Permanent Eyeliner : Permanent Eyeliner: Numbing Upper Lids

Now I’m going to be doing numbing on this
client’s eyes. We’ve had our consultation and we discussed that she would like some
beautiful eyeliner today. So this is a topical that I’m applying to this client and she’s
going to need to sit for about oh I’d say ten to fifteen minutes at least to get this
somewhat numb. After this has become numb, this doesn’t numb everything completely, I
then, when I start the procedure, I put on, I will go across the skin with the color,
every movement I make is with the color. I’m going to apply a compound that has three different
numbing agents that goes into the skin and numbs this client totally so she feels nothing,
other then a little bit of pulling and pressure from the work. So now after I get this on
I put it on nice and heavy, and I have Pat sit quietly and just listen to some soft music
and let this take hold. And then I’m going to you know get her colors and the rest of
the things set up to do the work for her. And she will feel nothing, and if she has
any pain problems, she can say something to me and then I stop and I reapply and we wait
a little longer. So this should be a very painless procedure today.

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