Rachel Brosnahan’s Makeup Tutorial with Makeup Artist Lisa Aharon | THR

(gentle music) – Today, we’re gonna recreate
Rachel Brosnahan’s look. It consisted of a red-
and vanilla-colored eye, and the rest of the face was
kept really bare and fresh. I like to start with a
really even base color when I’m doing a really elaborate eye, just so it takes any of the natural tones. This is also gonna help hold the makeup, especially because it’s a
really bold, bright color. So I’m gonna use a little bit of this red, metallic
cream shadow to start. I started by applying the
shadow from the outer corner of the eye, towards the
inside, so you’re gonna get the darkest, deepest shade of red towards the outer corner,
and then it’s gonna fade as it gets into the center of the lid. I like to use something lighter. Put a little bit of this
sort of shimmery vanilla on the inner corner. I’m just gonna put a little
bit of translucent powder above the cream so the powder
has something to blend into. And for longevity and extra
brightness (chuckles softly) I went over the red with
almost the exact same color but in a powder formula. You can see how it just
gives it more dimension and, like, intensity right away. Just to add a tiny bit more
depth after I’ve done the red, I like to create a little bit of a frame with a taupy brown shade. And I just, look up for me,
I gave just a teeny hint of red right on the outer corner. Then, I like to go back
in with the first brush that I used, with the
eye shadow base on it. And I can just kind of smooth all the colors, and blend them together. Right where I put that little
hint of sorta that vanilla kind of sparkle, I just added
a teeny bit of powder on top, again, just to intensify it just slightly. And go in with a nice volumizing mascara. You wanna just wiggle the brush
from the lash line outwards. I wanted to use a color
that mimicked Rachel’s lips today for the shoot, but
had a little bit of vibrancy to fill them in and complement the eye. So I went with this sort
of tinted lip conditioner. So this is our look today,
and I hope I gave you some helpful tips to recreate
Rachel Brosnahan’s look. (upbeat music)

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