Purple Smokey Eye ♡ Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! So today I decided to do the fall
makeup trend, which is a very smokey eye. But I decided to add purple which is also
very on trend right now. It is a very traditional smokey eye, with a little bit of purple to
give it a different twist. For the lashes, I have added something really dramatic to
make it a very glam night out look. Ok guys, so I have placed the tape and I know
it looks really funny. I have started on my left eye, and I just laid down my crease color
as well as the primer. So now I am just starting to lay the primer down on my right eye so
it can set while I finish my other eye. I carry my primer upwards and into the crease. After applying, I blend the black base into
the brown shadow I have placed in my crease. I used Unbridled from the LORAC Unzipped palette
for the transition color in my crease. I am now taking deep purple from my LORAC Pro palette,
and using it to give me a really nice purple color on top of the black. And you can see the purple already starting
to come through. Then I am going to do the same thing on the other eye. Because I do
want some drama, I am going to use this purple pigment by Sleek in my tearduct. This gives
a really nice, foiled effect. I am going to deepen this crease to match the other one. Then I am going to do a little more blending
above the crease, and I am going to line my eyes with a black eyeliner. Using “Deep Purple”
from the LORAC Pro palette, the same one I used on my lid, I am going to smoke out my
lower lashline. Because I want a little bit more dimension and excitement, in the center
of my eyelid I am going to apply a brighter purple color. For foundation I am going to use Revlon Nearly
Naked, in Cappuccino. For a subtle and natural highlight, I am just going to use my Ben Nye
Banana powder without a concealer. Using a naked brush I am going to blend all of that
in so it’s seamless. That’s one set of lashes on…I am going to
keep blending while the other pair dries. While I am waiting for my other lashes to
dry, I am going to apply mascara to my bottom lashes. For my lips I like a matte lip color,
Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Patina.” I am loving liquid lipsticks because they have very little
transfer and they just stay put, so I never feel like I have to reapply. My favorite liquid
lipsticks are by Stila. This is the lip color once it has set. This is the makeup you guys! It’s a very cool
alternative to the traditional smokey eye, it’s got purples, lavender colors…I really
like the tearduct color because it helps to add a different dimension and bring this look
to life. You can do this with all different kinds of
colors, just substitute the purple colors with blues or greens and that works really
well for the fall trend. For the lip I wanted to keep it really simple, very nude and matte
because I want the eyes to be the focus and I have dramatic lashes to complement that. If you want to know how to get it this way,
or how to get it with other colors then please let me know I would be more than happy to
answer those questions. So yea, if you guys want to see more looks
like these, more fall makeup trends please let me know. If you have questions about my
hair, anything you see me do or wear or use in this video, please don’t hesitate to comment
down below and most importantly please remember to like, share comment and subscribe for more
videos! Love you guys so much, thanks for stopping
by and watching my video, I will see you all very soon. Bye!

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