Quick Smokey Eye Using Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadows

hi everyone and welcome back today we’re
doing a super quick and easy smoky eye which absolutely any of you guys can do
at home I’ve only used a handful of products and as little steps as possible
so this took like five to ten minutes and that is it so I really hope you
enjoy it let me know if you do it down in the comments below and please give
it a big thumbs up as well and subscribe and if you want to see how we got
this super easy and quick smokey eye then keep watching
and while I was away I did receive a few PR packages and to be honest I don’t
really get sent that many things at all so I’ve been really grateful while I
was away I did receive a few things I had a look through the boxes last night
and I thought I would do a video and makeup look today on products I’ve
never used before and seen before so today I’m going to be using a few new
products from Revlon which I’ve never seen or used before and again I’m super
super grateful for anybody who would want to send me anything they sent me a few
new products for the eyes which gave me the inspiration of doing a 5-minute
smokey eye but I don’t know whether I could do it in five minutes so maybe
like a 7 or 10 minutes maybe I’m not sure there is a couple of the Revlon
Colorstay at creme shadows this one is 755 which is a really nice like
silvery grey and they do have like a shimmer in them as well and then this
one is in 710 and this is such a stunning bonze colour you know by now that
I love my bronze tones and then in the lid as well there’s also a little
brush that you can use it with which is really cute and there is a Revlon
Colorstay two in one angled liner so it has like a twist up liner on one end
and then on the other end it has like a little brush to smudge it with and it’s
angled as well which is really nice and then a new brow pencil this is the
Revlon Colorstay brow pencil I love that it’s got a little spooly on the end because
not all drugstore pencils have that and it’s just a twist-up brow pencil as
well I’m not sure what shade this is it’s in the shade dark brown and then
the new mascara as well this is the mega multiplayer and it’s the one with
the blue top the wand looks really nice and you’ll know if you’ve watched
my channel before that I use this is one of my favorites this is dramatic definition the purple top
I have obviously done the rest of my makeup so I’m gonna start with my brows I do
usually use a twisty up brow pencil but this one it’s just a little bit thicker
than the one that I usually use so I’m gonna use the very pointy edge I did
tint my brows before I went on holiday so that’s why they look a little bit
darker than they usually do but I think I’m gonna keep up with that actually because
I do like the way that they look with no product on them now again I’m just
gonna take the pointy end and I’m just gonna fill them in the same way
that I would with my other pencil I’m just gonna do a little brush strokes it’s
actually blending out really nicely as well it’s just like filling in all the
sparse areas in my brow just making it look a little bit thicker and I like to
just extend the tail a little bit as well for a thicker pencil than I am used to
it’s actually a lot more precise than I thought you can still see the texture of
my brows which is really nice so yeah I’m gonna carry on using that one for
the eyes I want to use as few steps as possible because I want this to be super
easy so before I get into using that the creme products I first just want to
apply a little bit of transition colour into my crease because that’s just my
personal preference you don’t have to do obviously but I prefer to do that so I’m
just gonna take a fluffy brush you can use an eyeshadow but I’m just using a
bronzer because that’s just what is on my desk so I’m just gonna quickly just
apply a little bit into the crease and blend it upwards I want to try and use
both of these cream shadows and I don’t usually use cream shadows very often so
this will be quite interesting I’m gonna use the bronze one I think over my lid
and that I’m gonna smudge this along my lower lash line and then I’m gonna use
the eyeliner on top I think as well the cream shadow I’m thinking I would
probably use my finger to apply it especially over the lid because I think
I would get the most pigment that way I think I’m not sure but I am gonna try
out the little brush that comes with it I think that’s so cute
how it’s in the lid so I’m taking some on the
brush and I’m literally just going all over that is so pretty I’m gonna take it up into the crease and
then I’m going to take a little blending brush that honestly looks so nice and
it’s just so effortless I’m gonna just apply a little bit more again and blend
it into my crease which is nice because I have got that little bit of transition
in there as well this shade is just absolutely stunning it will be
interesting to see how long wearing these are because I don’t usually wear
creams I suppose if you’ve got more oily lids you could set this with powder but
I really want to see how this lasts because I think that’s just the easiest
eyeshadow I’ve ever done it’s not sticky in any way it’s really smooth and thin
in texture but super pigmented at the same time so you don’t really need a lot
I’ve only applied like a couple of layers so I’m feeling this lid now and
it’s completely dried and set it doesn’t feel tight or anything like that
so I don’t think but it’s gonna move around or crease or anything like that
so I think it is actually gonna stick around that’s really strange but it’s
super comfortable as well like I can’t feel it
moving onto the eyeliner now this is worrying me a little bit because it is
quite thick like when I’ve drawn a line the line is quite thick it’s not thin
like I would want it to but there is a nice sharp edge to it so that’s the edge
I’m gonna use to line my eye and I’m just gonna take my time because this one
again like the brow pencil is just really creamy and pigmented I’m just
pushing it right into my lashes and then with this little angled brush
I’m just gonna flick it upwards and outwards just to smudge it around that
literally just to two seconds which is amazing I’m gonna do the same on this
side and then using the angled side the little brush just smudge it upwards
and outwards okay now I’m gonna line my top water line the shape is maybe a
little bit awkward to line up here but that’s only because I’m used to just
using a pencil and then I’m gonna do with my little water line and try not to
make stupid faces do you really want to run the bronze underneath my eyes I think
that would look really nice but I do also want to use this shade as well I’ll
just show you it’s not really dark in color it’s just such a nice shimmery
gray so maybe I use both of them I’m gonna start with the grey one this is the
number 755 I’m going to use a pencil brush for this though not
the brush that comes with it I want to use this to help smudge out the black
liner so I’m just gonna take this and run it all along my lower lash line and
I want it to join in this outer corner as well this is just such an easy way to do a
smokey eye and then very finally I’m going to take the little brush that we
used to blend out the gold shadow and then I’m gonna run this along the very
bottom of this gray just so it doesn’t look too harsh and that is pretty
much it that is like the easiest smokey eye in the world I’m gonna finally take
a little bit of that brown shadow it’s not the lightest in a corner highlight
but I want to just keep it super super simple I think this will still look
really nice in here I think that looks so pretty even if I do say so myself and
I don’t even think that would take ten minutes maybe seven I think that
five maybe pushing it a little bit let’s try this mascara now that is a nice
mascara that is definitely it got to be the quickest smoky eye that I’ve
ever done I’m just gonna apply my lashes super quickly and then I can finish
up with lips and then that it is up finished so lashes are on and I’ve used
the ardell demi whispies because they are quite natural and I really want you
to be able to see the color on the lid which is showing through really nicely
this eye look just looks so so pretty for the lips I’m
gonna finish off with Mac’s spice lip liner over the top I’m going to use this I’m
not sure what it’s called but it’s also from Revlon I’ll leave it down in the
description box is in the shade is 76 so that completes this super quick and
easy smokey eye which absolutely any of you guys can do I love all the products
I’ve used today especially the cream eyeshadows I don’t know why I don’t use
cream eyeshadows more so I’m definitely gonna carry on using all of these and
I’ll let you know as well and keep you updated on how they last and things like
that so I really hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial let me know if you did
down in the comments below and please give it a big thumbs up as well and
subscribe and I will see you in my next one bye

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  1. I Really Loved Watching This Tutorial By This Lady.She Seemed So Natural And Explained Everything In A Very Natural Way She Wasn't Acting.I Think Revlon Needs Such A Model To Demonstrate Their Products.The Other Lady Was Sorry To Say Not At All Impressive.You Really Got Me To Watch The Whole Video Lady😊.I Will Subscribe To Revlon If They Have You Explaining How To Use A Product.Plus You Are A Real Lady😊

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