Red Gold Eyeshadow | Red Glitter Cut Crease

hey guys what’s up welcome back if
you’re new here my name is Brittany and welcome today I wanted to bring you guys
a really cute red and gold eyeshadow tutorial I think this look turned out
absolutely amazing and if you stick through the full tutorial you will see
just how much I struggled to get through this entire makeup look for you guys
today not with the eyeshadow but with a couple other things you will see
throughout the tutorial I fucking struggle today okay but I did
it for you this is how the eye look came out I think is really really cute I
haven’t seen anybody do a look like this on YouTube and it came to my mind last
night that I think that this color combo would go really good together
and it did I’m absolutely in love with the look if you’re new to my channel
please consider subscribing and hitting all your post notifications as well so
they notify every single time that I do upload to my channel so if you guys want
to see how I create this red and gold eye shadow look today and just how real
the struggle was today then please keep on watching go and prep my skin with my P Lewis base
and I’m gonna be going back into the a spute a blossom passion palette I know
you guys are probably getting sick and tired of seeing me use this palette but
I love it I’m gonna start off this look by going in with my makeup Shakti 56
brush into the shade lust and I’m going to pack that shade right in the crease then I’m gonna go in with a morphe 17
brush into the shade red rose and then I’m gonna pop that right above the lash
out at we place down I’m gonna go in with a morphe m56 to
brush and I’m gonna go into the shade desire and then I’m just gonna pop that
right above where we just placed the last shadow I’m gonna go back and forth
between my brushes and these shadows and really build up the intensity until I
get them as pigmented as I wanted then I’m going with my makeup wipe and
just buffing away some of that red shadow off the lid because I am gonna go
in and cut the crease so right now I’m going to go back into my P Louie’s base
and I’m going to use this to cut the lid today that the lids cut I’m gonna go back into
the shade lost and I’m just gonna buff that right on the outer V of the eye
okay so for the gold shade on the lid today I’m going into my crayon case
makeup palette it’s the watch me blush palette I’m gonna take this palette and
I’m gonna go into the shade old banana right here and then this is the shade
that I’m gonna pop all over the lid I’m gonna spray my brush with my skin and
navy setting spray and pick up some of that pigment and then I’m gonna place it
all over the lid the shade is such a beautiful shade guys and then I’m going back in with my
makeup Shakti 56 brush and I’m just gonna buff the edges ever so lightly
into the gold shade again just so that there’s no harsh lines and there’s a
nice blend between the shadows berliner I’m gonna go into my next black liquid
liner and I’m going to create a wing to create that glitter liner that I have
on the lid I’m gonna go in with my eye candy cosmetics liquid sugar I’m also
going to go into my eye candy cosmetics glitter in Cherry Bomb it’s a really
pretty red glitter and then I’m going to go in and create that line that you see
in the crease hopefully I can make them look even okay now that that’s done this one is a
little bit higher than that one but it’s really not that big of a deal and you
can’t really notice the difference anyways okay so this part I wish I had
is skipped completely but I’m going to do it on this I for the sake of the
video because it’s what I did on this I I went in with my new love luxe Beauty
oppa lustrous oppa lustrous pressed pigments oppa lustrous pressed pigments
I think that’s how you say it anyways for the sake of this video I’m
scared to hold them up look at how crumbly and shitty these eyeshadows are
I was really looking forward to using these shadows but I don’t know if I got
a bad batch or what but this is a huge disappointment so I’m gonna go in with
my morphe m to ten brush just for the sake of the video and I’m gonna spray my
brush with my skin and name is setting spray and pick up some of that messy
pigment and just like these shadows fucking sock I’m not even doing anything
except for crumbling all over my face and the floor a huge fucking
disappointment I’m gonna show you up close just how shitty look at that like
look at the crumble horrible don’t waste your money hey guys so that’s it for the
lids I’m gonna hop off camera I’m gonna put my lashes on and then I’ll be right
back okay so I did go do my lashes and I’m gonna go into foundation now but
before I do that I’m gonna go into my coconut skin smoothie priming
moisturizer by first aid beauty I really really like this primer underneath
foundation it works really really well for foundation I’m gonna go into my next
can’t stop won’t stop in the shade vanilla who this is a little light for
me had to get a new one because the one that I had before it was too dark but I
do feel like this kind of darkness down a little bit on the skin once it kind of
sinks into your skin and stuff so it’s a really good foundation honestly I don’t
really care if my foundations too late on me anyways because I can fix it with
contour and stuff I just don’t like when my foundations are darker because it’s
harder to make it match but this is ghostly oh my god this is making me look
so white right now a few moments later that was fucking brutal I did go in and
wipe it off and redid it I ended up mixing the NYX can’t stop won’t stop
with my Maybelline foundation and then I went in with concealer and eye cream
contoured with my L’Oreal infallible stick foundation in honey and we’re
gonna try to bring me back to life now okay I’m gonna go in with my Milani
conceal and Perfector shine proof powder in natural beige I’m gonna set the rest
of my face I don’t know why this is looking so mad on me today it never
looks this Matt maybe you didn’t drink enough water I don’t know oh I’m gonna
go in at this point now to bring me back to life I’m going to go into my Milani
silky matte bronzing powder in the shade some tan and then I’m going to bronze up
the face and now my bronzer is skipping Brittany
a few moments later so we’re just gonna go with the fact that I’m having an
awful foundation day today okay like I know right now I’m pasty as fuck
I just went in and wiped the lower half of my makeup off again I went in and I
concealed I did the powder again and we’re gonna move in and do bronzer again
I did not bother doing the cream contour this time because if I fuck it up one
more time I might smack a bitch gonna go in with my ELF brush at this time into
the Milani bronzer because this is like my tried and trusted brush for this and
I’m going to continue to bring myself back to life that foundation is way too
light for me it’s really not as bad as it’s picking up in camera right now
because the Sun is starting to change where I’m at and it’s coming in my
living room which is making my face a little bit brighter than what it is so
the foundation is really not as bad as its appearing right now because right
now on the screen I look like a pasty ass bitch I’m gonna go into my next
baked blush in the shade ignite bring some more life back to these cheeks why
that bronzer wouldn’t perform over top of the cream contour but I’ve never used
it that way before so maybe it just didn’t mix well I don’t
know so we’re gonna go back into the palette and I’m gonna go into the shade
lust and then I’m gonna buff that right underneath the lower lash line and then I’m gonna go in with the same
brush and I’m gonna go into the shade red rose and then I’m gonna buff that
underneath the lower lash line as well now that that parts done I’m gonna go in
and set my face with my skin and navy a setting spray and then for highlight I’m
like super scared to hold this up right now because I’m scared my love luxe
Beauty shadows are gonna go all over the place but let’s try so I’m gonna go into
my MBA cosmetics highlighters in sweet Belle and star jewel I’m gonna mix the
two of them together I have highlighter all over me I have
sparkles all over me this has been a tutorial globe it’s glow make me feel
better look at that look at that highlight you know about highlighters on I’m going
to go in and add a little bit of moisture back to this fucking matte face
of mine so I’m going in with my pixie hydrating milk you missed huh oh my I told you in my last tutorial there is
nothing graceful about me stabbing my face okay
I stayed at the facts okay I’m gonna go in with my snap
Scarah underneath the lower lash line and then for lips I’m going to go into
my next lip liner in the shade bloom and then over top of my lip liner today
I’m going to go into my NYX intensive butter gloss in the shade cherry custard
that’s quite the name alright guys I made it through can I
please have a virtual high five um you can see here though as I kind of step
back from the camera a little bit that the foundation does match me a lot
better than when I’m low sir to the camera it’s just because I should
have been done filming like over an hour ago so the Sun is shifting so it was
making me look a little bit brighter than what I actually look like in person
so just keep that in mind overall I do really like how the look
came out I’m in love with the eye look for sure and I think paired with this
lip it is really really cute so I hope that you guys did enjoy today’s low if
you did enjoyed today’s look please give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to
subscribe before you leave and with that being said thank you so much thanks for
sticking with me and I’ll catch you in my next video

16 thoughts on “Red Gold Eyeshadow | Red Glitter Cut Crease

  1. I like seeing how you struggled a bit and managed to make everything work, it makes it more realistic. I always love seeing you do the full face.

  2. I love your videos,I love when you do a full face hun😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺

  3. You sound very professional but here’s my personal opinion love ❤️
    1. Your eyebrows are thin at the front and thicker at the tail if you fix that it’ll make a hugeeee difference and complement your eye look better
    2. Blend the red shadow way more hun maybe use different shades of red to get a blended look
    Other than that beautiful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Very original look! The background goes well with the colour palette. By the way, I go the light from your last video! I am really happy with it.

  5. Holy struggle bus!!! 😱😱 Wooow!
    Girl you were fighting the good fight on this one for sure. Definitely love the eye look despite the crumble. Looxie usually is good quality from what I hear; not sure what happened with those. Definitely A mess. Ugh! I wonder if the issue with the contour was cream vs powder? I think to use them together you're suppose to stiple the powder on rather then buff it over the cream. Not sure as I avoid cream products at all cost lol cuz it always comes out that way on me. Definitely A tad too light on the foundation. I wonder if you could use the LA girl mixers they recently came out with to fix the color to match better. 🤔 I hear they work wonderful. I mean the color isn't bad but definitely not your normal shade choice. Love the lip color with this!! I think it really made it pop. I had to giggle at getting the milky mist in your eye though but I'm glad its not just me that has done that. 😂 overall great video!! ❤

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