-Don’t move! My eyes! – Then you don’t come near me! You move backward! -You move too much!! -We all look so ugly! -Wow! Is this brand new?? -We’re gonna put some eye contacts first. -DON’T DO THIS AT HOME! -Oi, my shorts are exposed!! -Hey, we have a highlighter!! (pun intended) (it was a bad pun) -It’s my first time. -My pamily!! Homayghadd.. -Hoy, I’m scared!!! -Hey it’s really unfair!!!! -You’re the one who said not to use a mirror. -Look straight at the contacts! *Nervous scream* -Don’t roll your eyeballs! *Shouting* *More shouting* -Oh no!!! -It’s rolled. (bad grammar myghaad) -There’s water here. You put some water on it. -This is a disaster!! -It fell. *laughing so hard* -Pssst. Shut up the two of you! -I’m done! (finally!!) -Help me pleaseeee.. -Oh no! My shorts are exposed again!!! *Exorcism stuff happening here??* -It’s too light!! -It’s not our shade. -We are very dark. *wipe wipe wipe* -I used two pumps. Char! -Do you have something for the eyebrows?? -What’s the english word of “muta”? -Morning Glory (is that right?? xD) -Not knowing anything about makeup be like. -My facial expression is just blank right now. xD *bonk bonk bonk* *cricket noises* -Let’s go daring! -How many more years before you’re done with the powder? -They said to mix it and blend. -You don’t blend it by wiping. -_- -No, i was doing it like that! -And what’s that?? *bonk bonk* -Oh my gosh! We’re a laughing stock right now. -I think it’s messed up. -Your face is already messed up. -Hey I have no place. -I’d rather be. (insert song) -Faster you guys! or I’ll get on with my lipstick now! -So I’m going to go daring for my blush. -I’m going to mix all the colors. -Why is she si pretty? Her eyes and eyebrows are perf! -Wow! Are my eyes really pretty?? -NOPE. -_- -I feel like I look like a clown. *cue the creepy montage* BEFORE: When we were ugly….. AFTER: We’re still fricking ugly…. XD -Don’t be afraid…to….. -Not have a winged eyeliner. ;D *Cause we’re weird af. ;)*

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