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Hi guys, we’re Sam and Nic from Real Techniques.
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Today we’re going to be introducing you to some of our favorite new products.
This is the new and improved Sculpting Set and it comes with its own amazing
little brush tub which you can keep on your vanity and it looks epic. I’m going
to start with this one here which is actually the sculpting brush, and you can
see that it’s angled for a reason. So I am going to use this with a little bit
of sculpting color, and then facing downwards, I’m just going to use it to
create some shape to the face. Now it’s so soft and packed full of bristles that
you can then use it in circular motions to really buff that in and you can
really build that up. And we can also take that around the jaw, get a little
extra shape in there. Now you have to make sure you really blend that properly
because all of these lines that you put on your face, if you don’t blend them
they will look very odd when you turn to the side so make sure they’re very
blended. And that’s where all of the bristles come in handy because they are
going to blend it seamlessly into your skin. I’m going to take this around the
hairline as well. Now I actually take that product right
into my hairline, because I don’t like it when you see like white skin beneath the
hairline. When there’s a gap between the hair and the contour color. It
doesn’t look right, so make sure you get in that right into the hairline. Next
we’re going to take the setting brush and this can be used in a variety of
ways, as the name suggests. Quite frequently I use it for setting under
the eyes when I just put concealer on, but it’s also an excellent highlight
brush. So I’m going to take a little highlighter, and you can use powder or
creams on these brushes. The one I’m using is a powder and I’m going to pop
this just on the top of the cheekbone. And you’ll see I’m just working that in
circular motions to really blend that in, because although it’s a light color it
will still leave a seam if you don’t blend it.
That’s why brushes are very important. Now then we have the fan brush, and this
is another brush you can use in a lot of different ways. Now you can use it under
the eyes again for setting concealer or for dusting any fallout and powder away,
or you can use it to highlight the nose. So I’m going to take a little bit of
highlighter, just run it down the center of the nose and just between your
eyebrows. Just a tiny little bit and then across at the top there. And again, make
sure – you’ll notice I’m just feathering it to make sure that everything is
blended. And you can also take a tiny little bit of that just on the chin and
just on the tip of the nose if you want. And that is how you use the
new-and-improved Sculpting Set. Thank you so much for watching. We really hope
you enjoyed that. Don’t forget to sign up to the Real Techniques newsletter. You’ll
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