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Hello, welcome back to my channel Today video is the first one that I made with my new hair I cut it shorter a little bit There is one particular thing that makes me extremely unconfident is this huge pimple on my face Even though I did use a lot of concealer, it couldn’t cover this one therefore I had to use this pimple patch And today I have to let my hair down to cover it up Such a huge pimple. It is swelling up Okay, let’s come back to our topic today I’m going to share with you guys how to master the nose contour and luckily, this topic has nothing to do with my pimple I posted my story on Instagram and asked you to tell me what difficulties you usually had and I’ve received a ton of questions There are so many questions that I cannot count That shows me that a lot of you care about this topic. Before showing you how to do it, I will tell you all the functions of nose contour Everyone wants to have thin high Western noses and many people now have plastic surgery that’s why we need to know how to contour our noses Having a high pointed nose will make you looke much more beautiful and confident Besides, the nose is at the center of your face, which attracts other people’s attention Okay, let’s get started! I’ve received a ton of questions for example, how to choose the correct contouring colors how to deal with large nose tip how to contour naturally how to handle oily nose or how to make good crooked nose tip In this video, I will try my best to answer all of your questions. The first things we need are appropriate products in order to create a beautiful nose bridge The first products I want to share with you guys are these brushes Here I have different blending brushes used only for nose contouring Many people may think that these brushes are eye shading brushes however, they are also effective in contouring your nose bridge A lot of you are in the habit of using a flat or slant brush to contour your nose But for me, I think that using a blending brush will help you contour your nose more beatifully and naturally Besides these blending round-shaped brushes we can also use angled brushes because theirs design will make it easier for us to manipulate Next, there are some non-glittery highlighter products for us to apply on the nose bridge Then, these are the contouring products for us to contour two sides of the nose bridge. Normally, many of you will use facial contouring products to contour your nose. However, there is one thing you all need to pay attention to is that you should use products whose shades are greyish brown or cool brown if you want your nose look more natural As sometimes the warm brown shade may turn orange against your skin tone, which not only doesn’t make your nose higher, but it also makes you look muddy Another thing to mention is that we should not use bronzer to contour our nose because they are products having warm tones. With my experiences, I suggest that you should use the eyebrow powder so that you can contour your nose naturally like this tone of color, the grey shade and avoid using warm brown one Besides, eyeshadows are not a bad idea This one or this one or this Furthermore, there are a lot of glittery highlighter products which help a lot in contouring Another product is contouring stick like this The purpose of nose contour is to make other people think that we do not contour our nose at all Therefore, we need to do it naturally And I have just provided you with the secret weapons so as to be ready to fight Let’s get started! First, I will share with you the tips to achieve a straight nose bridge This is also one of many concerns you have You asked me why your contour usually looked awry Do you know that, in order to have a straight nose bridge it is important for us to use highlighters with no glitter Some only focus on contouring two sides of the nose bridge however, in my opinion, highlighter is the key to achieve a naturally high thin nose bridge Usually, I’m in a habit of using non-glittery highlighter to create the nose bridge this will make It easier for us to achieve a straight nose bridge This is like a method You will see the effect after we highlight our nose bridge the two sides of the nose bridge will suddenly look darker Using only highlighter has quite popped up your nose bridge. I think this is a suitable way for people have already had a high nose because you don’t need to contour your nose too much you just need to make your nose look naturally higher and brighter Then, a bit of highlighter is just enough If you have oily skin with large pores I suggest that you should replace non-glittery highlighters with oil control powders in order to keep the nose contour last longer As having oily skin and large pores, we should not apply thick layers of powder or cream contour, instead apply them as thin as possible on your face. Now, I’m going to show you guys 2 types of nose contour. They are the nose contour styles of Asian people and Western people There are some differences between these two types But first, I’m going to share with you the Asian type Asian people prefer straight thin noses. When creating an Asian look, I usually start at my brows then draw two lines down my nose There will be controversial opinions however, for Asian people, this is a totally suitable method Why? It is because most Asian people have eyes far apart and pug noses Therefore, when you start at you eyebrows then bring it down towards the tip of your nose it will make this part of your nose look thinner and your eyes appear near to one another. I will start at my brows, using a blending brush and slightly blend it downwards Do it naturally, do not press The more I go down, the more I go inwards With this way of nose contour, we need a straight nose bridge This blending brush will help us blend out and soften the lines. Starting from the brows will make our noses look smaller as Asian people have eyes and eyebrows far apart The more you go down, the more you go inwards Slightly blend everything out onto the sides of the nose I think this is a popular method that many of you have already seen For those having a longer nose tip I highly recommend you guys to contour your nose tip a bit If you have shorter or turned-up nose, you should apply highlighter to make it look longer. Also, many people say that the inner corners of your eyes usually look too dark it is because you have a quite high nose I think you should apply a little of concealer and you don’t have to contour too much there As you already have a high nose, you just need to contour your nose tip to make it look smaller For people who don’t have oily nose you can use glittery highlighters to increase the contrast effect so that your nose will look much higher I will apply it to the center of my nose bridge I have just done the first style of nose contour which is very popular with Asian people As you can see, when I turn my head like this the contour look really natural and choosing an appropriate contouring shade is particularly crucial Let’s see how I look before and after contouring my nose We will base on the nose height to create the extent of the contrast effect If you have a flat nose you should use brighter highlighters and darker contouring products But if you have a high nose the color contrast between highlighters and contouring products doens have to be significant Okay, I have just changed my makeup look For a Western look like this, the nose contour is a bit different from the previous one This is Western nose contour style For Western people, their noses are not too straight a bit turned-up and thinner at this part and the nose tip For a sexy Western look like this, the way we contour our noses will be slightly different For this second type, I’m going to use this contouring stick Remember to use it before setting powder For those having oily skin and large pores contouring sticks or creamy products are not really a good idea Different from the straight Asian nose bridge I will focus on applying highlighter to the highest part of the nose bridge he bridge of the nose between the eyes, and the nose tip For Western people, they prefer not too straight nose bridge and turned-up nose tip Different from the Asian style instead of starting at my brows then go down I will start at the inner corners of my eyes I will not go down further I will just stop at this part I will do the same to the nose tip I will do the U at the end In order to narrow the nose I’m going to contour the sides of my nostrils to make it look smaller I’m going to go in with this sponge and blend everything out I will applying highlighter before contouring The nose bridge is the most important part because if it looks high your nose will look generally high This will decide whether your nose is high or not Contouring your nose like this will help your nose look naturally higher and won’t leave any harsh lines Then, set some more contouring powder with a small blending brush so as to further define the nose bridge. By doing this, you can achieve a more Western look We’ll do the same to the nose tip To increase the effectiveness of the contrast effect and to pop up the nose bridge I’m going to apply glittery hihglighter to the center area where I highlighted and the tip of my nose That’s it. What do you guys think? Contouring your nose in a correct way will also help your makeup look more beautiful and sexier But for those having prominent or turned-up nose you should consider carefully before applying this method because it may emphasize your weaknesses Let’s see the differences! I have just shared with you guys about nose contour and showed you how to contour your nose in 2 different ways I hope this video will provide you with some necessary information and help you contour your nose correctly That brings me to the end of this video If you still have any questions, let me know in the comments below And if you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe to my channel Goodbye!

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