Organized & Streamlined Makeup for Home or Travel

Hi Sharon Danley here with another Two Minute Tip. This week its about what I carry in my makeup bag and my travel bag. This is my standard makeup bag. As you can see it’s a flat bag so it sits flat on the surface which is great. It’s see-through which is fantastic. It has one pocket in the front and then of course the wide inside. It’s great! I got this – Krylon sells them. I like it as it does absolutely everything and everything I need goes in this bag. So first of all let me show you two of the things. I use the Ziploc Snack Bags for putting for separating my makeup out. Why? Because I can see through, (b) they’re small and easy and they fit inside this bag so I’ve got my Maybelline 24 Hour Superstay broken down into two categories – warm and the cool – so in they go. In the front part, I keep a long foundation brush because it doesn’t fit into the into the other bag where I keep my short-handled – what do you call them – brushes! and my sponge. And I also keep my pencils for the be gel liner etc – I keep them in there – but this is too long. So we’ll put that in the bag – so I keep this in this in the front pocket – along with my kiss me mascara for when I need to use it and one of those little face raises cause you just never know – you might see something. So that’s all that goes into the front pocket. I also have a piece of mirror from mirror that fell off but it’s perfect because I can hold it close to use my short handle brushes and it works really well. I need a magnifyer – that just the way it is now. So that goes in the bag as well. Oh and then I have my eyelash curler that I use from the time. Oh I almost forgot – I also put in a little baggie that has my eyelashes which I keep in one of these it’s it’s like I think this is used for tooth products of some kind. The name on it is Gum. I think it’s for what do you call those little things that you clean your teeth with – part of aging. Okay anyway that’s what came in this but it’s perfect because it’s flat and I can keep my eyelashes. I have about three sets in here that I just wear over and over but it keeps them safe I can see through and it’s perfect. I also have my eyelash glue, my my tweezers and my manicure scissors that I use when I need to trim my brows. That also goes into my little bag. And then the only other thing that I put in my bag is my palate case that I’ve made and inside I’ve got my foundation, my highlighter foundation and my contour foundation. Up here is my blush and a shimmer pink that goes over top of it. I also have a white that I mix with the white here or wherever I need white and I have an orange eyeshadow that I use as a blush as well. On this side I have the cool taupe here then a true dark brown, a black, a gray, a slate dark grey and a medium gray. Now let me tell you a little story about the slate gray. Now all of this too, by the way, sits on a magnetic strip so that it I can just put the product in it stays and doesn’t slip and slide or anything else. but what I did was I was given a – what do you call it – brow color – a shadow for brow colour. But it was way too strong – but it was a perfect gray for me for darker color not black like just a good strong gray so what I did was you can see I’ve taken it out some of the product out and put it into a little pan that would hold normally an eye shadow. I say these pens when they wear down because I stuff them with other products later so I took some out put it in here and then added a little alcohol mashed it together and now I’ve got the size that I need that sits inside my overall palette so when I open it – everything’s there that I need I don’t have to open and close and open and close – it’s all there it closes flat and it goes in the bag and there we have it. That’s it – that’s everything I need. It serves me well I can pick it up and go if I’m staying overnight someplace. It’s fast and it’s easy and it’s cheap and it works fabulously. The travel portion. This is all I carry with me This is it. I have everything that I need in here. It goes in any kind of a small bag and it carries, like I said, everything. Opened up there’s a zippered side and there’s a flap here where I can put my brushes. So what I put my brushes I’ve use my all my short-handled brushes and I put also in a gel eye pencil – the Annabelle Smoothliner – I put those all into the brush side as well as a tweezer, and a small small size of glue. So that all goes into that side – perfect! Now on the other side I carry a compact of my foundation, and I carry – I was able to secure a tiny magnifying mirror which is perfect so the two of them sit together lovely. Then the third thing I do is I have two of these – again these gum things that why can’t I think of the name of it? You know when you clean your teeth with the what are they called? A toothpick!!! That’s it. Anyway I put put just the pans of eyeshadow inside here because it closes perfectly. It fits tight and I can carry four of them. Now what do I do for blush? Well let me take this one out. This, as you can see, is an eyeshadow pan, but I filled it with a blush (added the alcohol & mashed it around) so I’ve got a little bit of blush for when I need it. I don’t need to carry a great big round thing of blush. All I need is a little bit for when I need it and when I run it which I don’t see happening anytime soon all I can do is fill it again. So those four pieces sit comfortably these two together in one side of that zippered pouch and the other two on the other side of the zippered pouch very easily. So I just zip that up – and then close that off and I am good to go. It is everything I could possibly want is in here so it’s fast it’s easy it’s cheap it’s cheerful and it works very well. I’ll put a link in the I’ll put a link in the description box to another video that I have on how to do the process of, you know, fixing a broken palate or or palette pan and how to you know just to fix it. So like i said save your pans when they’re used up – or if you’re not using them anymore you can get rid of the old product. Cause it’s really handy for when you want to put something together that’s small and easy or you may have an overnight bag or maybe you’re a business traveler and you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of stuff. This is the way to do it and you can always count on the fact that you will look great, your stuff is easily accessible, it’s everything you possibly need, and you will always look your best. Fast, Easy & Oh So Chic – see you next time

20 thoughts on “Organized & Streamlined Makeup for Home or Travel

  1. Love the tips Sharon. I am going to get that makeup bag…I need a clear one so I don't have to dig through my bag…I stab myself at least once a day with my tweezers. πŸ˜‰ Thanks….

  2. Oh my, I already have one of those clear makeup bags…stashed somewhere in my cabinet so I'm halfway there. I just need to organize my 'stuff''. Great advice, thanks, again!

  3. Your clear make-up bag is the one I use but I must try to get some of the small zip-lock bags you have shown here.
    I would like to know what you mean by using alcohol to mash with your powder blush etc; I know you don't mean gin (?) …but don't know exactly what it is you use.
    Thank you for this…I love re packing my things, but never get it all quite to my satisfaction !!!!

  4. I'm so happy you are back. Thanks for these great makeup travel tips. You look absolutely lovely in the coral blouse.

  5. This was so helpful. I always over pack cosmetics and use only half, if that, of what I bring. Can you tell me where you found that particular clear cosmetic bag? Many thanks.

  6. Just ordered two of the clear bags you recommended. I hope they are a soft vinyl as opposed to the harder rigid ones I have purchased I the past that I hate! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  7. Hi! I truly enjoy your makeup tips. Could you tell me the name and shade of the powder foundation you use. Thank you πŸ™‚

  8. u r soo lovely. your aging beautifully and thats a blessing not everyone ages this way. your makeup i love it. lord bless.

  9. Great idea to create your own makeup palette! It would make life so much easier to flip open on container and have everything so handy.

  10. I love how you simplify everything! I have been following the Kon Mari method of getting rid of things and simplifying my life, and your ideas go along with that philosophy. My new goal will be to create a pallet out of products I have! I have seen others who put magnets on product they have to simplify things. Also, Inglot has palettes that are similar to Mac, so I might try one. You are a blessing for those of us who want to age gracefully, but not be too high maintenance!πŸ’„πŸ˜œ

  11. Great makeup bags and love the way you put everything in them. So organized!! Love the ''pan '' tip too! Thank you, Sharon! XO

  12. I really enjoy your videos. I was wondering how to get the foundation out of the compact so it can be put in the palette?

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