People Try Eye Makeup Stencils

(laugh) – This is pretty. – It’s a pretty mess. (upbeat music) – Today we are using stencils
to put on our eye makeup. – But I want it to work because I love anything that makes my life easier. – I feel like it’s not going to be very accurate and it’s going to be just a lot of blobs on my face. – Okay, so it looks like, first, you’re supposed to find
which eye shape you have. You close your eyes, you
press it to your eye, and then you fill it in. – This is so easy, not really,
wait, how do I do this? – This is extremely hard because it doesn’t adhere to your face. So if you’ve done your foundation
first, just say goodbye. – Oh, um, this is a look. (laughs) – [Swasti] Oh, yeah, yours
actually stayed in the lines. – Did I want it to stay in the
lines, that’s the question. – Okay, I mean that’s probably
the best it’s been so far. I mean it’s eye shadow, you can’t really go that wrong with eye shadow. – Reveal, um, I look a mess, so. (upbeat music) – In what world? – It’s a no for me, this is not okay. – Actually, not gonna lie, I just did it and the way it glided on. – [Sequoia] Oh wait, wait,
that looks kind of good. – Okay, once you blend
it, it’s not as terrible. – I’m going to go over
it and make it better so I might as well just done it all myself in the first place. Look, it’s as big as my eye. – I don’t know, this
seems like stage makeup for like Beaten Up Guy Number One. – Oh, no, no. – Oh wow, that just looks like mud. – But it’s not really showing up. – This is impossible to do
with this kit, like, no. – (laughs) I got, I guess what is technically a cat eye, it’s not necessarily a good one. Let’s hope the eyebrows are better. – I don’t think so. – It looks like something
you’d put in your vagina. – So, it is kind of
looking like it’s working. I don’t know, I’m nervous. – Okay. – Eh, it worked a little bit. I’ve done my eyebrows worse than this. – I actually hate this. – Change isn’t always
good, it’s really hard to hold it down because this
– Yeah. – Material just keeps popping off. – How am I supposed to this? (laughs) Well, we’ll see. (upbeat music) Oh, wow. (laughs) – Forget about twins, they’re not even sisters, they’re not even first, second, or third cousins. These are like distant pen pals. – Look at that eyebrow, that
is not a bad looking eyebrow. – Three, two, one. – That is not too bad. – If I was in so much of a rush that I needed to use a makeup stencil, I probably just wouldn’t wear makeup. – These stencils don’t work,
I called it, they don’t work. – It’s going to be a no for me dog. – It’s a no for me guys, sorry stencils. (upbeat music)

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