Recreating ICONIC Effy Stonem SKINS Makeup Look!

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel I’m so excited to announce that I’m part of the Revlontourage for
2018 I had a blast working with Revlon last year so we’ve teamed up again and
I’ll be sharing with you guys seasonal trends and how to recreate them
so the first trend report we have is this graphic goddess look it’s very
fresh on the skin and then bold graphic eyes so as soon as I read this
description my mind just went to Effy Stonem from the British show skins
hopefully I have some skins fans here but Effy is like a risk-taker and all
the worst way is at but her edgy style it’s definitely a risk to try out so I
hope you like this look and if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up and
subscribe for more beauty videos and let’s get started with this graphic
goddess look! On moisturized skin let’s add a baby smooth base with Revlon
Photoready primer collection next up we’re going to sparingly use the new
Revlon Photoready insta filter foundation this has medium buildable
coverage and all-day wear you can use the built in a blender for on the go I’m
just using my fingers to really blend and apply a very thin layer and then
building up on areas I need more concealing this foundation evens and
smoothes your skin tone leaving you with a fresh-faced
natural finish which is perfect for this Effy look, her skin always looked
flawless but super natural so I’m not even going to use any concealer today
and because there is a built-in sponge it’s really convenient for on-the-go
touch-ups now for a natural-looking flush I’m using one of my favorite cream
blushes ever this is the shade nude kiss from Revlon and I’ve used this in my Gal
Gadot Wonder Woman tutorial and cool enough a gal is the new face of Revlon
which is so exciting this product I like to blend in with the fingers again
tapering down the cheeks and onto the apples to naturally add that rosiness
using a second insta blush in berried kiss I added more of a pop of color to
the apples of the cheeks and spotted throughout the skin again to bring that
natural color variation for contour and faux freckles I got creative and I used
Revlon’s Colorstay cream eyeshadow in espresso has a very
subtle contour to the cheeks this was actually a great shade for contouring
and the nose contour I love to use a simple eyeshadow applicator I find it
gives me a lot of control and then I just create the shape I want I
personally always loved Kaya’s facial structure with a very defined nose so
I’m adding more sculpture to my nose bridge into the eye socket and then of
course the tip of the nose as I always say changing your nose our face shape is
totally optional you look great as you are I do these little tricks to help me
give a more similar look to the actress for a better thumbnail and another fun
thing to try out is faux freckles you can use a brow pencil or a cream
product like this one on a bobby pin and dot along the bridge of the nose, cheeks
and a little bit all over the skin for a very natural foundation look pat over
the product before you set to create more of a natural skin light texture Kaya’s features always remind me of a
cute woodland fairy So I’m taking Revlon Photoready insta-fix
highlighting stick in pink light right on the tip of the nose the bridge and
the bow of the lip this also comes in gold light for deeper more warm skin
tones and you can create a naturally glowing look on the cheeks or build up
more of a strobe highlight but this is my favorite way to use the product one
of my most used Revlon products is the Revlon Photoready powder I’m obsessed
with how the skin makeup turned out it looks so fresh and now onto brows my all-time favorite products from
Revlon is the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil I usually use the shade Auburn
but with darker hair today I’m using dark brown and this actually matches my
natural brow perfect I added hair like strokes with the very tip of product and
I love how this looked and then with a new Revlon Colorstay brow kit and dark
brown I’m dampening my brush because this has a unique wet to dry long
wearing powder I’m starting to define the shape of the arch and the tail and
then fill in the rest of the brow with this dry powder for more natural
definition if you want to tint the color of your natural brow you could use
Revlon brow mousse in soft brunette as well for a less bold look and then we’re
gonna prime the eyes with the new Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow primer and now the
iconic graphic makeup look that Effy wears in the forest scene we get a
really good look at her lids here and let’s start with the Revlon Colorstay
cream shadow in vanilla apply this over the lid and on the brow bone as well as
the inner corner, take a matte medium brown shade and define the crease we’re
gonna also add this lightly under the eye and make it a little bit out in the
tapering shape this is going to subtly add some depth to the eye and it’s time
to line before we finish up the shadows this is the new Revlon Colorstay
exactify liquid liner and it comes in four shades, intense black mermaid blue
sparkling black and mulberry I’m using intense black to simply line the lash
line I showed you guys this liner in my holiday look and I’ve been grabbing for
it because it has an easy-to-use exactify wheel tip and a comfortable handle
helps give control it does take a couple of times to get used to the wheel but
once you get it it’s pretty foolproof and it’s easy to create a quick line
along the lash line another one of my fav Revlon products is the two-in-one
angled Kajal liners first I’m using fig and I’m applying this to the back of my
hand and then with a more precise brush funny enough I’m using a clean lipstick
brush from Revlon, smudge out the liner and create a rounded, slightly
exaggerated crease shape, back with our free spirit palette take the deepest shade
and work on blending this into the outer V using the exact fi liquid liner I
added a bit more depth in a graphic look and continue to layer the shadow over now using the deepest liner in the Kajal
liners this is a very deep black use this directly on the waterline inner
corner under the lashes and these liners are great to smudge out because you do
have an angled brush to work with built right in, so I’m just smudgin’ and now
we want that pop of blue start with Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in the shade
sapphire this is the perfect shade similar to Effys eyes, back with the
exactify eyeliner we are now using the shade a mermaid blue to really bring in
that eye catching pop right underneath the lash line just rolling it on there
and here I’m adding some touch-ups with the deepest blue in the palette along
the bottom lash line curling the lashes with Revlon’s lash curler and now we’re
using Revlon mega multiplier mascara really build this up for a multiplied
lash look that smudge proof and this mascara is really unique because it’s
packed with microfibers that hug the lashes for lots of volume and you can
see these fibers when you wash the mascara off so you know they’re really
there lastly we got lipstick I love Revlon
lipsticks this one is the Super Lustrous lipstick in their street chic collection
to recreate Effy’s look we’re really gonna focus on the eyes so I’m just
gonna smudge this shade which is called pink velvet in the inner portion of the
lips super smooth and rich they have really light essential oils so it was
hard not to just apply this to the whole lip because it does feel really nice but
this is one of my fave shades from the collection inspired by Tokyo once the look was completed I felt like
I could add a bit more of a pop to the cheeks so I’m using Revlon powder blush
in ravishing rose and I thought this completed the look nicely we still look
fresh on the skin also the nails I have are a deep purple shade and then I
layered over with the Revlon nail enamel holochrome in unicornicopia quite a
name and this gives a metal like finish a perfect for an edgy look for this Effy inspired hair I have curls
that I created with a bubble shaped wand and I’ve done this before but I’m just
pinning up some of my lengths to shorten the hair and it also appears quite a bit
darker because I did use a temporary color hairspray to get some of that red
out of my hair and make it appear darker so this isn’t permanent
and one of my favorite outfits she wore on the show was very loose oversized
shirts worn as dresses lots of layers so here’s my recreation let me know in the
poll which part of this look is your favorite… the natural freckled skin bold
eyes messy natural-looking curls or casual outfit also we already have a
graphic eye shape that’s rounded and defined but if you want to play with the
graphic goddess trend even more you can bring in that mermaid blue liner to the
crease and also add a little line for more uniqueness and color to it this is
up to you it’s just kind of fun to bring in some of those sharper lines! thanks
for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this graphic goddess look with Revlon
and if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more
beauty videos if you click the little Bell button you’ll be notified for every
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me on Instagram if you want to stay updated and please tag me have you ever
recreate any of these looks because I love to see you guys switching up your
style and I’ll see you in my next video!

100 thoughts on “Recreating ICONIC Effy Stonem SKINS Makeup Look!

  1. This is my favorite video of yours, I always come back to it because I love it so much!
    And I also love how your makeup (in every video) is different then other beauty gurus, it’s so natural I love it!! I learn so much from you, keep it up girl 😉


  3. Someone should count how many times she says Revlon throughout this video lol … We get it your sponsored by Revlon lol

  4. So happy you're part of our #Revlontourage, Jackie! We love your Skins-inspired look so much that we'll be featuring this video over on our channel page.

  5. Holy shit, you look a lot like Kaya Scodelario, just as beautiful! That mermaid blue beneath the eyes was to die for.
    PS: I can't stand Cook either, team Freffy here.

  6. I’ve watched so many tutorials for this look and you literally nailed it omg you look just like her !!

  7. This is so unreal. You're amazing! Great video. Effy is such an icon (though not a good role model).

  8. Hey again, I created a part two of this video with more Effy hairstyles, outfit and makeup inspiration. Check it out here <3

  9. I can’t even count the amount of times I tried to recreate this iconic Effy look since that season came out (so a really long time ago) and I can NEVER nail it, I’m so sad, because this is a look that I really love but never mange to create a nice thin crease line. Then I start trying to take dark bits away by adding the light base colour and everything just turns out grey. It’s not like it’s not wearable but definitely not what I was going for :/

  10. seeing this pulls at my heart, i know that’s dramatic, but as a teenager i loooved skins and shows like it like degrassi from the earlier years. wish skins was still being made 😢

  11. I find it interesting that you changed your application style of freckles in this video. Most of the time you just use a goof proof pencil but this time you used a Bobby pin

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