Paper Marbling with Nail Polish–Amazing DIY Water Marble Background Technique

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel thank you so much for coming to visit me again today I have a
new tutorial where I am experimenting with some nail polish to create art I
saw this technique on Pinterest where somebody used nail polish to create
beautiful stones and pumpkins using nail polish and I thought that it would be
fun to also do it on paper I figured that if it can be done on a smooth
surface of a rock or a pumpkin then it could definitely be done on a smooth
surface of a paper and what I did is I tried it on the Apple paper and also on
smooth Strathmore Bristol paper i followed the exact same steps and i just
wanted to really see if that art hack would work i am NOT claiming this as my
idea i really wanted to just try this out because i really thought it would be
fun to try something like this and I do like trying new ideas that I
see later on I went to YouTube to check and see if people have tried it on paper
and I saw that actually lots of people have tried it and it worked well for
them as well I really loved creating this marble like texture and marbling my
paper it really really looked good and it dried perfectly for this technique to
work you need the following things obviously you need nail polish and I
went around my house and gathered a bunch of different nail polishes that I
had you do need it to be fluid nail polish or no old nail polish they don’t
work as well you also need a container that you can put cold water in it you
need some paper in this case I used the papers that I said before and and you
need some kind of stick or something you can move the nail polish with I do
recommend you having gloves which you will see I put on after because my hands
were getting really dirty from the nail polish and I didn’t want that to happen
and I also recommend for you to have a mask because the nail-polish smells
really strongly unless that doesn’t bother you if you want to wear a mask
and protect yourself that’s okay as well now the idea is really simple and I’m
going to explain how I’m doing this all you do is you take some nail polish and
you start adding drops of it in the water I am adding them randomly in
different places but you can also add them one inside the other so when I saw
on Pinterest people are actually putting one inside the other one but that didn’t
work that well for me I’m not sure why maybe it had to do with the nail polish
maybe what mine was a little bit older as I said before it’s better to have a
newer nail polish but I really loved the effect that I created and it created
this beautiful marbling on my paper I found that it worked the best when I
held the brush from their nail polish and held it on top of the edge of the
water that way it would let some of that nail polish spread a little bit bigger
you really want the nail polish to spread so you can create these beautiful
circles then you run the paper on top of the circles and you can create a
beautiful marbled effect what I did is I actually layer it at the marble effect
because I wanted to the paper to be very very full so I kept on going back and
forth and adding more color and more nail polish in different colors and then
running my paper again you really want the paper to be smooth like the yappa
paper or if you’re going to use something like watercolor paper or mixed
media paper which are thicker that’s the best solution because you don’t want it
to get too wet so if a paper gets destroyed with water then that’s not
something you want you want to make sure that you have some things they can ask
that it can withstand the water so as you can see it’s just basically playing
with the nail polish and adding one inside the other and creating these
beautiful Oh me by like shapes no they’re not really shapes they’re
shapeless but they look really cool and when you drag your paper onto
it it creates these beautiful textures now if you really want to create
something different and you want to really have it perfect you can
experiment with different types of nail polish some nail polish is will probably
work better and will create perfect shapes in order for yourself to use the
nail polishes you have to work really really fast because as you can see the
nail polish dries up on the surface so it’s really important to continue
working quickly and then adding the nail polish to the background whenever I had
an empty spot I went ahead and added more nail polish and then filled in the
rest of the areas I really love how the marbleized effect became in the
background and when the paper dried and the nail polish dried you it doesn’t
come off it’s perfect and permanent so it’s really really nice you can use a
stick to also move things around to create patterns and that makes it more
marbleized but you can just do what I did until now and just create a really
nice pattern so I really really love this technique I am trying to find
things to experiment with and yes I am taking ideas from other people and
that’s okay to do I’m not copying their entire idea and even if you are it’s
just the technique that you can experiment with I’m not claiming it is
my technique at all but what I really want to make sure is that I bring people
that come to my channel something innovative that they might have not
found or seen somewhere else a lot of people get very stressed out about
copyright and copying but when you’re just trying a technique and
experimenting and copying a technique it’s not exactly copying a project if
somebody went ahead and copied something something exactly then that’s different
but I do encourage people that if you saw this technique on my channel go
ahead and experiment with it and if you want to create your own video and go
ahead and do this that’s up to you of course this is not
my idea this is just something fun that I’m trying and you
might not think to search for that on the on YouTube so it’s best to bring
this to you and show you that these techniques exist on the YouTube channels
and I really hope that people understand because a lot of people get very
concerned that others are copying but there’s really no new idea out there a
lot of the things that are out on YouTube have been made so many times and
if you want to see if it is a new idea or not go ahead and google it or go
search on YouTube and you will see that those ideas if there is more than 10
videos on the same subject then that’s not a stolen idea but you can go ahead
and recreate it and kind of give it your own twist which is what I did here and I
really like the idea of doing it on your paper so as you can see I kept on adding
more and more layers to really fill in the background I really want to create
these really cool backgrounds for cards or for our journaling you could just do
anything you wanted with this you could cut it up and add it to your art journal
and will just look amazing one of my ideas that I had recently is to just do
videos on backgrounds this is my third background that I’m creating
I call it Wow backgrounds because they really are fun to create and I just want
to give you the idea of how to create a background because I really love
creating backgrounds however if you want to create something else with it then
just go ahead and create a project with it as well and if you want to experiment
and that’s fun as well but I really want to make sure that you know that these
are just fun backgrounds and I just want to create something fun and give some
people idea on what to do I will link all the background videos below in the
description area as well as some of the products that I use today so you can see
the other types of backgrounds that I made I am searching for other innovative
ideas or even simple ideas to create backgrounds because I really have fun
creating them and I really want to show how easy it is to create a background
for anytime of project whether it is a card in our
journal a canvas or even a scrapbooking layout if you have any background ideas
that you want to share or you want me to experiment and try out on my youtube
channel so feel free to leave me a comment about that and then I’ll be able
to experiment and show how to create those type of backgrounds thank you so
much for watching if you love my video please give it a thumbs up and share it
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you so much and have an amazing day bye

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