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– Hey guys, welcome back, today’s video is
going to be this Selena Gomez-inspired makeup tutorial. I recently asked you guys on Snapchat
if you wanted to see Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, or Selena Gomez, and a bunch of you guys voted
for Selena Gomez, I even got some tweets from you guys. So I found this photo of her and
I thought it was really pretty especially for Spring and Summer, a very fresh and youthful
look. So I thought I would recreate this look. and hopefuly you guys enjoy it. I also decided
to make this video a talk-through video so we can bond a little bit, cause I feel like
sometimes with products I’m more passionate about them as I’m doing the makeup, I don’t
knowso. Let me know which you guys prefer, I guess, if you prefer talk-through videos
cause they are a little bit longer or if you prefer the shorter five to six minute videos
cause those are obviously, voice-over. So, yeah, let me know which you prefer in the
comments below, and let’s get started with this look. So I’ve already got my base on
because I did a First Impressions on the foundation and the concealer that I’m using. That video
will be coming up very soon, but it’s basically the Cle de Peau that I purchased recently,
and I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. So, if you guys want to check that video out,
just stay tuned it’ll be up in a few days. I’m gonna go ahead and start with my eyes
and I don’t have any primer on because I do have concealer all over my eyelids which is
going to act as my primer. So the first color that I’m going to go in with is called Texture
by MAC. So I’m gonna go ahead and use a fluffy brush and apply this on the crease and blend
it really well. Any fluffy brush will do, this one is the XO Beauty tapered crease brush,
and I’m just gonna go ahead and make sure that it’s nice and blended. She actually has
a lot more warmth coming through so I’m gonna grab another eye shadow color. So I’m gonna
go ahead and pick up Brown Script by MAC, and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that
on my crease, because like I said, she just has so much warm, like a reddish-brown coming
through the crease. I definitely want to recreate it as best as possible. So then with a clean,
fluffy brush, I’m just gonna go ahead and blend out all of the harsh edges. I haven’t
done a talk-through video in so long, and this feels really good. Cause I feel like
here we’re just like more in the moment when it’s talk-through, so I’m gonna try to do
these kinds of videos more than voice-over. I just got a new mic, by the way, so I’m excited
about that, hopefully my sound is gonna be much better. The next color that she has is
like a really pretty bronze color and I’m gonna go in with my L’Oreal La Palette Nude
One palette, and I’m gonna go ahead and pick up that bronze right over there. With a flat
brush, I’m gonna go ahead and apply this directly on my eyelids. So I like to just directly
apply the fix press, fix plus on the brush and then just go ahead and press the product
onto my eyelids. See what a difference that makes? So pretty. So next I’m gonna pick up
the dark brown from the palette, and using the same fluffy brush I’m gonna start to intensify
the outer corners a little bit. A little bit of darkness right here. And again, I’m not
sure if that’s a shadow or if that’s actually her eye shadow, but we’re just going to go
ahead and create it. The key here is to blend, so always have a fluffy brush in hand and
make sure it’s nice and clean. And then any time you apply a color, just go back into
the color and just blend it out. So I’m gonna basically do the same thing on the bottom
lash line. Start with Brown Script which is a reddish-brown, and if you don’t have Brown
Script you could use whatever you have just make sure it has a really nice red undertone.
So, we’re gonna start from the outer corners and bring this color down pretty naturally.
OK, so next I’m gonna go ahead and add that dark brown on the outer corners, and, again,
we’re just building these colors. Next I’m gonna go ahead and use a black eyeliner, and
this is the Tarte doubled-ended eyeliner, and I’m gonna go ahead and apply this on my
bottom lash line but really, really close to the lashes, so you don’t want to smoke
this out so much, cause hers is pretty defined. And so she also has this on the top lash line,
but very, very thin. I’m also gonna apply the liner on my waterline, so just on the
top waterline. So I’m gonna darken the crease a little bit more, because her crease is pretty
defined I feel like. And, again, it could be because of the shadows and stuff, but we’re
just gonna smoke it out. So I’m gonna curl my lashes, and we’re gonna apply some mascara.
Apply your favorite mascara, I’m gonna go in with my YSL mascara, and apply several
coats. She has just a little bit of mascara on the outer corners. But you know what? We’re
gonna make the lashes pop. I’m gonna use something a little bit darker on the crease, because
I still feel like her crease is much darker, and this is just a super dark brown. Any dark
brown will do the trick. And then go back to your fluffy brush and blend it out. And
then I’m gonna do the same thing on the inner corners. Bringing that color in. And darkness
in. So because I have a heavy fold I actually do this a lot, and you guys already know that,
but I’m wondering how many of you watching actually have a heavy fold, or if you have
hooded eyes, I’d love to know in the comments below. So, if you know your eye shape, let
me know in the comments below. So the last color I’m gonna use from the palette is the
light ivory color and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that on the inner corners. She has
a little bit of highlight on the inner corners of her eyes. Then I’m gonna also bring that
just a little bit on the brow bone. I think the makeup artist that did her makeup here
also shot the pictures, so he was also the photographer, and a magazine picked it up
which is kind of cool. So her eyebrows look so natural, it’s not filled in, at all. And
that’s really hard for me. So let’s see if I can get away with not filling them in. I’m
gonna fill in just a little bit around the sparse areas. But I’m still gonna keep it
very natural, cause hers are so natural in this picture. See I filled it in but it’s
not too harsh, right? So I think I’ll stop now before I make it thicker. Cause I normally
make my brows thicker, you know. But you gotta do that, OK, so, let’s bring some dimension
and contour and highlight the face. So I’m gonna go in with this Lancome highlighter.
This is new I believe, and this is what it looks like. There’s a little swatch. So, I’m
gonna use a fluffy brush and apply this on the high points of my cheeks. She has a lot
of highlight around here, but, honestly, if I do that, it will not look good on my skin
because I have pores here, and it’ll just accentuate that. So keep that in mind, if
you have pores, try not to, you know, put the highlight around this area. So, I’m also
gonna use the highlighter on the brow bone just so it ties in with the skin. And. Boy,
that’s so pretty. Next I’m going to, sort of, bronze my skin. She doesn’t have much
contour in this picture, she just has a lot of color on her cheeks, so I’m gonna go in
with this big bronzer by Pur Cosmetics. I love this stuff, it’s so pretty. And I’m gonna
use a bigger blush brush, so, maybe, f10 by Sigma. And I’m just gonna go ahead and grab
all the colors, mix it all together, and just apply it like I would with a blush. Oh my
God, I love this stuff so much. So you get my actual reaction when I do talk-through
videos, I feel like when I do voice-overs I don’t go nuts over products cause I’m just
like, I already experienced it when I was doing the makeup. So we gotta get me in the
habit of doing more talk-through videos. I’m gonna go back to my fluffy brush and kind
of soften any harshness that I may see, cause sometimes this could look muddy when you apply
too much bronzer that has a little bit of shimmer, so, this is when you’re gonna kind
of get rid of that muddiness with your foundation brush. I don’t know if she has any blush on.
Like I said, it looks really, just, bronzed. Her skin looks beautiful and bronzie. But
I do see just a tiny, tiny hint of color so I’m gonna go in and add a little bit of blush.
This is the new Benefit Cosmetics’ blush. And it’s really pretty. So, I’m just gonna
go ahead and use this. Just a little bit. Nothing too crazy. Oh my gosh, thank God I
did a break. OK, I’m gonna cheat here a little bit and apply a little bit of bronzer on the
hollows of my cheeks, because I gotta define this area a little bit more. I feel like it,
it just makes me, it slims down my face a lot, and I have a round face and it sometime
makes me just, I don’t like it. So I need to apply this so that it kind of slims down
my features a little bit. But I’m gonna blend it out so that it’s not too obvious. So I
am so tempted to add lashes, but let’s add the lipstick and then see if we can get away
with no lashes. So the closest lipstick that I found to her color is this YSL rouge volupte
shine in number 45. And it’s so beautiful and I feel like it’s exactly the color she
has on. It’s a great match at least. So the center of her lip has a little bit of lightness
to it so I’m just gonna add a touch of like, a clear color. Just to give it that highlight.
It looks red but it has a really pink undertone, so. I went ahead and darkened the outer corners
just a little bit more because I feel like the picture has a lot of depth on the outer
corners, but yeah, this is pretty much the look. I think this would be a great daytime
look. I think it’s really fresh and spring and summer appropriate. So that’s it for this
tutorial, I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have any looks that you want me to recreate,
I’d love to see them, so the way you can do that is obviously comment below and let me
know which celebrity you’d want me to recreate a look from. Or if you can send me a picture
via twitter. My handle is going to be right here, Simply_Sona or you can also tag me in
a photo on Instagram and my Instagram handle is SimplySona all together. So, yeah, somehow
let me know what you want me to recreate next and I’ll go ahead and do that for you. So,
hopefully you enjoy this look and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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