Ringlet Curl Hairstyles : Hairspray Tips for Curly Ringlet Hair

Today I’m going to show you how I can curl
my hair in ringlets.
So once you get done with the right side, just flip them back over and I just kind of
go through, like I said, not breaking up the curls but give them a little lift. A little
bounce. Making sure that you’ve got a little hairspray on them so they’ll stay. You don’t
want them to be too uniform, that way you’ll look like you have fake hair, you don’t want
that either. So just kind of break them up just a little bit. And then, I go through
with my straightener and kind of smooth out my bangs, give them a little bit of a lift.
To match the rest of my hair. And any pieces on the inside, around your face, give them
a little curl on the end. And with just a little bit more hairspray.

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