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Hi! I’m Elysia. Hi there! I’m Ryen. Today I’m trying The No Mirror Makeup Challenge. It’s pretty difficult to go on YouTube nowadays without seeing one of these No Mirror Makeup Challenges. It’s breaking the internet. It’s everywhere. I’m going to look at myself for a little bit. Okay let’s get started. I’m going to just put this liquid lipstick on my mouth. This feels so weird without a mirror. Ahh! Did I miss? I can’t even tell. I’m just dabbing right now, like on the lid. I hope that I’m getting the entire lid. I have no idea. Is this blending in? Is it sitting on top of my skin? This is stressful. So I feel like I got my base down. You know what? Since I’m doing red, maybe I’ll do a gold eye. I think for any glitter look, eyeshadow base is a must, so I’m going to try and put this on. This one is flesh tone so it’s not that difficult to get right. Although I’ll probably mess it up. So I’m just going to blend this in with my finger in hopes that I’m covering all bases. I’m going to mix my two glitters to get the eye look that I want. I feel like since you are just using glitter it doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect. I’m just going to apply it the best that I know how. Oh my god. I feel the glitter falling. I’m pretty sure that my face is looking very festive right now already. Got to wing it out. This is probably more than enough glitter. I’m just going to… Just like… Oh wow. I’m just going to dab. I need a mirror! Now I’m just going to do the gloss. Even the lip gloss has glitter in it. You guys went in today. I’m going to add one of these guys here. These lose glitters. I mixed red and brown for a sort of wine look. It’s probably just going to look like red and brown glitter. This is the blue color. Smells like Kool-Aid. I just feel like right now I’m just piling it on. I might try just a little—work with the fallout I got going on. I might as well just do a full face. Is this a good look? To make this look even more crazy sexy cool, I’m going to add some of this pink glitter. This is my wild card right here. I feel like my face is covered. I’ve got glitter all over my hands. This is a very subtle day-to-night look. I think. This is the final look. I’m ready for the mirror. Is that the mirror? Let’s see, let’s see. Ugh! Holy $#!^. I got some glitter on my tooth. Okay. Oh my god. Alright, yeah, I look like a circus clown that went to Vegas and got really drunk and passed out in a hotel room full of showgirls. So, definitely the look I was going for. Surprisingly, I think that I applied the eyeshadows on my eyes pretty well, I have to say, without a mirror. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think that it’s good and I don’t think that it’s perfect. But it’s definitely not as bad as what I thought it would be. The lips, they look a little crazy. Would I do this again? Probably not. It’s definitely an either or situation, but I’m pretty impressed with my abilities. Try it at home if you dare, and we’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for watching. Let us know if you’d try the No Mirror Makeup Challenge and if you have any other funny beauty challenges for us to try, leave them in the comments below. To subscribe to Refinery29, click here and to watch more beauty videos, click here. Bye!

10 thoughts on “No Mirror Makeup Challenge Using Glitter | Try This Challenge | Refinery29

  1. I don't know if you will reply but will you do some more try living with Lucy I LOVE THAT SERIES thank you so much xx😀😀😀

  2. I'm impressed, they actually looked quite lovely!
    I have to try that if I'll ever do a pyjama party 😅
    Thank you for producing such high quality, entertaining content with so much love ❤️

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