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Hey friends, welcome back I’m Courtney. Today I’m going to be talking to you about
my favorite Real Techniques brushes. So I’ve actually been buying and using Real
Techniques brushes for years, since they’ve launched, but I’ve only ever done one review
and that was on the PowderBleu brushes. I will link to that review up here, so you
can go check it out in case you haven’t seen it. I have to say I kind of have like a love/hate
thing with Real Techniques brushes, because I love the brushes and I love their performance,
but I usually hate their design. So Real Techniques brushes are cruelty free
and vegan. They’re made with synthetic bristles. I love that about it. What I hate is typically how thick their little
bases are. Yes they’re meant to stand up, but when I
try to fit a bunch of Real Techniques brushes into my brush stand they basically take up
all of the room. I greatly prefer a brush style more like this,
which is thin and tapered, or like the PowderBleu brushes which aren’t very big and bulky, because
they’re also thin and tapered. To this original big, thick handle. I think that’s actually what kept me from
reviewing them, because I just hated how they looked, and how they fit into my brush cases. It drives me crazy. The first brush I want to talk about is the
Expert Face brush. I like this for basically denser liquids and
powders. It’s actually great with a lot of finicky
foundations, because of the dense brush head. It just has a way of like basically spreading
it around the face, rather than letting stay in any one spot and get caky. I do have the Stippling brush, which is supposed
to allow you to put on a thinner layer of foundation, but my problem with this brush
is that it’s just really scratchy, and kind of pokey. So it’s not one of my favorites. However, the Multitasking Cheek brush is amazing. I actually have two of these, because I use
them all the time. It’s very basically thin and tapered, and
angled. What I like to use it with is bronzer, or
contour, or blush. I do use it with highlight, but I really like
how nice and soft it is, and I think it’s perfect for blending out your contour, to
apply bronzer, or even to put blush on the cheeks. Its just got a nice shape and density, and
its really, really soft, and it has never gotten scratchy like some of the other brushes. This is the Multitasking Cheek brush. I pretty much only use this for contouring,
because it just kind of fits into the hollow of the cheek, and it works to blend things
out pretty well. I love, love, love the Real Techniques Setting
brushes. I don’t actually use these for setting, I
use them for applying highlighter. I don’t know why these two are such drastically
differently colors. I think I bought them both on Amazon, so maybe
one of them is a fake. I’m not really sure. Like I said, what I use these for is applying
highlighter, just because it’s really nice and easy to pop it on the cheek, and then
basically do that C shape here. Now all of these brushes I purchased, except
for the PowderBleu which I was sent to review. I’m going to touch on the PowderBleu very,
very quickly. I use the BO3, which is very soft, for applying
blush or for blending where blush and contour meet, or blush and highlight meet. I think it’s excellent for that. The BO2 I only use to contour. It has like this kind of domed shape, so I
think it fits really well into the hollow of the cheek. The BO4 is for eyeshadow. I only use it for eyeshadow for like blending
out color. I love this brush. I really, really wish that Ulta carried the
PowderBleu line because I would buy another one of these, but I don’t want to pay for
shipping so that’s why I haven’t bought one from the Real Techniques website. I think it’s incredibly stupid of them to
not sell it at Ulta, because people keep asking me “Hey, why isn’t it at Ulta?” I’m like, “I don’t know, I’m sorry.” Next up are the Multitasking Eye brushes. I really this soft shape. I use this to either blend out, or to apply
lighter transition colors in the crease. As you can see it’s sort of light and fluffy. I like the fact that the tips are white and
the rest of it’s black, because you could also use these as sort like duo fiber brush
to help you apply a lighter wash of color if you use a light hand. These are really, really good with loose pigments. This is the Shading brush, and I like to use
this to pat color onto my lid. This is the Essential Crease brush. This is great for applying a nice defused
wash of color in the crease. It’s small and it works really, really well
on hooded eyes. These are the Base Eyeshadow brushes. I like these for applying your base eyeshadow,
or like translucent setting powder, or for applying a transition shade, or for blending
out color because they’re basically shaped similarly to a MAC 217 or the Sigma E25. The only thing I don’t like about this, is
I don’t feel that they blend as well, because they’re a little stiff. They’re not as flexible and as soft as a MAC
217, or as the Sigma E25. Which is like my holy grail blender. This other eye brush is a smudge brush, and
I just use this to apply color to my lower lid. It’s a pretty stiff brush, but it doesn’t
feel like pokey or anything like that, so it doesn’t hurt the eye area. The last four brushes I bought from Ulta,
and I was like oh look Real Techniques is getting into that weird brush game that lots
of other brands have come out with brushes shaped like this, and I wanted to give these
a try. So this is the foundation brush, and it is
oh my gosh super soft and dense. It does really, really well with thick foundations,
like spreading it out around the face. This is the contour. So you can use this to blend out your contour,
or to apply cheek color if you want, but I pretty much just use it with contour. This is the cheek brush, which is definitely
for blush. I wouldn’t use this with highlight, but definitely
it’s great at blush. It’s soft enough and easy enough to basically
onto the apples of your cheeks. It gives you a lot of control, which I really
like. Last, but not least is the shadow brush. This brush is great for basically blending
out colors in your crease. If you are somebody who has trouble with like
your fine motor skills, and you find it hard to hold a brush like a traditional way, like
this, or like this, or however. I think I hold it like this. If you find it hard to hold a brush like that,
this might be your answer, because I think it’s easier to hold it like this and blend
in little circles. So sometimes when I have problems getting
colors to blend out I switch to this brush, because it makes it easier for me to blend
in a little tiny circle with this brush, then it does a traditional brush. If I had to pick just five brushes for you
to check out, I would say check out the Multitasking Cheek brush, the Setting brush, the Multitasking
Eye brush, the BO4 Blending brush, and this Blend + Blur Shadow brush. Because, I think basically this gives you
a really good mix of the Real Techniques brushes. This covers your cheeks, this gives you highlight,
and this gives you great blending for the eyes. Now I absolutely wish that Real Techniques
would release more brushes with the PowderBleu design. This nice slim tapered handle. I would absolutely buy more, because I really
dislike the thicker handles of the original brushes. So anyway. What do you think of the Real Techniques makeup
brushes? Please be sure to let me know in the comments
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52 thoughts on “Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Hits & Misses & How I Use Them | Vegan Makeup Brushes

  1. I have several Real Techniques brushes, and am very impressed by their quality and affordability. Those thick bases definitely are big, and they do take up a lot of room!

  2. I just bought two RT eyeshadow brushes that Mai recommended last month. Because mine are eye brushes, they're small. I agree with you about design – a tapered handle is ideal

  3. Yayyy! Another video on brushes that are affordable. I do have a couple of their brushes. I need to buy some more. I do love their miracle sponge.

  4. Have you tried the synthetic brushes from ? If you haven't you should. They are a dollar each, for the set it's $10-$20. They are really soft and don't shed. They are cruelty free as well.

  5. I've seen a few people on Youtube with that more metallic-looking setting brush. I don't know if it's a fake or just some sort of variant. Mine looks like the other one you have, that's got a slightly more matte handle. Either way, it's a great brush!

  6. I agree with you on the handles. I personally dislike thick handles and also there is a matte coating on those brushes on the black part which I somehow made it peel down and now my brush handles are sticky. lol

  7. Can you do a video on the best drugstore concealers for super pale skin? I also wear kvd light 41 and all of the concealers I have tried from the drugstore are several shades darker than my foundation 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. They have good brushes; but, like you, I don't like the really thick handles of the face brushes — especially the fact that they flare out at the end. I don't ever feel the need to stand my brushes up on their own, so it's not a convenient design.

  9. The handles are thick. I like to tie them into panthose and use them like nun-chuks. But seriously, I didn't know they were designed to stand on end. Cool… not at all practical, but cool.

  10. I would love to grab the entire powder bleu collection but their decision to make them available only on their site irks me enough to not get it. I just refuse. If they make it to Ulta, I'll be on them but I just hate when companies do that to force direct sales.

  11. I love their brushes too, but agree on the thick handle, don't like it. I love it cosmetic brushes and Urban Decay brushes!! OMG, they are sooooo nice.

  12. Real Technique is probably the first brand I bought because of its cruelty free designation. I agree with you on the thick handles since they don't fit well in my containers but I still use them all the time. I bought a few of the Blend & Blur recently to see how they compared to the oval Artis and they are nice but not as wonderful.

  13. I feel the same way! Great brushes, really hideous design. I don't really feel like they stand up that well either. It's not like they're magnetized like the Pony Effect brushes. I'm hoping for more brushes like the blue ones also! Those are perfection!!

  14. That lip ring is new, I like it. I have some Rt brushes and I really like them, they are inexpensive and very good quality, I find them too big for my small face and eyes, this also happens to me with the sigma brushes. Some of your brushes are different because they redesigned the ferules, made them more shinny, I like the old design better.
    Sadly where I live you only can find the basic ones and rarely sometimes the sponges.

  15. I like this series. I also hate the brush design of RT. I have like five of those "setting brushes" I use them for highlighter, contour, and targeted powder. Really want to try those powder blue brushes.

  16. Haha I also hate the design, but the brushes are really good! The Expert Face Brush is actually my only RT Brush with that weird shape. The Blush Brush and Stippling Brush I decluttered because I didn't really use them and they took so much space. I haven't tried their new brushes for a long time so I should pick up something from them. Thanks for recommendations! 🙂

  17. I hate the design too. I really used to like them, but after awhile the color starts to flake, the handle gets gummy and the brushes kinda get scratchy. Recently I’ve really been enjoying the UD brushes and the eco tools brushes.

  18. Thank you for thinking of people with fine motor issues, I'll be sure to pass this idea long! I have some of the RT brushes from I think the Bold Metals collection, which were like way more expensive and special edition from a few years ago. Those are REALLY long and really tapered–I think it drives a lot of people nuts because they are almost too long for some brush cups but I honestly love them.

  19. The base of these brushes wouldn't be very conducive to a travel bag either. :/ But I love that they are vegan & cruelty-free! 🙂

  20. I have multiple finishing brushes that I also use for highlight. One of the handles of mine is different too and I bought it at Kohl's or Ulta or something and don't think it's a fake. They're different because they came in different sets.

  21. They are different colours because they "revamped" the line at one point. They just wanted them to be shinier and brighter 🙂 also I have 2 stippling brushes from them, and they are really soft and great with liquid foundations or powder blushes / bronzers, maybe you got a dud ?

  22. The issue I have with real techniques is the first expert face brush I had the bristles were more densely packed and the new one I bought last year is so fluffy, it's more like a powder brush. The difference is visible. Made me sad lol Maybe I got just one from a bad batch. I love the eye brushes!

  23. I just realized the Bold Metals line is disappearing from Ulta and I picked up a set of 3 with a brush roll for 10 bucks around the holidays. That's a shame but I am glad I was able to grab a couple of extras of the few I did have, including that wonderful blush brush.

  24. Yes! The wlder handles are annoying. Plus, the matte finish on them goes tacky after a while and it's just ick. I need to pick up a few of the newer ones though, they look great.

  25. I love my RT brushes but the giant thick handles are SO ANNOYING. They take up so much room. I really want to try one of the new toothbrush-like brushes. I love my Cailyn O Wow brush that is similar but it's a little small for doing foundation sometimes.

  26. For patting on foiled colors like the UD Moondusts or some of the indie shadows, would you use the RT Shading brush or the Moondust brush?

  27. I saw below that you like the Brush Crush foundation brush; would you recommend any of the other ones in the line? It would save me from painting the handles of more brushes with glitter black or purple paint. :p I've seen them on Ulta, and they've gotten pretty good reviews.

  28. Why didn’t U include the NEW purple glitter brushes? Are they not a must have? Or did u just get sucked in cuz they were cute purple and glittery? ✨ ✨ ✨

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