Quynh Anh Shyn – CHALLENGE #2 : No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Hello everybody I uploaded a photo on my fanpage the other day with a caption which is “Challenge me!” And I got a lot of challenges The most did i receive is No Mirror Makeup Challenge So today I accepted this challenge and i will do my make up without any mirrors I don’t know if this is good or not If it turns out well,i might be able to show you my make up talent If not,I will make a fool out of myself But I decided to do it anyway First is skin care I use SEA TREE TONER I really like this brand ’cause the coat is nice Spray some on my hand refreshing Next,i use CC Cream also from SEA TREE (because of the coat :”>) Its advantage is to balance skin pigmentation The cream is really smooth It also contains highlight so your face will always glow like Korean After that,I use concealer #02 This one is in stick form but it’s really soft and also has a brush which is really convinient I have an acne on this side I choose this creamy blushing Blushing cream brings out the natural More natural than powder blushing And the color is great,too. Pink. Orange pink Am I a bit reckless using this? Done. Natural pink blush This is a magical powder pact Oh I can’t use this mirror. Let’s cover it Oh,that’s the pumping machine. Shut up! The 360 powder pact. Apply it and your skin will get smooth right away The pumping machine again ;( Apply it lightly create a really thin powder coat for the natuaral look No mirror, I can look at the helmet look into the black camera And the black camera man with purple shirt Now,it’s time for eyebrows This one is the hard part Oh it’s broken Do the straight eyebrows I think it’s enough Next is eye I use SEA TREE again because of the nice box 😛 It has a dolphin on the lid it has 9 colors From light to dark I’ll try to be safe by cover the lightest tone all over my eyelids The mirror is now on the left side of the camera beside those garbages I will do a bit over here To get the deeper eyes, I use dark brown The perfect V To finish the eyes,i will use this brush to apply white eyeshadow into the inner corner of my eyes To get pure and sparkle eyes I just poked my eye 🙁 Omg,it hurts This is the eyeliner from SEA TREE Remember to shake it before using so it won’t get dry Here it is Ah,this is my magical highlighter I will make your face a lot smaller Apply it on the nose bridge This one is simple Next,apply it on the eyelids,forehead and chin Is this glowing now? Oh,i forgot about the mascara Use shading on your cheeks to narrow your face without using Photoshop To make your nose smaller and higher Apply it to the sides of your nose It is higher,right? I knew it 🙂 This is the magical mascara from TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL It has this spinning thing under It can change the thickness of the brush Let’s use eyelashes curler This is so easy,I can do it without mirror ah,lip care. This is the lip balm from SEA TREE really nice horse It is two toned No,two kinds The outside is lip balm with color The heart inside is no-color balm Let’s apply the no color one This is the lip concealer from MAKE UP FOREVER Because I wear too much lipstick,it gets darken Yes,this is the final product Let’s apply it on the inner lips DONE! This is the final result of no mirror make up Before I take a look in the mirror You can see the result 3-2-1 Excellent I have never seen my nose so pretty Oh snap I have lipstick on my teeth It’s pretty What a perfect contouring The most successful is mascara Eyebrows are not bad So beautiful And now I’m gonna use this face to shoot the next make up video It’s ok now. Let’s cut

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