a good eyeliner, thanks for the review! I subbed 😘😘😘

  3. hey you! i loved the video, i thought it turned out so well! i left ya a very enthusiastic thumbs up:) can’t wait to see your future videos, hopefully you could subscribe back so we can mutually support each other! keep making videos like these!

  4. you look amazing! great review of the product New Subscriber because of great content, even though Im a travel/hypebeast channel 😀

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