Red Wine Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Tya Amir’s Version

Hello everyone, assalamualaikum, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Tya Amir. I make videos on beauty, lifestyle, vlog, all kind of stuff. So I’m going to post my video
every Friday or Tuesday I’m still experimenting which day is the best for
me to post if you’re new go ahead and subscribe and don’t forget to turn on the
post notifications, so you’ll never miss a video. So today’s video is about a bold makeup
which is I’m trying to recreate it but I’m not sure if it’s look the same or not but
I’m trying to make it as close as possible so yeah this is it hope you
liked it and yeah without further a do, let’s jump to the video. Don’t panic. This is not the look that I’m
going to share this is just another look that I created earlier and I’m not gonna
waste this makeup, so I think I just gonna top up everything, to make it a bold
makeup. So the look that I choose from Pinterest, was this. It’s really bold mauve color something
like that it’s almost smoky but not that smokey. So, how I’m gonna do it without wasting any of this makeup? Without further ado let’s
jump to the tutorial. So, first of all, of course you need to remove the lashes. You need to remove the lashes, Remove my lipstick. Can you look at that, it’s so reddish, it’s because I used lip scrub by Beautylicious in strawberry. It’s so good and it’s like give you a soft
pinky lip tint sort off like that It’s pretty good, then I’m gonna use this
airspun loose powder, so that we won’t mess our makeup. I look like a red indian right now. For this look, I’m gonna use Huda Beauty in Mauve Obsession palette. Alright guys, that’s it for now if you
have any suggestions for me to do a video on, just leave me comments down
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I’ll see guys next time in my next video insya’Allah, assalamu alaikum, bye.

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