Pink Bling Bling Makeup Look Tutorial ✨✨✨ Bánh Bèo Chúa với Quách Ánh nào 💃 [ ENGsub ]

Hello everyone, I’m back after such a long time This time, it will be an extremely girly makeup look, pink pink blink blink style Let’s get started! Hihi, excuse my “azuma” hair style, I will do my hair later First, I’m going to apply a layer of this gel mask This NARS product is absolutely suitable to use before putting on makeup Apply a thick layer all over my face, then wait for only 5 minutes After that, use dry tissue to wipe the product on my skin off, you should not wash your face with clean water. One important step in makeup process is doing eyes care so that they are given sufficient moisture The product has a cooling rollerball massage tip, which makes me feel relaxed and comfortable Wearing contact lens so as to make my eyes look more beautiful! They are in light grey color Now, let’s really do the makeup! I will start with the Too Faced primer This time, I’m using a brush to apply instead of my fingers like usual This way is also fine as long as your brush is always clean Next, I’m going to mix the Beauty Blender foundation and the Bobbi Brown All over glow together on the mixing tray specially designed on its own bottle. I’m applying the mixture on my skin I will do it on one side of my face to make it easier for you to compare The foundation has a medium coverage level, but it is suitable for my skin and the tone is not too light Unlike other times, I will also apply foundation to my eyes, which I don’t usually do However, I want to put a new cover-up method into practice It is using a concealer pencil in a lighter shade to cover the dark circles under eye bags We only need to focus on this part, other areas have already been covered by the foundation We will apply concealer to cover the lip lines and all the veins on my skin Then, I’m going to use the cushion in a darker shade to replace the contour I have applied this method for many times, I see that it definitely works and much easier to use than cream contour or contour stick Do not forget to contour two sides of your nose bridge I have just used my lipstick to draw these two lovely hearts on my cheeks. We will keep it like this all day! Ha ha, just kidding! Of course, I’m going to blend it out Applying the facial powder to set the inner part of the face I will use this lipstick as the eyeshadow base Firstlt, I’m going to add this nude color to both the inner and the outer corners of my eyes Afterwards, I will dip into the pinkish purple eyeshadow with a flat brush, then make a line close to the creases Remember to only draw at 1/3 of the inner corners and the outer corners We will just leave the eyelids like that. I will continue to emphasize the lines by adding a bit more of the brownish purple color with the liner brush Using that color to draw the eyeliners This is the Fenty Beauty highlighter which has become a brand-new phenomenon recently I’m going to add it to my eyelids, then blend it in the crease area These are the parts we left previously Then, adding some more stickers to enhance the effectiveness Now, let’s curl our lashes and put on some mascara We move on to the eyeliners As I often apply eyeliner to my lashlines only, I’m in a habit of putting on mascara first If you want to create thicker liners, you should draw them before applying mascara Now, comb the eyebrows into shape For today makeup look, I’ve decided to choose the brown tone for my brows, therefore I picked the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow mascara having quite similar shades Now, I’m going to apply the highlighter You guys can see my face sparkling. This product is totally suitable for those who love partying Some more blink blink stickers to make the look more outstanding! In fact, these are nail deco stickers but I think they also look lovely when being used this way Lastly, to achieve a natural look, I’m going to blur the lines out Put on lipstick in the shade #Boss Pink, which I applied on my cheeks before I really like to take full advantage of a product After that, I will soften the lip lines using a cotton swap to help my lips look more natural Last but not least, adding a bit of a darker pink lipstick to highlight the lips. These are the new Luxe Matte Lip Color by Bobbi Brown Finally, the makeup look has been finished! Let’s do my hair right away! I will do a high bun and leave a few pieces out of style to frame my face Curling your hair before making a bun will help your hair look thicker and fuller Everything is done! I hope you look beautiful in this makeup look! I will be back next week Don’t forget to subcrise and turn on notification Goodbye!

40 thoughts on “Pink Bling Bling Makeup Look Tutorial ✨✨✨ Bánh Bèo Chúa với Quách Ánh nào 💃 [ ENGsub ]

  1. Em thấy mắt chị lúc ko makeup trông ko có hồn lắm, chị có bị cận hay vấn đề gì về mắt hoặc giấc ngủ ko ạ? Em ko có ác ý, soi mói hay shaming đâu ạ

  2. Chị ơi… màu son kem với thỏi của bobbi brow c dùng là màu số bn vậy ạ. Hay là tên màu cũng đc c ạ. E rất thích màu son này e tìm toàn tên tiếng anh nên muốn hỏi chị để mua cho chính xác hơn. Cảm ơn chị về câu tl, sẽ luôn ủng hộ c ^^

  3. Chị Ánh ơi, tóc chị trong video này là làm xoăn giả phải không ạ? chị làm máy hay bằng kẹp mà đẹp vậy hiuhiu T.T

  4. C ánh nói chuyện hóm hĩnh dễ thương quá đi mất🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️,những sản phẩm kem lót, kem nền hay phấn phủ.. c dùng loại bình dân và dễ tìm mua thì càng dễ thương hơn đó ạ💓💓💓

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