Shiseido GRWM | Simple Mature Makeup | Glass Skin Look | No makeup makeup

today’s video is everything Shiseido
I did a video like this before but that was a while ago so I am going to do
another get ready with me with all things Shiseido if you’re interested
if I’m watching hi everyone welcome back to my channel this is Gadgetlily
today I’m going to attempt a 10 minute get ready with me with all Shiseido
products I’m going to start with my brow this is a brand new brow pencil and
never used it before so it has this part there’s a brush and I think there’s a
ink over here at ink tip so this is like a very dark ash brown I’m just gonna fill in a little bit in
the front I don’t do a heavy brow just a very natural wherever I need if you hear
a little squeaking noise that’s my my cat Baby I have my natural brows so I don’t need
to do a lot of filling in fortunately it’s pretty quick with my brows okay and then I am going to do my
actually I’m going to do my foundation first
this is Shiseido drugstore product it can be used as a concealer but I am
actually going to use it as my foundation because I don’t really put I
don’t really like to put foundation but before I do that I am going to put on it
has SPF 15 and it’s just and primer and it gives a nice glow to your skin I like that luminous look so I’m gonna
take this with my shoe shadow brush and just tap on a feel-feel area that I want to conceal and it’s
even out my skin tone that’s all I really use you know one trick is I don’t put any on
my nose at this time there’s some dark spots here so I try to cover right there
there’s redness around my nose I go around there and what I do is then I take a a sponge that’s wet squeeze out the extra And I just kind of so this will give you more of an even
finish all right and then I’m gonna put my eye shadow on this one I’ll put the
name of the color can’t see without my glasses I’m gonna put this color on
first this first one you know I don’t really follow any
traditional way of doing my makeup it’s whatever I pick up usually I do my eyes
first so I really don’t spend a lot of time on
my eyeshadow because a lot of it you don’t really see anyway it’s hooded in
it it really gets covered up but I do like to play with different colors you
know just something simple okay and then this is a new mascara but before that
I’m gonna do my eyeliner with my Kajal I’m using a green one today sometimes when your hand isn’t steady I
basically move my head instead just hold the pencil and then you move your head it’s just another little trick you’re not really holding your hand so much I don’t think I’m gonna be able to
finish in ten minutes so we’ll see how how much it ends up
okay now I’m going to throw my lashes maybe we’ll be able to of it maybe I’ll
have to go into um 12 minutes this is a new mascara from Shiseido it is new to
me it’s controlled chaos and its Controlled Chaos mascara ink it’s really lengthening quite a bit okay helping it stays and I think my 10
minutes up but I’m gonna keep going and not gonna put pressure on myself I
tried so anyway now I am going to put my blush this dirty there we go it’s a nice
peachy peachy pink I’m gonna still try to do this quickly upward this really
shows up I’m gonna blend it out actually I’m going to blend it out with the
foundation brush this actually gives it a very like glow from within blush from within
look and take the same brush little trick all right and then I’m gonna use
my Shiseido highlight and I will list a color on the screen again this highlighter is very subtle
and I actually put it right on the blush to a little bit overlapping and a little
on the nose actually this brush with what’s left on the foundation that’s
what I used to kind of finish off my nose to give it a even color so right
now we’re about 17 minutes is it 17 Oh 12 12 or 13 minutes I’m gonna now do my
lips she shade a lipstick it’s a pink but I’m just gonna take a little bit and
tap it in it’s a fault it’s the beginning of fall
but today’s still kind of warm here so I’m going to work feel like I could
still wear a color like this this is um their gloss I love this gloss you see
the difference right now this applicator is really special it
doesn’t take the color and get it back into the tube it’s like a one-way so it
the color doesn’t get contaminate it no you could see the gloss all right
what else do I need to do I am going to take this this is like a Shiseido it’s a Shiseido drugstore brand i
am going to take that down a big fluffy brush to set my my face set my makeup and I do have wrinkles you just don’t
see it on screen on camera highlight right on my brow bone this is
I’m gonna use this a little bit boy I really I blow through the time here
don’t have a good brush of contouring this is a cream to powder products so I don’t know if they’ll even show up
on camera okay I think I think that’s everything
boy it’s really hard and to talk and do your makeup I usually do voiceover so
this is something different all right I guess that’s it one last step is my
Shiseido Ibuki setting spray I love this scent I think I’m done maybe it’s a little
little messy but to feel a little rushed so anyway all these products are made by
Shiseido for all the products I used today in this video I will leave links
in my description box so anyway I hope you like this video if you have any
questions as always you can leave me comments I love to answer your comments
and I hope to see you in my next video

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