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– Oh my gosh it’s so so pretty. – I love this color. – Yeah, it’s such a good color on you. It just really compliments you so well. – This has been like the best day ever. I’m Jenna Rosenstein and
this is The Beauty Show. On today’s episode of Beauty Stash we’re inside the home of
celebrity makeup artist, and global makeup artist for
Fenty Beauty, Priscilla Ono. – Hey.
– I’m so excited to be here. – Oh my gosh thanks for coming
and sharing a boba with me. – Of course. But really what I’m here to
see is your beauty stash. ‘Cause I’ve heard it’s crazy. – It’s pretty good.
– Okay, I’m so excited. – You wanna go see it?
– Yeah please. – All right, let’s go. (upbeat electronic music) So this is my glam room.
– Wow, this is stunning. Look at those windows, this light. But where’s all of your makeup? – This is my Fenty Beauty stash. – So this is where you keep everything, even limited edition collections– – Yes, I have a lot of
limited edition collections and I mean we can start in the beginning like these are all the foundations. There’s 40, 50 shades now. I have so many 340s
’cause that’s Ri’s shade so I always have to have those on deck. The concealers are just launched
so I have all of these here – Look at this, oh my god it’s heaven. – You know, Ri’s also 340 in concealer. Sometimes we’ll do 300
though like for brightening. So I have tons of those. – How often do you do her makeup? Is it mostly for Fenty Beauty events or? – So I do her makeup for Fenty
Beauty events, red carpets, and anything of her personal that is like where she’s gonna be out and being filmed but Rihanna’s like a makeup
artist in her own right. She usually does her
own makeup day to day. So if you see paparazzi pictures of her just casually walking into a
meeting, she did it herself. – Like when she has a crazy
lip color on, that’s just her. – Yes, she’s so good at doing her makeup. – Do you have a favorite
brush in the entire line? – Oh my gosh yes. I’m obsessed with the foundation brush. This is like the best brush
I use this for foundation, I use it for contouring, blush. Do you have one? – I don’t (gasps) yes, score. – You know what, I’m gonna
give you one of these too. – Thank you, so what do you do– – And a body lava, you
need a body lava too. I think you need “who needs clothes”, which is like a pinker one, yeah this one. – Thank you, oh my god I
am stocked up for summer. – These are the summer
essentials for sure. The body lava and a kabuki
brush, that’s all you need. – And you apply it, you do
the little Rihanna thing. If you guys don’t know
what I’m talking about just look on Instagram.
– Just look on Instagram. – It’s the Body Lava challenge. – Look at hashtag body lava challenge, you’ll know what we’re talking about. (laughing) – So tell me what are some of your other favorite products in the line? ‘Cause there are, there’s
so many things now. – If like, I could just have one product I would probably always say Match Stix because you can do anything. We have our mattes and
then we have our shimmers. So this is what they actually
look like when they’re out. And you can get one at a time but then you can kind of like collect them and they magnetize together which is cool. – Yeah they’re just like a creamy pigment you can put anywhere, right? – Put anywhere, you can use
them as foundation, concealer, touch up, contour, blush, I’ve
done eyebrows with them, lip. – No way.
– Mmhmm. – Eyebrows, that’s crazy.
– Yes. – Is there one color
that you would recommend? – My favorite color
for fair skin is amber, it’s a great contour shade. I also really love peach
because it’s really good for under the eyes, like concealing, ’cause it has that peachy tone. I use suede a lot for 200
skin tones for contour. And then for Rihanna, I always use mocha and truffle as her contour shades. These are a fan favorite. The highlighters that
changed the game we say. And this is the one that
she used for the Met Gala when she did the Comme des Garcons dress, years before Fenty Beauty even launched. – Was it the pink, the super pink blush? – Yeah, nobody even knew
that she was developing this and she debuted it and two years
later she came out with it. – Here it is. Makeup takes a long time, I
think people don’t realize that. Do you have a hand in that process too? – Now I do. I get to help out with future products which is the best ever. – Is it so much fun?
– It’s so much fun. Especially because she is the leader so they’re all her ideas and you know, she has such good ideas
and she’s so creative so working with her is
like a dream come true. So these are the bronzers that are amazing because we have shades for all skin tones. Which you’ll never see
really with bronzers. – Yeah it’s usually just
like here’s one color. – Three if you’re lucky. This is like the perfect formula. – And the packaging is beautiful. – So stunning, I can’t wait
to put this on you later. – Yeah. – Will you let me do your makeup? – Please, I need all the help I can get. – Okay good, ’cause I’m gonna
also give you a sneak peek of something that’s coming out today and I want you to be like
the first person I put it on. – Yes, I mean dream come true. What’s in the archives? – So archives I have like a couple things. This gloss I kept, this was
actually Rihanna’s tester gloss from before she even
launched Fenty Beauty. This one doesn’t even
say Fenty Beauty anymore. And you can even see the name, right, because this is ya know
one of her testers. I was like you know
what I’m gonna keep it. – So when you open a
makeup museum one day, that will be–
– It’ll be in there. And then I also have, I kept her lashes, the actual lashes that she wore when we did the Coachella
pink eyelash look. Everyone was like oh my gosh
that’s such a cool look. – I always thought that
you guys were gonna launch colored mascara
after seeing this look. – Right? But you know what, we just mixed a pigment like an eyeshadow pigment, with a little bit of clear
mascara to make this. And then these little star rhinestones are the little Swarovski
crystals that I put on her for another Coachella look that we did when she wore the Gucci mask. So those are like my little
archive remembrance– – For the museum one day.
– For the museum one day. – And then look at this. – For me they are so close to my heart because 15 years ago, when I
first started doing makeup, it was a dream to get a PR package. And now I’m doing makeup
that’s in the PR packages so for me it’s kinda like surreal. That one is actually only the second time I had ever done Rihanna’s makeup. ‘Cause the first time I
did her makeup was actually when I was trying out for
the global artist role. – ‘Cause I think people don’t
realize how you got picked. You were in like a competition. – It was a full on competition,
they had cameras too. I wonder if they’re ever gonna release it because we had like
thousands of makeup artists that came from all over
the world to try out. Then they cut it down to 30
and then we had a casting where we went two days and we
really had to do challenges. So we had to do makeup
in front of a camera and see how we spoke
while we were doing it. We had to do makeup on a model
and we only had 20 minutes and pretend like it was a runway show. And then last minute someone comes in and says okay we’re
changing the entire look, now you have to do this. The last three, no one told us, but I knew in my gut
this was gonna happen, that she was gonna show up. – Because of course, it’s for her line. – Right. But no one said anything
and then just one by one we were called into a room
and then she was in there. Her assistant was like okay
so you’re gonna do her makeup, you have 45 minutes, this
is the look you’re gonna do and no one had ever seen these products. So I had to use all Fenty Beauty
before anyone even saw it. So I had no idea how the formulas worked– – How it performed, yeah. – Nothing, and it was
all in tester packaging. – Lab packaging?
– Yeah, lab packaging. At first I was a little bit nervous, I was like oh my gosh, no pressure, it’s Rihanna, gotta do her makeup, gotta use her makeup line
that I’ve never used before. – But you’ve worked on so
many celebrities before. – Yeah and once you get going honestly, you get over that hump of like okay is this really happening,
and you just start. Especially for me, I just
get lost into what I do and I forget about everything around me and my main focus goes
on executing a look. When we got hired for this
role I was told that I would maybe do her makeup for some campaigns but it wasn’t promised. But then one day we were on set, I wasn’t even supposed to be
doing her makeup that day, I was just there to kinda help out with like models and stuff. And she was just like I want
Priscilla to do my makeup today and I didn’t even know that
it would be these campaigns. (laughing) So I did her makeup and the
first thing when she was done she was like whoa
Priscilla you’re a beast. You’re so good, you make me
feel so good, I look so good. And when she said that
I was like oh my god. And then after that she
just started calling me to do her makeup for her
personal stuff, red carpets, and magazine covers, and now
we work together all the time. It’s like a dream come true. – It’s a career defining moment. – It really is. – Well this is one side of your closet. – So I have some skin care
and prep stuff on this side. I have face wipes, hand sanitizer, my favorite brush
cleaner, body moisturizer. Tons of eyelashes. This is really cool too
that I have in my kit. This is disposable soap. Makeup artists have to have clean hands. We’re literally touching
someone’s face the whole time. It’s basically like these
little sheets of soap that just dissolve in the water. – Oh sheets of soap. – Yeah so they’re just like little– – So cool. – And then you just put these in your kit. Have you ever had a facelift? – Um no, can’t say I have. (laughing) – Well, this is facelift
in a little package. All you do is you put
them underneath your hair. For editorials when I’m doing models, sometimes I want that liner
to look really snatched. So under the hair we’ll
just pull back a little bit and get that eyeliner,
so you just get that really straight snatched eyeliner. So this is what comes in handy for that. – Oh my god, well next
time I want my eyeliner to look straight, I’m just
gonna pull my face back. (laughing)
– Right, exactly. – That is so cool. This is a crazy amount of stuff between your kit and all
the Fenty Beauty stuff, but I’m also so interested
in this gorgeous vanity. This is stunning. – Yeah, so the vanity’s actually custom. I had it custom made. – Oh I look prettier in this already. – You’re stunning.
– No it’s the light. – I don’t really have to do too much. – Well I did it myself
but I always appreciate when an expert can fix my face. – You don’t need any fixing, I’m just gonna enhance a few things. – Okay. – I’m gonna give you the exclusive. – Oh my god I am so excited. – It’s actually two products. So we have our new lip
scrub and lip moisturizer. This is gonna save you like crazy. So this is called our Pro
Kiss’r, which is our lip balm. That’s the scrub, which is really cool ’cause it’s so different. And if you rub it on the back of your hand just so you can feel
the little grains in it, it’s so nice.
– Oh yeah. – ‘Cause you get that really nice grain which is great for exfoliating, but then you have this like
really nice smoothness to it – It’s conditioning.
– that conditions, right. Which is amazing. This actually went back
to the lab many times. So she really wanted to perfect it. – So it’s perfected now.
– So it’s perfected now. And this lip moisturizer wait
’til you try it, it’s heaven. And the wand is– – Oh I was not expecting that. – See, that’s why I
didn’t tell you anything. – Oh my god surprise surprise. – So you get a nice wand
and it has that really nice doe foot where it’s kinda like
flat and it’s not too small so it actually lays on
your lips perfectly. – So is that–
– It smells really nice too. – This is exactly what we
need after a long winter. – Right?
– Pro Kiss’r. – And it’s, ya know, a really cool thing ’cause we’ve never really
launched anything for skin care so this is like a really nice little– – Start of something new maybe? (laughing) We’ll see. – All right so I’m gonna take off the lip that you have on now.
– Please. – First I’m gonna do a little
bit of the lip balm on you. You’re just gonna feel
how smooth that is, right? – It feels great. It’s really, it’s not overly thick. It doesn’t have any kind
of medicinal quality like a lot of lip balms can have. – Right, it’s not heavy. Okay so we’re gonna let
that soak in a little bit. While it’s soaking in I’m gonna do a little bit of bronzer on you. – Yes please give me cheekbones. – Yes, so I’m gonna use the
new Sun Stalker bronzer. – That’s such a fun name. – Sun Stalker’s the name of
the actual bronzer itself. And this is the color, India Sun. A best for fair skin,
and I’m using the new bronzer brush that came out
with the actual bronzers. This is actually more of a
precise brush to apply bronzer but there’s actually two. So like if you were doing it on your own, I would suggest this one,
which is our original cheek hugging brush, but just XL. – Bigger?
– Mmhmm. – Yeah okay. – It has that really
cool shark tooth shape. It’s supposed to hug your
cheeks so just goes there, fits right there, and then
it just hugs and you go up and you just get that perfect
application every time. – So for the average
person you would just do one two and then walk out the door. But you’re gonna actually sculpt my face. – And I really like this precise
brush which is really nice. So I’m just gonna take some
of this and I’m just gonna apply it right on the
hollows of the cheek. Just to kinda give your skin
a little bit of a bronze. A little bit of warmth which is nice and just a little bit
underneath the chin and jaw line to kind of like sculpt. ‘Cause you’re in LA now so. – I know I need to be fully contoured. – So we just need this warmth. And I like using the very tip of it and I just like to go down the sides of the bridge of the nose just to get a little
bit of nice definition. Now we’re gonna do lip. Okay so I’m gonna take this and have you used these before? – I have. – This applicator’s so cool, right? – So unique. – Right it has that doe foot
that kinda slants a little so you get that really
precise, perfect application. Oh my gosh, this color
on you is everything. And you don’t need to
keep dipping which I love. It’s literally one dip and that’s it. So pretty.
– Oh my gosh. That is a great color.
– It’s so nice. Okay I’m gonna do the Rihanna tip, I’m gonna take a q-tip and
I’m gonna soften the edges. So we have these really nice soft edges. Oh my gosh it’s so so pretty. – I love this color. – You have a very romantic face. It just really compliments you so well. – God this has been
like the best day ever. (laughing) – I wanna keep the romance going so we’re gonna do Girl
Next Door and Chic Phreak which is like one of my favorites. It’s like this really pretty pinky color. And then I’m just gonna
hug your cheek with it. So just kinda back and forth, just give you this really pretty glow. – Oh my god, heaven.
– So pretty. Do you have this color?
– I don’t. – Okay, I’m blessing you with this too. – Oh my god. – So it kind of gives you
this nice color from within so you just look really
nice and healthy and fresh. – Nice. – Pretty?
– Pretty. – Thank you, oh my god
this is so much fun. – You are so refreshed now.
– I really am. I’m just loving this whole
color moment that’s happening. – Here don’t forget the lip paint. – Thank you so much for having us over. – Thanks for coming over. You can come over anytime. The couch is there for you. – Yeah I’m just gonna be sleeping here. I’m never gonna leave. Well we have cold bobas we
should probably go finish, right? – Um yeah, let’s go. – All right bye guys, we’re
gonna go finish those. – Peace.
– Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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