Shut your ass up! David Blank ft. Ceri – YEAH (remix) Hello 🙂 before I start if you’re not subscribed to my channel yet you better subscribe! Today I wanna make a video with no makeup on my face BARE FACE!!! I am making this video because lately I’ve been noticing some stupid comments poor ones of people saying that I suck without makeup that I look like a man without makeup That I look like a monkey without makeup That I put makeup because I feel insicure about myself That I put too much foundation on my skin or too much concealer or whatever the f*** anyways these are comments that don’t even touch me today but some years ago when I started this makeup channel my biggest fear was to expose myself and let the people see how I naturally look like with no makeup, with my natural hair as you can see I cut my hair if you want I can explain to you why I did a big chop in my upcoming videos and maybe I can even show you a video where I tell you all my insecurities what I know for sure is that I am not scared of showing my bare face to the world! otherwise I wouldn’t make GRWM videos I would start my makeup tutorial with foundation that is already applied as I did for years on this channel the first two years I opened this channel I started all my makeup tutorials with my base applied because I had this insecurity about showing my face with any trace of makeup completely bare fare Today receiving mean comments dont touch me at all they glide on me like … you are wasting your time here you are wasting your time! you can type whatever you want about me and I am showing myself bare face also because I would love to encourage and strenght to all my Lorettas out there that feel or felt insecure about exposing theirselves with no makeup to the world completely bare face make is a wonderful way of expression I have never have read in the Italian Constitution that I cannot put makeup on my skin that I can’t wear a blu lipstick a green one a red lipstick, orange, purple or black so I don’t understand why people are so judgmental about it why are you so angry about seeing someone enjoying the application of his/her cosmetics or making a full face of full coverage makeup my skin is mixed and sometimes oily so I need to build my makeup I need to dull my makeup I need to do baking of course some people cannot appreciate my makeup routine but this is my f***** face so … I do whatever the f*** I want get it? and this cannot be a problem for you this is MY face and I do what I want with it! If I wanna do faux frecleks, I do! I wanna do red eyebrows, I do! if I wanna put a green lipstick on my lips, I do! this is none of your business. and cannot be a problem for you if It’s not a problem for me why should be a problem for you? and for all the people that are watching this video and they feel in trouble or they fear what people may think of your bare face because of your pimples or discoloration I have discoloration too down on my mouth on my smile wrinkles I have discoloration on my upper face and I have pimples too but you know what? NOBODY IS PERFECT. NOBODY IS. neither Beyoncé is perfect so please stop stop makeup shaming! let’s sto this ridiculous BS!!! towards people who wear makeup In Italy there’s very little tolerance for those who do bold makeup for those who apply Instagram makeup on daily basis The fact that wearing red lipsticks means that you are a prostitute this is BS!!!! Shut the hell up, like, shut the hell up! I put whatever lipstick I want to. Please apply the lipstick your prefer on your lips use the eyeliner you wanna use you wanna apply a blu eyeliner? with a purple lipstick? Do it! don’t be afraid to show yourself for who you really are with or without makeup, it doesn’t care. and for those who type: “Ewww, you look different without makeup” “Eww … ” “OMG you look like another person without makeup” “OMG you’re a monster” “OMFG …” OMG, HOLD YOUR LIPS! HOLD THEM!!!!! SHUT UP. Did I ask your opinion? NO. and by the way and say that I am ugly without makeup let the world see how you look without makeup!!! and the funniest thing is that these people that are typing these stupid comments they don’t show up themeselves they don’t put any picture on their profile account or they put a pic of someone else (like a celebrity) or they are wearing makeup #lol So, what the hell are you talking about? B I don’t get it. So before you judge me of my bestie’s bare face or other people all over the world without makeup Make sure you are PERFECT. and since in this world nobody is perfect. Today I look myself in the mirror and I feel beautiful of course there are ups and downs there are days I feel like crap and insecurities comes up BUT I AM NOT INSECURE ABOUT SHOWING MYSELF BARE FACE IN FRONT OF THE CAMREA WITH NO FILTER. I mean this is not a problem for me. I have other type of insecurities My insecurity can sound like the fear of disappointing my mother and stuff like that! I don’t give a damn to show my face with no makeup these are #BS as I said before, I am filming this video to give support and more self-confidence to those ones that are afraid or feel ashamed of theirselves when they’re not wearing makeup always remember this thing! your pimples and your discoloration DO NOT DEFINE YOURSELF! Please love yourself for who you are LOVE, LOVE, PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF! This is the most important thing this is the best thing you can do for yourself Do not listen to the #BS that other people say if you like green mascara, go put it! you wanna wake up and slay glittery lips? of course you shouldn’t walk naked out of the streets or do super crazy and disrespectful things but when is makeup we’re talking about you are free to do what you want makeup is a way of expression who the hell are you to tell me what should or I shouldn’t do on my face? A suggestion to the haters find a purpose in your life and find a way to love yourself because clearly there is something wrong in themselves, they are unhappy and so they try to bring you down to feel better about theirselves everybody have flaws and imperfections I don’t know … I don’t understand why some people are so hateful why it is a pleasure for you to bring down other people? I hope this video was helpful for somebody and for the haters that are thinking OMG !!! Look she’s so ugly without makeup Please share this video Give it a thumbs up and support this message and I really hope this was helpful and a little inspiring I hope this will help you react in a better way if someone is bullism you at school at home or at work don’t give them attention this is what they beg for: ATTENTION! because they don’t have a purpose in their lives so they try to put you in a vulnerable position to lift up ok? people that act like that Their intelligence is like this … See you next time guys, bye 😉

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