Quick & Easy Makeup Tips : How to Apply Mascara: Quick Makeup Tips

Hi, I’m Kate Shepherd on behalf of Expert
Village and today we’re gonna be talking about makeup on the go. Next you always need the
ideal mascara. The mascara that I’m gonna be using on Sherri today gives more curl and
volume which is gonna look beautiful with the liner that we just applied. So, the best
way to apply mascara, “Go ahead and look down for me Sherri,” is you want to start right
at the base of the lash and pull to the outer edge of the lash. And this is a jet black
mascara which I think looks best on everybody, cause it really helps to bring out your lash
line. And also, to grab from behind as well and really coat the lash. So, you can see
I’m sort of using like a sign upward motion as I’m pulling out and this helps to really
pump up the lashes and give them that really thick thick lash line. “And turn towards me,
look down.” And you can see just by doing this how much it pulls her lashes out. Sherri
has pretty long lashes as it is. But this really help to pull them out.

45 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Makeup Tips : How to Apply Mascara: Quick Makeup Tips

  1. Omgosh her eyes are stunning! I've never seen an eye color that green O: I wish mine were as nice a green as that ):
    Personally, I don't like putting on mascara from the top of the lashes, because I find that it weighs them down and clumps them together, and I always get it on my eyelid. XD

  2. i didnt think that mascara did anything for her….maybe you should have curled her lashes first? and she should have used a disposable wand unless it was the models own mascara and no one else was going to use it.

  3. i know this might sound kinda creepy, but your really pretty ! and i love your eyelashes they look really good !

  4. Love the eyes but coulda did a better job at pickin a mascara and applying a mascara….expertvillage should be ''CommonSenseVillage'' you don't really help in any of your videos, maybe a couple but all you talk about and do is the obvious is all your videos!

  5. is it just me or are the mascara videos from expertvillage not that good? i mean in one the lady covers the model's eye half of the time, in one the video doesn't work and in this one the eyelashes stuck together. smh

  6. UMMM is it just me or does tht chick have like no lashes… like u said she had pretty long lashes… ummm noo she dont. im just saying like i dont wear mascara becuase everybody already thinks i do wen i dont which kinda pisses me off lol but w/e i also just dont think i like this video. sorry

  7. Omgg that suckeddd … worst 1:14 seconds of my lifeee . lol , && her eyelashes were still very droopy , && quitee clumpyy FAIL ! lmao !

  8. jelly of her green eyes 😛 <3 wish mine were so green aha , but the technique kind of isnt helpful, i like my eyelashes seperated defined and idk perky so they are noticable ahaha..

  9. To apply mascara, I would recommend blinking into the brush.. that's how I've always done it, and mine turn out large and noticeable

  10. I'm seriously terrible at applying makeup. You know, cuz im new with that sort of thing. But hey, I learned alot from this. I never applied my mascara that way! lol

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