Realistic Makeup 💆🏻‍♀🇰🇷 ASMR: GUCCI Palette, Moschino Cushion, MAC (Full Face)

hello, it’s jisu. welcome back to my channel. thanks for clicking. you did such a good job today. the weather got so fucking cold… [oops;; – “it’d better if you cut back cussing in the middle”] the weather got immensely cold. the weather got rapidly cold. stay warm, always, and make sure to take vitamin C as I let you know before, take multivitamins too. as I confessed before, thank you, sujis, for presenting me a gift of the warmest winter of my life. time to read and answer to your comments. this kid called “ri-an” said: “do you usually wear makeup in your daily life?” yes, I wear makeup every time before filming, of course. of course, I do my makeup before filming, but surprisingly I don’t usually wear makeup often. I usually carry a parasol most of the time, so I go around covering my face, so I don’t feel like I need makeup. I just go around bare-faced. even if there’s an important occasion… I try my best not to go out. even if I go out for such occasion, I just simply wear cushion. that’s enough for a man, isn’t it? I do stuff, but usually I’m just like most men. I go around bare-faced. “a1228s” said: “I go to learn swimming 5 days a week while I go to work.” “when I go, I do try hard there, but there’s a lot of days I don’t feel like going because I’m tired after work.” “(as I get old,) I think the coolest are those who do stuff steadily day by day.” “I’m always rooting for you, jisu.” thank you so much. but to me, this is just like commuting. I know it looks like a hobby because I really look like I’m really enjoying it, but it’s just like a workplace which I clearly get wages from. for me, I admire those who commute. I didn’t manage to maintain a job which required commuting for a long time. I quit one only a week after I got in, one time. I think it’s huge to go to a workplace steadily for years. it looks like everybody does that when you look around, but for an individual, I know how stressful it is, suppressing yourself everyday, every night. fighting (good luck), and I’ll “fighting” with you too. this is just like going to a workplace to me. it’s same for me. if I have to go to learn swimming 5 days a week while doing this, I would have quit, jesus christ. I hate going outside itself. it’s already shitty for me to take a shower everyday because it’s cold. [subtitles restart at 25:21 – the comments are translated on-screen in english and japanese] let me start makeup. your lips are cracked a lot, let me apply lip balm first for you. lip balm, start. pat. sounds of the lip balm’s thickness and stickiness touching your lips. sticky. tight. as the lip balm melts like this… this… I think I applied too much. as it melts, new sounds are being created. let me blend it for you. let me do deep lip care for you later. I get a lot of dead skin cells on my lips these days, as the weather is cold, so I have to take care of my own problem first, though. [the rest of subtitles will be added later, sorry for the delay & meanwhile enjoy the makeup itself! ❤️ – jis]

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    ✔ 00:00 빠른팅글 / fast tingles

    ✔ 04:00 안녕하세요 지수입니다 / hello, it's jisu

    ✔ 04:25 댓글읽기 / reading yo comments

    ✔ 14:03 뼛소리 / bone sounds

    ✔ 15:37 명예의 전당 (악플러 썰기) / hall of fame (chopping a hater)

    ✔ 25:02 리용 Reyong ASMR

    ✔ 25:21 LET'S GO

    ✔ 25:24 니베아 밀크앤허니 립밤

    nivea milk & honey lip balm / ニベアミルク&ハニーリップバーム

    ✔ 25:40 STIPPLE

    ✔ 27:33 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 27:48 N.피치블랑 프라이머

    N. peach blanc primer / N。ピッチブランプライマー

    ✔ 28:13 "PRIMER"

    ✔ 29:51 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 30:08 얼굴 마사지 롤러

    facial massage roller / 顔マッサージローラー

    ✔ 30:46 LET'S GO

    ✔ 32:19 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 32:48 모스키노 골드에디션 시크스킨쿠션

    moschino gold edition chic skin cushion / モスキーノシックスキンクッション

    ✔ 38:25 LET'S GO

    ✔ 40:30 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 40:42 지수에게 메이크업 / doing jisu's makeup / ジスにメイク

    ✔ 41:30 LET'S GO

    ✔ 45:11 눈썹정리 / eyebrow trimming / 眉毛の整え

    ✔ 46:02 LET'S GO

    ✔ 48:26 맥 스튜디오픽스 컨투어팔레트

    MAC studio fix contour palette / マックスタジオフィックス輪郭パレット

    ✔ 49:34 + 디올 백스테이지 브러쉬

    + DIOR backstage brush / バックステージブラシ

    ✔ 50:03 LET'S GO

    ✔ 51:43 지수에게 메이크업 / doing jisu's makeup / ジスにメイク

    ✔ 52:03 LET'S GO

    ✔ 54:14 홀리카홀리카 홀리팝 워터컬러치크

    holika holika watercolor cheek / ホーリーポップウォーターカラーチーク

    ✔ 55:17 리얼리즘 / realism

    ✔ 56:55 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 57:05 지수에게 메이크업 / doing jisu's makeup / ジスにメイク

    ✔ 1:00:27 구찌 마그네틱 컬러 쉐도우 쿼드

    gucci magnetic color shadow quad / グッチマグネティックカラーシャドウクワッド

    ✔ 1:03:58 LET'S GO

    ✔ 1:07:56 지수에게 메이크업 / doing jisu's makeup / ジスにメイク

    ✔ 1:11:59 메이시크 핑거팁 아이브로우 틴트

    maychic fingertip eyebrow tint / メイシックアイブロウティント

    ✔ 1:13:46 지수에게 메이크업 / doing jisu's makeup / ジスにメイク

    ✔ 1:13:54 하… / ffs

    ✔ 1:15:39 라카 스무스 매트 립스틱

    laka smooth matte lipstick / ラカスムースマットリップスティック

    ✔ 1:16:32 LET'S GO

    ✔ 1:18:31 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 1:18:41 맥 래스팅센세이션 립펜슬

    MAC lasting sensation lip pencil / マックリップペンシル

    ✔ 1:19:47 렌즈닦기 / lens cleaning / レンズ磨き

    ✔ 1:19:58 필리밀리 티라미수 스펀지

    fillimilli tiramisu sponge / フィリミリティラミススポンジ

    ✔ 1:21:33 디올 백스테이지 브러쉬

    dior backstage brush / ディオールバックステージブラシ

    ✔ 1:22:29 사랑해 / I LOVE YOU / 愛し / 我爱你 / TE QUIERO / EU TE AMO / Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ

  2. I was wondering if this man actually puts make up on his camera lens!
    Either way I love, it makes the ASMR more immersive! It gives me the shivers! 🤗

  3. I just found your channel. And I instantly fell in love. I love the mix of English and Koran; Korean is one of my favorite languages and you just do amazing ASMR work. And I love the mildly chaotic energy while reading those comments. 😂 this video jsut gets better and better. How are you so good at this and how on earth am I just now finding you? Good lord you’re good. Ooooooh you actually freaking apply it. Holy cow 😭😭

  4. 毎回Let's goって言うのすごく好きです🥺自分で塗ってみちゃうのも可愛いです🤗💖

  5. Когда выучил новое слово на английском:
    лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу лец гоу

  6. my question is how many camera wipes did he have to do, and how did he get the nail polish off the lens without ruining it or it cracking?

  7. Im new, and this is the first vid im watching. Already subbed. Thanks for putting makeup on the camera i was trying to find someone who does that. haha

  8. Man, não acho 1 comentário em português. Comentem mais em português/espanhol pq asmr sem ficar lendo comentário não tem graça :^

  9. this channel is so underrated and it’s sad. i’m new here and i already absolutely love this channel, keep up the good work😚💕.

  10. Oh my god! The Gucci and Moschino makeup dragged me in, this video was in my feed, I cannot believe what I was missing!!!!! This is fucking great!!!!! I love your ASMR style, something completely different to what I knew! Greetings from Mexico!! 🙋🏻‍♀️💞

  11. Lol you just came from my recommended I work in about 8 hours and cant sleep, but honestly this videos making me so sleepy so fast. Thank you for your asmr bby, im gonna sleep now lol.
    Lets go!

  12. Эээээээй, а чего так мало русских!?
    Ставь лайк если ты русский
    (если ты не русский, то тоже можешь поставить) 😁

  13. Хей! Привет рашн пользователи! 😂
    А теперь представьте, что вся эта косметика ваша 😍


    Пусть иностранцы вникают) 😉

  15. 0:05
    jsuis dans lblock lblock 10eu caché dans lfroc froc on bosse au black black on fait des sous dans lbat bat popopop

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