1. people still talk about the drama and here I am like "…what drama?" XD
    when people were all about james drama and all hated him and shit, I was still watching his videos happily and then found out when everyone forgave him
    and then I was like "Shit people assume way to quick!" and I was like never apart of the tea until recently to keep up with it
    I go to shane to keep me up sips tea

  2. This my first time watching you and I was loving what you were doing its cool I wonder what it was like I actually only yesterday started my YouTube channel yesterday

  3. قلل حكي والله صرعتلي راسي لازم تشتغل كتير وتحكي شوي لاب لاب لاب يوتيوب ترجملو ههههههههههه

  4. me watching old homes videos: omg I didn't have long hair then
    him: omg I didn't even have a coupon code then

  5. Gosh, you changed pretty much, I looooooove watching your videos, not only for the make up but also to practice my English 🤭
    Love ya

  6. I am 10 years old and I have my own makeup. I got it when I was 6 years old. I only have lipstick blush mascara eye shadow eye liner i tried près on nails and than glue on nails I tried convincing my mom on getting me acrylic nails for my birthday she said I will think about it😑. I have looked up to you for a very long time love you sister

  7. You don't have the nose ring anymore…. everything has changed since then. I feel old when I watch you. Sometimes.

  8. I just got your james charles morphe palet, and the eyeshadows go on so smoothly, and all the colors are so beautiful. I got it litterally last week, and ive used all the colors!

  9. Title: ReCrEaTiNg My FiRsT mAkEuP lOoK.
    Actual Video: So Im GoInG tO CHaNgE aLl Of ThE tHiNgS tHaT i DiD oRiGiNaLlY🤡

  10. Sister James: criticising everything he did.
    Me: wondering why mine looks so much worse than his very first tutorial. 😑

  11. You is so funny
    I am laughing with tears in my eyes
    If I were a guy I would love to marry you
    But I’m a girl so I’ll just watch

  12. James: I am scared of the size of the brush I used to highlight.

    Me: No, girl I scared at those old eyebrows! 😂

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