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Hi 🙂 My name is Mariola Domurat Sign for Mariola is the same as a flower. I live in Norway. What I am doing? I work freelance as a professional Makeup Artist. Graduated 3 years ago. After my study, I have been working freelance for 3 years,on different projects, I have a lot of experience and learned a lot these three years. I have work with mask for theatre, and responsible backstage for shows with changing of costumes and wigs etc…* …i done makeup in TV, movies, workshop… and with photo shoots. I have taught students at school. Both private individual makeup, not 1 day is like the other. I really love my work. Its amazing. I have met a lot of people in this time and it has been a fantastic journey to where I am today. My heart is warm. I have always dreamed of traveling around the world and working freelance with different projects. I want work for Theatre, TV, movies, fashion, catwalk and so on. I love to work with stylist (fashion). Its my passion I wonder if you know someone who need a positive and creative soul as me. All projects are interesting. So please, contact me if you know someone who needs my talent. Im free like a bird. I can travel to… Why? I love being challenged, new people, new lessons every day and something that gives me the opportunity to learn and develop. Big challanges. I love it. I have own my website. at My portofio is there and different pictures. I have my own page on facebook and instagram. You can follow me if you want to. You are welcome to contact me. I hope to hear from you. If You have some questions or you are wondering on somehting. I can talk on camera or write on e-mail I see You!?! Bye bye 🙂

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