100 thoughts on “Pewdiepie did an Opsie – LWIAY #0079

  1. I have a minecraft skin wearing a SUPER LWIAY MERCH, it has… Brofist! Sweden flag! And…. Lwiay written in the back!(and the 100)

  2. I'm dying for your hair pewd( sorry marzia but he is more fabulous)
    And ur an ARMY so…….
    Your hair is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen(after bts tho cuz theyre gods)

  3. i like how stupid and uneconomical nimises is (unlimited amounts of nims, more nims distributed over time etcetera ). why would anyone agree to that predatory app's terms

  4. those usually complaining about schoolwork are those who have nothing to complain about, the true strugglers is too busy to be on the internet to whine

  5. The new Apple monitor is actually cheap compared to other monitors on the markets with this screen quality. Apple should include the stand and let the monitor cost 6k , for someone who needs it, it’s worth the money

  6. THIS show is “controversial”?!? You’re kidding. It’s just third-grade humor for the not-very-bright. Can’t even endure a whole episode. ‘Bye!

  7. That guy who planted all those trees is one of the best people in the world. We need more guys like that.

  8. leave ur entries in the sub reddit brooooooooooooos and ill watch submissions in the next episode of LWAIY

  9. It's funny how they have that we need 8hrs of sleep meme when we literally are supposed to get 8hrs of sleep throughout the night. But it's peoples fault they're irresponsible and blame it on school. It's me im people

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