Setting Brush Tutorial

Hi guys, welcome back. I’m Sam. Today I’m going to introduce you to my brand new setting brush. I’m so excited about this
brush. It can be used in a multitude of ways. I use it a lot for applying
highlighter. You can use a powder highlighter or a cream highlighter. I
also use it under my eyes with a loose powder to set my concealer so my bottom mascara doesn’t run. I’m going to use it today with a powder highlighter to
create an ethereal glow to the skin. I’m just going to take this on to the tops
of the bones, so we’re going to go on to the brow bone, like this. Onto the top of the cheekbone. I’m using a really cool highlight for
this because I want it to look a little bit like the highlight you might get if
the moon was shining on you, so rather than a sunny highlight, I’ve gone for a
cooler one. I’m going to take this down the nose as well, on the top lip, and a
little on the chin. I’m also going to put a little dusting
just above the brow there, where the light might hit. This brush, like all the other Real
Techniques brushes, is 100% cruelty free. It’s made of ultra plush taklon
bristles to help you get a perfect finish. The brush head shape is cut
perfectly to fit into the contours of the face so you can use it through the
socket to blend out your eyeshadow, you can use it to blend your contour, you can
use it to set under the eyes. Sometimes I would use it just to set certain
features of the face. Go try it. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you next
time. Bye bye!

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