Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner by Selene | First Impressions

Hey I’m Marlee and welcome to my channel!
Today I’m going to be trying out the Selene makeup brush cleaner and dryer. I
just did a video on unboxing this and I showed the different parts that it comes
with and kind of explained that so I’m not going to be doing that in this video
so check out my previous video if you want details on that. I’m also going to
be using this Aesthetica Pro Series brush cleaner and conditioner. Yeah so
let’s get started. Alright, I have everything here and these are the
brushes I want to wash. I’ll just show a few sizes and do the rest off camera. So
I have to start by putting this cleanser into the bowl, just a small amount. Well,
it’s supposed to be a small amount but that came out a lot faster than I
expected. Now it says to add water to the bowl
until the water level is half the height of the brush bristles. So I guess I
should start with my smaller brushes. I’m gonna start with…I guess I should be able to
do this, an angled brush so…oh god that is way too much, this is way too much
shampoo. Well it’s not exactly half but I’m just
gonna roll with it. And we select the size that would be best, I’m guessing it’s this one. Push it all the way in. I think that’s in all the way. Next I’ll put this in here. This is the
thing that um controls the spin. Alright and now that goes in here. Alright, that should work. Now it says softly dunk the brush up and down in the liquid
pressing the brush lightly into the bowl to open the bristles slightly. Work
liquid into the brush and do not allow the metal… blah blah blah blah blah After five seconds whisk gently
pressing the brush down into the bowl. So, I guess I’m just supposed to just dunk
it first and yeah. Oh there’s makeup already coming off. That’s good. Alright it says while gently pressing the brush down in the bowl
switch on the device. Gently lift the brush and it will start to spin rapidly.
Slowly move the brush up and down for 10 seconds keeping the brush underneath the
liquid level at all times. Alright we’ll just go with this. Okay let’s see if it’s dried. Definitely not. It looks pretty good it doesn’t look completely dry but I’ll just let it air
dry. Since the bristles are so close together
and they’re not like, it’s not like these where it can spin out very well and
they’re short so I guess it wouldn’t really dry this way. It’s really difficult to get back
out of this collar. Okay so I did a few of my brushes and I realized that for these
shorter ones, I haven’t tried the bigger bristle brushes yet, but the shorter ones
don’t get dry and also I like to rinse it off because there’s still a little
bit of soap on there afterwards but yeah I’m just gonna I guess film the rest of
this. Also make sure that this clicks in because if you just put it in and it
feels like you might break it if you push any harder but if you just do that
it’s going to come off so make sure it clicks in first. Alright so this is an
eye shadow brush. Oh dang! There’s still soap left on
it and then I don’t know what happen there. So I’m gonna just rinse it off. And then spin it dry a bit more. Also, there’s still a little bit of white
eyeshadow on it. Yeah like right there so I’m gonna try it again. Okay that looks
better, so I’m just gonna rinse it off and dry it again. I don’t know if you can
see but it’s definitely not dry all the way so that’s a little disappointing. Yeah it’s not dry but I’m gonna try with
these bigger brushes and we’ll see how that goes. Now since the water doesn’t go to
halfway on this brush I’ll have to add a little bit more. That looks pretty good. Alright. Oh god! Okay, yeah thats… This is more like the picture. I feel like there’s no water touching it because it’s like a fan blowing it
all out of the way. Well, there you go. And there is
still soap on it, I mean it was kind of difficult to get it out of here because
it’s like the same size of the hole. Alright. Yeah that’s not dry. It feels pretty dry
but like if you squeeze the bristles they’re slightly ever so slightly damp
but I’m pretty satisfied with that. Unfortunately this collar wasn’t the
right.. it was slightly too small and there
wasn’t another size that was closer so it’s like stuck. There we are. None of these fit. That one’s too loose, too small, too small. I mean I’m gonna have to use
this one I’d stretch it out like I did with the other brush but that’s
unfortunate. That’s as far as I can get it and hopefully it won’t fly out I
think it’s in there pretty good though. This might be a problem. I’m pretty sure
this will be a problem. Let’s try it anyway. Oh, we need more
water first. I’m pretty nervous about this but let’s try it. Oh dear. I don’t think I can dry it in there
because there’s too much water and the bristles are too long but yeah all right
I’m just going to rinse it off and then dry it in the sink. What I’ll do is I’ll
dump this out first and then dry it in there. This is what the water looks like.
Kind of pinkish I don’t know if you can tell in my camera but yep. Alright now
let’s try drying it in here. That dried really well. Okay so… This wasn’t a
problem like I thought it would be I thought it’d be too wobbly but it
worked out well even though it didn’t fit. Overall I think this is a really
great product, it worked pretty well. I do think that it’s better for larger
brushes with larger more moveable bristles such as this. For the smaller
bristle brushes, like my small angled brush they’re kind of stiff so
those didn’t really dry as well. Also eyeshadow brushes they don’t spin I
guess which is how they are dried but I think this is actually really
great especially if you don’t want to manually wash your brushes and then have
to wait a long time for them to dry so I really recommend this and I think I’m
going to start washing my brushes a lot more, which I should have been doing
anyway. I’m going to link the brush
cleaner and dryer in the description box as well as the cleanser here. They’re not
affiliate links or anything I’m just… it’s just for if you’re curious about it.
So leave me a comment tell me what you think about this product and if you
would be interested in getting it. Thank you so much for watching please like and
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