53 thoughts on “Robert Jones Teaches How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

  1. Its best to use brush guards and let the brushes dry in the brush guards facing downwards in a cup or container to prevent any moisture traveling to the glue and loosening the hairs.

  2. RJBA Staff: The brushed used by Robert are his own. You can find them at Robert Jones Beauty Academy.

  3. I believe he said when using the soap and water method that you could use a soap and conditioner. That sounds like an alternative to the Blender Cleaner to me.

  4. Mr. Jones mentions that he prefers to use less alcohol. What is the preferred grade and how often should it be used? I, myself, don't care for using alcohol for fear of drying the bristles; however, I understand its properties for keeping bacteria-free. Also, what type of bristles do you recommend? I have seen synthetic to goats hair and wondered what is the difference in their practical use as far as results are concern (i.e…. application of foundation, blending, etc…).

  5. I have difficulties washing out heavy gel liner from my brushes. Do you have any good tip for that? Thank you very much! 🙂

  6. I use an all natural conditioning hand soap with antibacterial oregano oil for the easy to clean brushes. Then for really hard to clean products like say Revlon Colorstay foundation, cream products, or gel eyeliner an emulsion of oil and Palmolive dish soap works wonders to breakdown the product in the brush. I am not a fan of cleaning brushes with alcohol based products, at least not for my brushes. I try to keep them conditioned so the hairs stay supple.

  7. Do you know how to remove stains from professional brushes? I have such a hard time with that! 🙁

  8. Now I know how to clean my brush. Thanks for sharing. That face at the end if the video was awesome:) I assume it was for those who don't bother cleaning their brushes

  9. Again, I just love you! You're so sweet AND inspiring!! Thank you so much for providing us with your expertise!!!

  10. you're amazing! this is my first time seeing your videos, and i fell in love with what you teach and the work you do! i LOVED this video, you're so funny. thanks for the info… i WILL clean my brushes, twice a week! or else! 😮

  11. lmmfao clean them please. i love when clients tell me about there acne and then they say stuff like oh you have to clean your brushes? lol

  12. Beauty Tip Tuesday: Clean Those Brushes Regularly… OR ELSE! 🙂

    To get the best application and clarity of color, you need to clean your brushes regularly. The cleaner the tool, the better the application! 

    You have a couple of cleansing options:

    1. The first is the simplest – professional brush cleansers. These can work beautifully. One great benefit is that most of them dry quickly, which makes them convenient. You dip your brush in the cleanser and wipe it off on a towel, cleaned to perfection.

    2. Your second option is to shampoo your brushes. Because brushes are made from hair, shampoo works great; the brushes will just take longer to dry. Dampen your brush, then, with a bit of shampoo in the palm of your hand, work the brush into the shampoo (a gentle baby shampoo works best and is not too harsh), and rinse. I find it best to lightly condition the brushes after washing (a light leave-in hair conditioner works well, because it is lightweight, but be sure to rinse out afterwards), then rinse them. Finally, squeeze out the excess moisture (making sure to reshape the brushes, so that they dry to the correct shape) and lay them flat to dry.

    Here's a short tutorial video if you want to watch how to clean your brushes: http://youtu.be/Kl-BWMNXSZQ

    #beautytiptuesday #robertjonesbeautyacademy #howtocleanmakeupbrushes

  13. thank you great video. I saw the look in your eyes about cleaning eye shadow brushes once a week. Got It!

  14. I've watched heaps of make up video but I really enjoy your uploads because I find them very educational and my favourite video is the colour theory using the colour wheel. Thanks a lot .. kia kaha (keep it up)

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