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What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. In this video we’re going to take this, and turn it into this. This is how to pack the ultimate minimalist toiletry kit. What’s up guys and girls? Welcome back to Vagabrothers, your home for travel inspiration, vlogs, and hacks here on YouTube. We travel the world full-time; try to keep our kit to a minimum, especially our toiletries, but things sometimes get out of hand. We realize our travel kits kind of buldged recently, so we wanted to make this video about decluttering them to a minimalist standard. We will not be covering make-up in this video, but the principles apply to both girls and guys. Most importantly to make this carry-on approved, it’s going to fall as what’s known as the 3-1-1 rule, which means all liquid ,gels, aerosols, and pastes must be under 3 ounces or 100 milliliters. Furthermore, it must fit into a 1-quart or 1 liter bag, and you can only have one of these bags per traveler. If you guys have not already, please subscribe, turn on notifications, and give this video a thumbs-up if you find it helpful. Let’s get into. First up, you need a toothbrush. There are two ways of doing this on a minimal scale; first you can take your toothbrush and cut it in half. That totally works. You can also buy for a couple of bucks a toothbrush that folds up into itself, basically reducing its size by half and its nastiness scale. Chucking your toothbrush in and it out of the toiletry kit while you’re traveling means that there are some little microbes that might get on it. What’s nice about this is that it’s protected; it’s sealed. Secondly, grab some toothpaste. Most toothpaste companies make carry -on approved sizes, so that should be easy enough to get. Carry-on size toiletries should be available most pharmacies. Here in the U.S., Target is the cheapest place to get all these things. Next up; dental floss. Honestly, do yourself a favor. Do everyone around you a favor. Do your general health a favor and remember to floss. Mom will be proud. So will your dentist. Alex is obsessed with dental floss. He definitely considers this an essential. Next up you have the big debate: soap or body wash? Soap is clunky; It’s always hard to put away a wet bar of soap, even if you have those containers. We’re recommending body wash. Body wash goes along with shampoo and conditioner as essentials. You can either purchase small kits that have all these things together. We’ve seen a great one by Malin and Goetz, which is about 32 bucks. If you want higher end men’s version, we also recommend Triumph and Disaster’s,which comes with shaving cream. One of the best ways to do this is simply to buy these things called GoToobs. These are refillable two ounce containers, which have a variety of different labels including soap, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner lotion and a blank one if you want to put one of your own creations in there. These are smashable, smushable, and definitely a good go-to holder for any of your toiletries. They also have a suction cup. You can put it on the mirror when you’re in a hotel room or hostel, and they’ve got a wide mouth very easy to refill. We recommend getting the multicolored pack, so even if it’s not properly labeled, you can still tell apart what your different toiletries are. Perhaps one of the best minimalist hacks is to use a product by Dr. Bronner’s…basically make this thing called 18-1 hemp shampoo. It’s a soap but you can use it for basically anything. Are you going to get stopped at customs because it’s made from hemp? ” Yeah man. It’s every irry. It’s s no problem.” You can use this to brush your teeth, to wash your armpits, to shampoo your hair; you can use it as shaving cream, laundry detergent. One thing that you should remember is that you should dilute it. Ignore all of the weird quotes that are all over the bottle. Honestly, there’s some far- out stuff on there. Also, avoid getting it directly into any body cavities because it definitely burns. The peppermint is pretty intense. Dr. Bronner’s, but this stuff is strong. All you need to drop, and if you were to fill up one of these containers with Dr Bronner’s it’s going to last your entire trip. When you start using it to hand wash quick- dry clothes, you’ll really see the value of bringing this along with you. Deodorant: Don’t forget it. Honestly, people will like you more. Of course, condoms. You should always bring three because sex happens three times if it happens once. Yeah, that’s if you’re lucky. Another essential is nail clippers. You don’t want to borrow these from someone else. Small ones worked really well. If you want to go super minimalist, ditch the nail clippers and use your teeth. Now let’s move away from the essentials into grooming. One of the things that tends to fall by the wayside when you’re traveling is grooming. Your grooming tends to kind of degrade a little bit, and what we want to do with this is show you the absolute essential stuff that you need that will keep you looking fresh for your entire trip. Some grooming essentials: hair gel. We like to use Mitch Reformer, and Mark brought up a good point which is: instead of taking this thing, which is three ounces and therefore carry-on approved, take a big scoop of it and put it into one of the smaller GoToobs. I personally can get by for a couple weeks on a little bit of hair gel. I’m not sure about my brother, here. He tends to use a lot more than I do. These little things are called GoTubbs. They are by the same people who make GoToobs. They’re great for storing any sort of ointment you might want. They can store jewelry; you can put in cooking spices or even vitamins. You can bring a comb if you have longer hair or you feel like you actually use a comb. The main point is do not bring a brush. A comb like this is really flat. Pack it in there; it’s thin; it’s almost like you don’t even have it. Next up: a shaving razor. A lot of people have asked us if you can bring a shaving razor in your carry-on toiletries and bring it through security. You can. We’ve never had an issue with it. You are not allowed to bring a straight razor. This is a straight razor, a safety razor. It has a removable….uhm… disgusting. It’s got all my hair on it. You can’t tell from that side, though. You can’t bring these, but you can bring these. Honestly, my preference of shaving is shave before you go. It’s okay to grow out a beard, and if you really want to keep it trim, just bring a razor. Soap works as shaving cream. I think shaving cream is something you can totally cut. Do not bring those little aerosol cans. They take a lot of space. Another great way is just to go to a barber. I personally love going to barber shops around the world. It might cost you fifteen bucks to get a shave, but if you grow your beard out for three weeks and then get a beard trim it’s essentially getting a haircut. When it comes to smelling nice, you should definitely bring some cologne or some perfume if you’re a girl. This is really cool. We got this in Cologne, Germany the origin of cologne, and it was only one euro in the tourist board souvenir shop. I actually just ran out of mine, but it lasted for about a year. Just a little bit of cologne goes a long way. Another good idea is solid cologne; it’s easier to transport because it’s not liquid. This one from Fulton & Roark fits in the 3-1-1 rule and is replaceable. There are also options for solid perfume, as well. We’ll put links to those too. Minimalist first aid essentials are pretty straightforward: a daily vitamin, Advil, melatonin, which is a natural sleeping aid, Neosporin in case you get a cut and some bandaids, and laxatives, just in case. When you need it, you really need it. Also helpful are Barrocas, which are little vitamin B tablets you can disolve in water They’re great if you go out partying Drink one right before you go to bed, and in the morning you should not have a hangover. And lastly chapstick, which you can fit in your pocket and sunscreen which I keep in my day bag. Just remember that when you go through security, you’ve got to put this with the other liquids. Now we’ve come to the fun part where we compare and contrast different bags. We’re going to start off with the R.E.I. 3-1-1 bag. It’s transparent: it’s got a little zipper; it looks like it’s waterproof and it also has a carabiner so you can clip it on to stuff, but straight up it’s five dollars, and it’s pretty simple. I have been traveling with this one for about 10 years. I bought this in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. It’s from Jasada, which is a Thai company. It’s worked great ; it’s just kind of transparent. You could find something like this online. I think we’ll put a link below. That’s great. If not, we have some other examples that are available widely in the U.S. and Europe. Also from R.E.I. is the micro shower bag. They have a couple different sizes, but I like this one; a little zipper on the inside which you might be able to put some medicine or smaller items. Overall simple, works well, and cheap. And on the other end of the spectrum the Sea to Summit hanging toiletry bag. This is definitely the most elaborate of the bags that we’ve talked about today. It hangs. It’s got a little clip here; it has multiple zippers so that if you want to organize your toiletries a little bit more, you can do that. It also has this little mirror, which is stowable and pretty cool. It’s still simple, but it has the most options and the most bang for your buck. So that’s it …toiletries in a minimal packing format. We’re going to do a different video in the future about how to pack the ultimate Dopp kit. You can make that like suitcase in itself, but that’s a whole other topic in a different direction. Alright guys, well if you enjoyed this video you know what to do: give it a thumbs- up; share it with your friends and subscribe and turn on notifications, if you haven’t already. Also share your comments with us. We want to know your ultimate minimalist tips and hacks. Put those down in the comment section. Guys, in the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

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