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I’m Brooke here on set with CoverGirl. Today I’m going to show you guys
how to get the perfect red lip. And I assure you, no one will
be able to say no to you. Time to get rid of all those red spots. Red skin doesn’t exactly look
good with a red lip, which is why I use CoverGirl
TruBlend Fixstick in L5-7. This thing is quickly
becoming my best friend. It has an easy twist bottom so you don’t
need a sharpener or anything like that. It’s just pop and go. All right, let’s do it. Concealer is very important
when you’re wearing a red lip, because any imperfections will
be highlighted and magnified with this look. Apply the stick focusing under
your eyes and on any red spots. Blend with your ring finger or a sponge. It’s time to talk lip liner. Now I use CoverGirl LipPerfection
lip liner in Passion 215. I found my perfect color. And ladies, make sure you find yours. This isn’t the ’90s. Don’t go too dark. The awesome thing about
CoverGirl’s lip liner is that it goes perfect with
the LipPerfection lip color. Let’s try it on. Lip liner is extremely useful for
achieving the perfect red lip. It helps prevent color
from bleeding or feathering and it holds your natural lip contours. You want the lip liner to matching
your lip color as closely as possible, or you could go a little lighter. Use your lip pencil to
define your lips, being careful not to go beyond
your natural lip line. You don’t need to line under the
fleshiest part of your lower lip. Focus on the corners. A darker liner actually
makes lips appear smaller. Let’s color these bad boys in! I’m going to use CoverGirl LipPerfection
lip color in Seduce, number 307. This stuff is bound to make your
lips so soft in about seven days. It’s uber moisturizing. I love it. When picking your
color, you want to pick a red that complements your complexion. Fair skin like mine calls for
dramatic reds with a bluish tint. For the classic look, you’ll want
a matte finish rather than glossy. Before I apply, here’s
a tip to help keep your lip color looking freshly applied. Dab a triangle sponge
dipped in loose powder just outside the perimeter of your lips
before and after applying lip color. This will keep the line sharp. Now apply the lipstick to your
top and bottom lips evenly. If you’re doing this the right
way, the tip of your lipstick should look like a pyramid. I don’t know about you guys, but this
red lip has me feeling pretty fierce. Enjoy wherever your day takes
you with this beautiful look. Thanks for tuning in. Bye! Mwa! Now I want to tell you guys
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100 thoughts on “Perfect Red Lipstick Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

  1. "… fair skin like mine…" What in the absolute f— is she on about? I could carve out my cheeks and contour the sides of my nose with that concealer pencil she used. No, girl. Just no. You are not particularly fair. Not even fair enough to mention. I dunno who the heck told you that you were (CG? Was it y'all?). Little honeyed tan sweetie bunkin, when you can't wear off-the-shelf drugstore makeup because you aren't even quite a MAC NW10, and when you can wear any red because you have almost no discernible coloring, we'll talk. Til then, you and CG can sit down.

  2. why is everyone so rude. she's very pretty all these hateful people are so irrelevant and just a bunch of bullies and it isn't cute.

  3. "Nobody likes red skin with red lips" I don't feel like putting on concealer all the time and now I'm going to think I look crappy with a red lip and nothing else on…

    "Don't go too dark it's not the 90's" bruh like don't tell me what to do what's wrong with dark lipstick…

  4. like im gonna take this girl's tips for makeup with her makeup looking like that? honey no… her underlip is horrible

  5. Wtf, why all the rude comments on her mole?? I think it's gorgeous. Cindy Crawford has one, and she's stunning. Seriously, chill.

  6. 1. Dark liner doesn't NOT make your lips smaller
    2. You don't need to get liners close to your natural lip colour, it doesn't matter
    3. DID SHE JUST SAY "UBER MOISTURIZING." ……..* throws phone out the window

  7. Some of these girls are super annoying; might account for your lackluster number of subscribers. โค

  8. There's no right or wrong way applying lipsticks, i mean, who cares if we want it to look like Miranda sings or something.

  9. I actually got the red lipstick and it was a really back coverage and as soon as I got out of the car it pretty much rubbed of i did the powelder thing aswell

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  11. "ladies, this isn't the 90's don't go to dark" that's some b.s. in case you forgot, not everyone looks good in light colors.

  12. applying makeup on top of more makeup . those tips are more like bullshit rules . pretty terrible video . the high definition makes her look bad lol . hire a real youtuber

  13. Who really cares if it seems rehearsed.
    She is trying to do a tutorial for makeup!
    Which one do you care more, how good she is acting or how good her tips are?
    Yeah…From the comments, I'm expecting the first.

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  16. Why is there a tutorial on how to apply lipstick? Isnโ€™t it obvious enough? Like, this stuff is not rocket science.

  17. …it's actually sometimes difficult to apply red lipstick because it can start feathering and leaking outside of your lip line

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