I am unboxing something that I have been
wanting for oh my god ever since I saw it I finally got me one guys it is
called SELF-style beauty all in angle and it says to meet your new best friend oMG
I cannot wait to see her she is a pink beauty look guys it is my very own best
friend see what it is the Self Style Lets see World first portable three-way
mirror so we’re gonna check this out right quick
this little Joker is on the heavy side yall I’m trying to take off the plastic
oMG look here lookee here that is that one and here is the other
one okay it is a three-way mirror y’all this is
where you can sit up and really get your hair and your makeup and everything done
with me being a do-it-yourselfer doing my own hair this mirror is really gonna
come in handy so this is really how it look I’m gonna try to set it up on a
door so you guys can see anyways with this mirror it haves like these little
hooks right here okay so I want to peel back the plastic so we can get an idea
when better yet I’ll just take this plastic off I took it off on the other
side but guess what okay my silly but put it back on there just take it off
okay I can’t show you nothing with that plastic on it anyways it has like these
little hooks where you can hook it on to a door so I’m gonna show you how that
work give me a sec okay y’all so you want first things
first you want to take these little hangers and pull them on up you see can
I get it up so you can see what it looks like okay and I’m just gonna pull it up
enough where I can just hook it on to my door I’m gonna do this one the same as
you can see I want to show you exactly what this looked like the hangers look
like TV antenna see how they folds in there so you know that once you fold it
down it’s gonna be in there very it’s gonna be in there secured so you’ve kind
of got to be delicate with it because it’s a mirror but at the same time check
it out though okay so what I’m gonna do now is hook it onto my door and I’ll be
right back alright so here I have pulled out the mirror and I hung it on the door
just like this and now I will go ahead and open it up for you so you can see
exactly what we’re working with here and here it goes and it is a nice three-way
mirror as you can see it is a nice three-way mirror you got a mirror here
mirror here and there here and once you step into there you can be able to
really see you know put this where you can hopefully you guys can see I can
turn my head all the way around pretty much in here and be able to really get
my hair done to really be able to see exactly what I’m doing and everything
this is perfect for anyone that is doing their own here you cannot beat this you
can’t beat it with a stick I mean even if you tried you can’t beat this with a
stick I was trying to talk in the mirror but I see that’s not working but anyways
you cannot beat this little stick guys this is one this has been a great and
this is a great investment for real it would be a great investment so anyone
that is a do-it-yourselfer I highly recommend that you get you a
three-way mirror I got this mirror QVC and they had it for a decent price even
though you can’t buy this on Amazon but QVC has it for a cheaper price I don’t
know since now she’s my new best friend not to give her a name or something yeah
but that’s my new best friend thanks so much
QVC for sponsoring this product and self style for even creating this product
this is gonna be very helpful when it comes to doing my hair and as well as
doing makeup or whatever else I need a mirror for okay thanks so much

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