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  1. Also would love how to style hair to compliment face shapes. I have a round face and every time I try to curl my hair I look wider

  2. I don't even use synthetic hair products but I still watched the entire video – that's how much I love you Kayley!!! Can't ever miss a video no matter what the topic! 🤗💞

  3. YAYAYYAY so excited to see your review of this! I have 3a curly hair so obviously your personal experiences are not totally applicable but I'm still buying the pomade and edge control, signature hair water, and recovery balm. All 3 sound like they will be really helpful with styling and 2nd, 3rd, 4th day hair! thank you!

  4. Would the pomades you showed be recommended for ethnic hair? My cousin is half black with super course curly hair and she has been looking for something to control her edges when she plays volleyball. Would you recommend this for her?

  5. I can't even use hair products because my body is too sensitive but you are one of my very favorite YouTubers so I still had to watch this video;)

  6. This makes me want to go and buy everything! Love the detailed review. A nice addition to your tutorials. Also I've been here since the beginning of the green sheet and always come back for every video. Definitely going to get the pink spray!!!!

  7. I'm a but confused about what purple shampoo and conditioner are…. Is there something special about them, or is it just the color?

  8. Hi kayley! I love your videos, these are great for me to learn about hair products. Which product would recommend to give very, very fine and thin hair lots of volume? Preferably made of natural ingredients

  9. Will that pink color work on my hair? Can you go to my instagram and look at my hair color please. My name is Katelyn Wayne

  10. I actually went and got the curly hair products after your first review video for Kristin Ess. They are my go-to styling products now. When I went to replace the curl style creme I saw the air dry creme and snatched it up, since that's all I do for my hair and I am in love. I really appreciate that I can trust your recommendations and I think I'm going to try that shine pomade.

  11. So for the purple conditioner, would I just use it by itself on the bottom half of my hair (because I have an ombre in my hair) or mix it in to my normal conditioner?

  12. I'll never stop being jealous of straight-haired girls who only have to blow dry for 10 minutes. It takes me a mininum of 40 minutes, and that's after almost 2 hours of air drying.

  13. I am always afraid of coloring my hair as it is already so damaged from being blonde and I don´t wan´t to commit, but temporary might work.

  14. i’ve tried the temporary pink twice and so far i haven’t had the best of luck with it.
    the first time i tried it the color didn’t come through, so i figured my hair was too wet.
    the second time i did it, i towel dried my hair and sprayed it in…
    you could see a some pink hues but it wasn’t noticeable.
    i’m going to try other techniques but so far i’m disappointed. 😢

  15. I absolutely love the dress (or blouse ?) you are wearing in this video !! It is so pretty and classy but effortless at the same time ! Where did you get it ?

  16. Are some of the initial launch products still in use by you? I bought 4 products from the initial line based on your recommendation and I still use them and enjoy them a lot.

  17. Thank you for the review kayley! We don't have target in Germany but found an online shop where I can purchase. A little more expensive though 16€ and 20€ instead of 10$ and 14$. I'll definitely buy the air dry cream!! But here comes my question: does anyone know the "Kristin ess of skin care"??? Like a really good quality skin care line in the drugstore budget?

  18. That blow dry mist has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. It normally takes me 20-25 minutes to blow dry my hair because it’s super thick, but this stuff cuts it in half!! It’s seriously a miracle product

  19. I must have missed the Herbal Essences shampoo you mentioned…what's the name of it? Might as well pick it up while I grab the blow dry mist and air dry cream at Target!

  20. I would love to dye my hair pink! But i'm just too nervous haha! Also, this filming background is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. I have curly/ wavy hair and I have been using the hair water and I love it! It refreshes my curls without getting it frizzy.

  22. I want to try this whole line!! would the color spray work on black/dark brown hair? can you do a give away on this line that would be really cool! I love all of you videos!!! =)

  23. Man, I'm so bumped out that we don't have Target in Germany! I would totally get that spray that makes your hair dry faster (cause mine takes forever to dry) and try out the pink spray.
    When I went to the US 2 years ago, I got the heat protecting spray from TRESemmé and the bobby pins and roller pins you recommended from Sally's Beauty years ago. I don't use the heat protecting spray a lot, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bobby pins! I don't use them every day, but whenever I do they give me that Kayley moment in the morning :'D And they really are worth the money!
    To some this video might come across as pure advertisement, but I really trust your opinion and would totally go and check out those products if I had the chance. Have a great day 🙂

  24. Oh, and how cool is your video background?? 😀 Is that a room at your house or was that somewhere at an event? It looks really cool and stylish!

  25. I'm growing my hair of to moana length and when it gets shoulder length, I'm thinking of ordering the ingredients to do the blonde Gabbie hanna got with guy tang. Love your Videos! Keep up the amazing work!

  26. Love your videos Kayley your reviews are always very helpful, informative and well executed!! Your background and just the color scheme of everything in this was tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram goals as well 😍

  27. I work for Target. Today is my day off. I really feel like I need to go and buy a lot of these products today. Can’t let my coworkers get lonely without me right?!

  28. Kayley could you review the new t3 hair dryer please! I’m deciding which hair dryer would be the best for my hair is the ghd good?

  29. I am so excited about the air-dry cream!  I don't like to blow-dry my hair, and I have always been struggling to find a product that will help tame frizz, so hopefully this will answer my prayers!  I've never heard about a cream for air-drying so I am like, "Yay, finally, something that's not for blow-drying!"

  30. Everyone like this comment if you want Kayley to do a “Best Ever Dry Shampoo” video.

    I know you enjoy the Living Proof Dry Shampoo, but that is a bit out of my price range. I would love to know your thoughts on different dry shampoos that are on the market. I trust your reviews and base a lot of hair product purchases on your reviews because my hair is very similar to yours. Please and Thank You! I look forward to watching this video if you decide to film it.

  31. So, I am not much of a "put myself together" kind of girl. Even less of one when it comes to my hair. I thank god every day for blessing me with curly hair. Most days, I don't have to deal with it. Get up and go… But… As I get older, I feel my hair, needs a little help in the "falling correctly" side of things. I adore you so much and your words of advice and I do realize you can't really give too many tips on curly hair, because you don't have curly hair, but I thank you for your direction because… I need some!! And thanks for being as honest and true to yourself and the girls who adore you, like myself. We do look to you on how we should manage out sheeettttt. Teehee.
    Go girl, go!!
    Side question… With my hair being so damn curly. My sklp is so dry and itchy and I just can't seem to get it to stop. Washing it, not washing it. Dandrif shampoo, not dandrif shampoonothing seems to be helping… Help?

  32. I have naturally blonde hair that is colored rose gold and i am so excited about the pink tint. A great way to touch up the color when I dont have time to book a salon appointment! Totally trust your reviews!!!

  33. I really enjoy your videos and reviews! I don’t know how many times I recreate some of your looks and my coworkers LOVE THEM.

    What I need to learn now is how to blow dry my hair myself. You must teach me your ways!

  34. First time on your Chanel, loved the video!
    So, after using the air dry products did you apply a heat protectant before adding waves?

  35. What’s the difference between the new blow dry spray and the old leave in conditioner? They seem to do the same thing. Do I need both? If I only need one which is better?

  36. Hi Kayley, I have really thin hair and I don't know how to make it stop getting thinner so can you tell me a way to make it thicker, btw I loved this video so much😍, please respond

  37. Do you know of any temporary hair color for dark hair? I've been wanting some fun random colors I can switch out and play around with but it seems to be hard to get like those spray on ones for dark hair

  38. Hi K! You mentioned you sleep with braided hair. Whats your technique? Do you start at the top? Do you start with a tie? Do you have a video on it? …I want and will check these products from the video too! Tfs! – Ileana

  39. I saw this at my last target visit! Looked so cool but I passed for the moment I wanted to do a little research/ see reviews so thanks! ✨💕🧚‍♀️

  40. I definitely need to try that air dry one my hair always looks so flat after air drying. I haven't heard of this line great prices and great looking products.

  41. Hi there!! I have a question. How long it took to vanish the color from the hair extensions?? I am very excited to try this

  42. And did it wash out of your extensions? I’m afraid they’ll hold it for good. I have glam seamless tape ins

  43. I really appreciate you ranking things rather than just a buy or don't buy. It helps to see which ones are really worth it to me and I can make a more informed decision. My only slight criticism is that I wish you had listed them in order in the description so it is easier to find the names. Just a thought. Thank you for being so thorough and presenting things in such an approachable manner. 💜

  44. What temporary-easy-to-use hair dye/tint/whatever can you suggest to people with dark hair? Especially to ones who aren't too keen on using bleach or have commitment issues with chaining our hair colour

  45. I tried this and didnt like it at all. Some of my blonde highlights came up rose gold( hardly) but some came up magenta( red beet color!) And did not easily rinse out either. Not a fan.

  46. I don’t understand why so many people complain about the fragrance, I felt in love with the products since day one mainly because of the smell, now thanks to you she change the smell to be less strong, she should have fragrance free, mild , and strong for those of us whom like it the stronger smell version

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