No More Makeup, Its Over | Why Nadia Khan Trash Out Sephora Products, Huda Beauty & Kylie Lipstick?

Click on the Outstyle so that you can get notification whenever put on the new video I am Nadia Khan and you are my very lovely followers and all of us are very intelligent But no matter how much intelligent a person is there isn’t any girl in her life that she has brought some makeup and after throw it in a dustbin When buying it… All of it look so good very good and promising and it feels like when I apply it I will for sure look beautiful or someone recommends it to me or I have watched it in that video or in that particular magazine I saw that pic and now I must use it. or sometime in store when I apply it it look so good there but when I got back home, product is total trash Earlier, it use to happen to me quite a lot Without trying…Without doing any research without comparing… I used to buy things I have some of the things.. which I don’t use them at all I brought them… but when I use them, I don’t like them I am really fed up these and they have given me a lot sadness What did I think and what I got- very useless product these are total condemn products Today I thought let clean up These are the products from which I am totally fed up and each one has a story behind it Why am I throwing them away.. what is the reason When did I brought this one? In it there are some really nice small lashes and in the middle.. there’s this one which I have put on in in one video and it fell right of in the middle and I am so embarrassed because of these.. I am throwing them away At that time.. I used to really like it and I have practiced it a lot so that I can somehow apply it perfectly but its texture it very hard to handle.. specially on myself it doesn’t look good anymore before it going to get expire I am sorry kryolan.. we have some good memories together When I did one drama on Ptv.. At that time I have use kryolan a lot Even in dramas after that I’ve always used it but it just don’t give that look like liquid long wear full coverage foundation.. I feel sad I feel sad I have done a whole video on it.. you should watch it She launched this one earlier.. that when I brought it Right after I brought it.. I realized I’ve waste my money I hardly use it It just not up to the standard although I found its shades beautiful if you have long nails.. you can’t apply it This is just lying around I think it times has come From Day one I don’t like it.. it’s going in the bin I thought I should also use the drug store product there it goes.. I hadn’t open it and it all fall down I hardly use this one or two time The thing I hate the most is cheap quality material the one which breaks Palette was not was made of plastic Price was also good it’s not like if something is cheap its quality bound to be bad this palette breaks automatically whenever it want shades are not bad but because its broke just now I am completely fed up with it it is breaking from here although I keep my makeup with care and this just fall off in front of you guys broke apart.. its empty from here There isn’t any shade here now all shades got mix .. when the shade broke down it broke my heart it was a good palette but I am telling you this.. maybe what I am throwing now..might be best makeup for you guys but for me… it didn’t work for me This one that I am throwing away… Many people have threw it in a dustbin I was very excited when I brought this from online I couldn’t found it So I order it online this was quite anticipated product many girls excitedly brought this and most of them..threw it away in dustbin Ladies and gentlemen.. I am talking about kylie’s useless lipsticks The shades are so uslesss very dry…but color were good… Just look at this when I applying this.. I don’t feel like it is properly applied formula is very dry.. it will ruin the lips this is very bad very low quality lipstick All of kylie’s If you apply this your lips will be they will remain close felt like someone has apply a glue patchy Most useless.. and most thrown away product Kylie! your lipstick is gone.. Please improve your formula Next is Sephora’s mascara they have some really good mascara but this is very clumpy and this mascara don’t have good formula but I am not throwing this away and this one is really expensive mascara I never brought this expensive mascara but one of my friend highly recommended this This is Dior mascara After applying this I started to hate water proof mascara.. very difficult to remove it Even though at the beginning I was like it is really thick but after I am against water proof unless if it is your wedding or your are about to do a crying role in a drama you don’t have to apply water proof mascara- very bad quality it’s brush is so weird very thick applying it is so difficult the mascara which I like are Roller lash and all the mascara of benefit but “they are real” is very bad formula.. don’t use that one it is similar to lip liner similar to lipstick In one video I have used this also very dry color is beautiful but this is so useless you can’t imagine Although.. glam glow mask are really good But I don’t know why they used this low quality formula lip won’t plum..nor their any feel it does absolutely nothing..Very useless I just can’t throw this away!! these are the thing which I have discarded today and very soon I have a big surprise for you and to find out..keep watching Consultation..nowdays I have heavy booking and wherever I am travelling.. I am doing consultation along and if you like my help or opinion if you want to talk about anything you can book it by going on the out style website and in order to win a gift if you watch today video what is one thing..that you brought it with high hopes and now you are discarding it and tell me why are you throwing it away name of the product.. why are you throwing it away If I like your story and it is as emotional as mine

62 thoughts on “No More Makeup, Its Over | Why Nadia Khan Trash Out Sephora Products, Huda Beauty & Kylie Lipstick?

  1. Actually Nadia, now that I'm thinking… You done a huge favour to fans by truthfully telling how shit these overrated products are. These are actually so bad..

  2. My bad experience was with the Volume Express Colossal 001 Glam Black Waterproof mascara – maybelline… it is so cheap and bad my lashes started to fall off while I try to remove it.

  3. Aaj ke video mujhy behad achi lgi…..kun k her koi products ke tareef krta hai But Nadia Khan aaap ny fake products k bary main btaya it's really good for me…..mainy Hudabeauty ke Liquid lipstick li thin ab wo dustbin main phenk rahe hon……… thanks to tells us Great Information

  4. But i request k hmary comments ka reply b kia krain i know aaap busy person hain but her insaan k review metter krta hai…….i love the way of ur talking……

  5. Acha ye to hogai mehngi cheezo ko phinkny ki ….ab aisi video bnay Jo ap NY sasti khareedi hn laikin uno NY apko inspire kiya ho or ap k pas hn or use b krti hn ap ….aisi b video bnay plzzzz

  6. hello nadia ap muje boat achi lagte hu plzz nadia mere pas mak up nahi plz muje makup ap k hu tu give me ma affrdbal nahi plz muje makup karna boat achi lagta h

  7. mene in mese koi bhi chiz ya make up ki koi bhi chiz use nhi ki hai .. but apki videos shouq se dekhty hn kafi chizain sikhney ko milty hain.. ap k experience c pta chal jata hai konsi brand ki konsi chiz try nhi krni chahye.. logon ka bhi waqt aur pesa bach jat hai.. thank you for giving us useful information and awareness …take care

  8. Dermacol ka foundation jo main ny drazz pk su liya tha nahaut ki by kr jo m phnk rhi ho . Plz drazz su kuch mt buy kry

  9. nadia ples mne apse rukwist k the k mry fc p boht sary dag h or oil bhe h sath he sath khady bhe h koi acha makup bc btao jo mujhy sot kry ya fr koi ilag btao pless pless pless help m

  10. i love the way you review products…u speak in such a lively feels as if u are actually sitting in front of us are guiding us about goodies and badies of makeup stuff

  11. Atrdeco ki lipstick jo mane buy ki 2nd day toot gei thi itni expensive li or mery pesy destroy ho gy😭

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