Review Mascara OCCHIONI Neve Cosmetics

Hi ! Today we speak of mascara Occhioni Neve
Cosmetics. A mascara much commented on , and now that
I have finished testing it I wanted to give my opinion. This mascara is totally vegetable , without
silicones and varied, then the formula is good. The particular thing of this mascara applicator
is formed by three balls, and the multiple effects that
can be obtained .
With the first application of color and defines the lashes . With two applications are volumizing
lashes . With three applications are also stretched.
If we want to add to exaggerate the fourth application only the tip of the lashes and
opens the eyes type ” Doll Eyes ” . Very nice effect . I must say though that the formula , being
completely plant lasts very little. I do not recommend it in the summer because
the heat you sweat and runny mascara . Same problem in the winter because the humidity
or a little rain the color melts. What I can recommend is to apply a top coat
on top of the mascara fixes the color so special .
In this way it can be used , because it only lasts for a very short indeed . It ‘ a shame , because the idea is good, and
the final formula also very cute. Just for the ultimate effect that
mascara on the lashes realized , would call
the dupe ” green ” of the famous mascara Vamp Pupa, mascara that I really liked the effect
but not the formula , as it dries out after a few applications.
At least I can use this mascara to the end and not waste money. The lengthening effect , light and without
lumps is very similar , a little less obviously the duration . To conclude … the mascara Occhioni by Neve
Cosmetics I honestly do not recommend it , at least your eyes do not
are so delicate to tolerate only formulas plants or not you ‘re a lover of the green
at any cost. Let me know if you have tried it ,
and how you found.
I hope to be helpful to the next video . Kiss !

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