Peachy Pink Makeup | Easy and Affordable

hey guys what’s up welcome back today
I’m so excited for today’s for you guys because I finally think I figured out a
lighting system that works for me right um if you guys have been following me
for a while you guys know that I have struggled with getting my bronzer my
blush and stuff to look normal on camera because in a lot of my videos it tends
to look really really dramatic and it fucking drives me crazy because it
doesn’t look like that in person but no matter what I was doing it was just
always looking the same so I kind of had an epiphany at the end of the video
today was putting on my lipstick and I decided to try something different I
changed a couple settings in my camera and this is the outcome and I think I
finally figured it out can I get an applause you guys are gonna have to let
me know in the comment section below if you do enjoy this style of lighting
better but I can already tell you my bronzer looks normal my blush looks
normal my highlight normal everything looks so true to what it looks like in
person so I’m really really excited to start using this lighting setup and
hopefully get all those nasty ass people commenting on my videos that I don’t
know how to apply makeup cuz it’s not nice end of rant anyways today guys i am
bringing you guys the soft peach a makeup look today this look is so easy
to achieve and it’s like the perfect summer everyday makeup look ever and the
best thing about this video is that like everything is pretty much a 95%
affordable products except for two products which I’ll mention throughout
the tutorial so it’s really really easy to achieve and I really hope that you
guys enjoy it and if you are new guys please consider subscribing and hit that
bow so that you’re notified every single time that I do upload do you guys want
to see how I create this look today then please we’re going into the dubious place
newbie on three coral palate today when I start off with going into the shade
right here and I’m going to take that into the crease with a makeup Shakti 67
brush and I’m just gonna blend it in the crease then I’m going to go into the
shade right here and I’m gonna pop that over top of the other shadow that we
place down just to really help blend the crease out then I’m going to go into
this beautiful peachy shimmery shade from the palette I absolutely love this
shade is best applied with a little bit of setting spray so I’m gonna give it a
spray with my skin in Avia setting spray like look at how beautiful that shade is
when you dampen your brush a little bit like it’s so beautiful and then for
liner I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline black gel liner and I’m gonna go in with
a Michaels brush I don’t know exactly what brush this is I picked it up from
Michaels and it’s like my new favorite liner brush of life it applies winged
liner like a drink I am gonna move on to face now so I’m gonna go in with my ELF
poreless putty primer I really like this primer and it’s really inexpensive I’m
actually on my second jar of it so he’s good for foundation I’m gonna go into my
all-time favorite drugstore foundation of life and that is the Milani conceal
perfect foundation and I am using the shade tan today I can’t tell you how
many bottles of this foundation I have gone through because it is just exactly
what my skin needs and yes this foundation is obviously too dark for my
face but it matches the rest of my body so just in case you’re wondering and
then because it doesn’t match my face I am gonna carry some of the foundation
over my ears so for concealer one product that I’m
going to use is not affordable but it’s what I use every single day on my face
when I do concealer and I mix it in with other concealers I do not skip this
concealer because it works so well underneath my under eyes and I’m talking
about the Born This Way multi sculpting concealer I’m gonna go in today
underneath the eyes with that and I’m gonna go in and add a little bit of the
elf camel concealer as well and this is in the shade medium Sam and I’m going to
mix the two of them together I always mix concealers together but this one I
never skip out on again because it does increase underneath my eyes and it
doesn’t make my under eyes look dry or cakey or anything like that
so I tend to stick to it I’m gonna go in with a large fluffy brush around the eye
area and around the nose area now that I have the concealer nice and blended in
and I’m just going to make sure that the concealer and foundation is blended in
around the eye brows blend it in around the nose and that it’s not kicking up
anywhere and in the inner corner of my eye because I feel like my Beauty
Blender doesn’t really get in there that well so I just want to make sure
everything is nice and seamless and then I’m just going to go over the nose again
one more time with my Beauty sponge and make sure all the foundation is nice and
pressed into the skin if you guys watch my last video you know that this is how
I always like to do my foundation to make it look flawless okay this is the
last product that I’m going to be using in this tutorial today I did tell you in
the intro that there was going to be a couple of products that were affordable
just because I love the product so much and that’s what works for me so
underneath the arts I’m gonna go in with my milk makeup loose setting powder and
my large fluffy puffs and then I’m gonna set the under-eye with this you go in
and set the rest of the face I’m gonna go in with my Milani conceal and perfect
a shine proof powder and this is in the shade natural beige and I’m just using a
tiny bit of this just to go in around the face where I don’t have the loose
setting powder this just helps my bronzer and stuff from moving my
foundation around I don’t apply a lot with it I just kind of tend to stamp
over it one good time with my large fluffy brush as if I don’t set my
foundation my foundation will tend to move and rub off where I apply my
bronzer and we obviously don’t want that so okay
so did you underneath the lower lashline I’m gonna go back into the exact same
two shadows that are used in the crease area and I’m just going to go in with a
Sigma pencil brush and I’m gonna buff them underneath the lower lash line and
then for bronzer I’m gonna go into my revolution mega bronzer in the shade
warm I’m just gonna go in with a large fluffy brush today I’m just going to
bronze up the whole cheek area for blush I’m gonna go into my revolution blush
your reloaded in the shade baked peach so this is a really pretty
blush guys it’s new on the makeup revolution website I picked up a whole
bunch of them and they’re awesome you literally only need the tiniest
amount and it goes a long way I’m gonna go in and set my face with my skin and
navy a setting spray and then over top of that today I’m gonna go in with my
revolution caffeine energizing essence spray a highlighter today I’m gonna go
in with my I love revolution shimmering highlighting powder banana like look how
cute that is has a little banana on it and yes I’m gonna like I know like
makeup revolution never really fails with products every time I get a blush
or a highlighter or a bronzer or something from them I always feel like
it’s spot-on especially for the price point so I love ordering their blushes
and bronzers and highlighters and if you guys are in the market for any of those
three items I would highly recommend checking out makeup revolution because
they got some really bomb ass products or mascara I’m gonna go in with my
essence I love extreme curl and volume mascara I’ve been using this a lot
lately and I do really enjoy it now that I have mascara on I’m gonna hop off
camera right quick I’m gonna go in and apply my Koko lashes in the style
scarlet and then I’ll be right back alright guys I’m back lashes are on and
I really feel like these lashes pull the look together and took it from something
really simple to something a little glam while still being simple if you know
what I mean so I’m going to move in on lips and for that I’m going to go in
with my Rimmel exaggerate full color lipliner in the shade comma crazy
gotta be careful with this at lipliner it’s really pigmented and stuff but if
you’re not careful cuz it’s a it’s a wind-up pencil it will break and it
drives me crazy cuz it happens to me all the time but it’s a good lip liner now
that I have that I’m gonna go into Mac Costa chick on the lips this is like the
prettiest pink lipstick of life I love it I just rediscovered it in my
collection again when I was going through it and it’s a beautiful
beautiful lipstick alright guys I know that this is the end of the video but I
just wanted to take a second and let you guys know that I think I figured out my
lighting solution I don’t know I just got an idea there when I was putting on
my lipstick so I kind of pause for a minute and kind of move my lights around
and I think that this is going to be my new way of filming my bronzer looks even
everything looks really nice and good nothing looks harsh and it’s more to
true how my makeup looks compared to some of my other videos where my bronzer
looks like super super crazy um so can you guys let me know in the comments
section below if you did make it this far into the video if you like this
lighting setup if you think it looks way better than the way that I have been
doing it which I already think that it does but I still would like to know your
guys’s opinion anyways with that being said guys I really hope that you did
enjoy this video and make sure that you give it a thumbs up and I will catch you
in my next video

16 thoughts on “Peachy Pink Makeup | Easy and Affordable

  1. GIRL THA PIIIIINNNKKKKKKK πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— P.S don't pay attention to the negative comments. YOU ROCK! Muac!!!

  2. Amazing video babe! Lighting is SO frustrating in beauty right!!!! Applause applause applause. I think it looks great!!

  3. The lighting switch looked perfect! πŸ’― And I love these colors on you! Sooo pretty! (Love the nail color too!😁)

  4. Beautiful look hun, love itπŸ”₯πŸ”₯yes the lighting is spot on , very good well done girlπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  5. So glad you figured it out! You can definitely see a difference!! And so loveeee this pinky eye look! And screw those nasty haters! You slay at makeup!!

  6. Omg!!! You nailed the settings!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼
    So so much better. Looking good babe!! Not Too dark or too light. Perrrrfect!😍
    Love this look. Love my peachy looks. ❀ Finally Catching Up Yet Again. πŸ™„ Girl I'm struggling to keep up lately. Not even sure what my issue is. Just not interested in sitting and watching. Maybe its A burn out?? Idk lol I go through save them for later and then eventually get to the saved ones but usually I'm a few weeks late lol hope all is going well with you. Love ya! Your killing it on IG. ❀

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