Maryam: Mirror ,Mirror on the wall, oh yeah
I don’t actually have a mirror, huh it’s gonna be a challenge, hey guys welcome back to my
channel I’m Maryam, in today’s video I am doing a no mirror make-up challenge. This is a challenge that I have been wanting
to do for a long time, not only to test out my make-up skill set but also for fun and
entertainment and also to kind of figure out some make-up tricks of the trade just in case
you have to do your make-up when you don’t have a mirror, we’ll see how I do I’m pretty
confident, I have Lee World over here, he is going to confiscate all my mirrors, he’s
going to turn my monitor around, good-bye monitor we are going to get to it, so remember
to subscribe, comment down below, if you have any questions, comments or concerns let’s
get to this, no mirror make-up challenge. I’m ready for my mirrors to be confiscated. Lee: Okay past them to me. Maryam: 1, 2, 3. Lee: These are all the mirrors you have in
your video room. Maryam: Yeah, the big one. Lee: Oh the big one, girl you got a lot of
mirrors, what are you doing with all these mirrors, okay wait usually you have like a
small one too, yeah (laughs) I knew you had a small one. Maryam: Bye monitor noooo. Lee: Bye monitor. Maryam: But we need Lee here for this because
we need to make sure that I am on focus and what not, I ‘don’t even know what to do with
myself right, it’s just me and you guys, no mirror on the side, no monitor in front of
me, I’m just gonna go ahead and start with my Smash Box Photo Finish Minimizing Pores
Primer because it’s a good one and I feel like this is a really easy thing for me to
begin with, so you know just gonna apply that okay that doesn’t feel too off without a mirror,
okay here we are should be good. So for my foundation today I chose this Maybelline
Dream Cushion Foundation. Lee: Why. Maryam: And you know what there is a mirror
in here so I’m not even gonna look into it, I’m just gonna do that and yeah, okay I feel
like I got foundation though, foundation should be pretty easy you know, it’s not too complicated
dipping, not looking and this one you could kinda feel where it’s going on, because it’s
a little cooler so I’m like okay I know I got it right here in the center, I don’t remember
if I applied that on my nose but let’s just go over that one more time, forehead I know
I didn’t do that yet, it just feels a little bare, how is it looking Lee? Lee: Looks good. Maryam: Yeah? Lee: Yeah, yeah. Maryam: Like better than when my brother did
my make-up, freckles right yeah, yeah. While I’m doing this what should we talk about
guys should we talk about current affairs, should we talk about celebrity new, Jusse
Smollet, that’s all I’m gonna say about that, Khloe Kardashian, Jordan something girl yeah
there is a little bit of that going on, are you guys into celebrity news, I’m really not. Alright concealer is next, for my concealer
today I am going to use my Tarte Shape Tape just because it’s my favorite, O boy okay,
I have no idea what I’m doing honestly, I feel like I’m a very visual person. Lee: Looks good babe. Maryam: Thank you for the moral support how
is that? Lee: Perfect. Maryam: Okay a little bit on the chin, hold
on between the brows, muy importante, yeah, yeah coming through. Lee: Breaking through. Maryam: So now I have my beauty blenders,
yeah I’m like trying to face in this direction. Lee: There’s nothing there. Maryam: There’s nothing there, maybe it will
actually help me like muscle memory no, no not working okay I know I applied it here. The thing is I actually don’t remember where
I applied my concealer, I know I think I probably applied it here but I don’t feel it anymore
and obviously I don’t see it, so that’s an issue I need to blend out the parts where
the concealer is not blended but I don’t exactly remember where that is. Lee: Looks good, looks like it’ all blended
in. Maryam: Yeah? Lee: Yeah I think you are done. Maryam: Yeah, you are lying to me, I didn’t
do the side yet, I feel like I got the skin, like the skin is on point right, comment down
below. But no honestly I do think that this product
is kind of a cheat because it’s really easy to use and it’s got this really big giant
sponge applicator, so there is no way you can mess it up. Next, oh contouring this is gonna be fun,
I feel like this can easily be messed up, I’m just gonna go kinda lightly around my
lips like I always do, yeah uh huh a little bit around the nose like I always do, o boy
this feels wrong something feels wrong, okay why, why am I doing this I never even go this
heavy for contour. So now to blend all this out, you guys I think
I wanna use my toothbrush brush for the lips, hopefully this is not looking like a moustache
at this point. Lee: I like it. Maryam: You like it, you wanna kiss it, okay
beauty blender or fingers, I feel like with the fingers you can probably blend it better
because you can actually maybe feel the product, yeah let’s do that, let’s do like a little
finger action here. You know seriously am I actually blending
it out or should I just grab a sponge. Lee: I think it looks good; I especially like
the mouth area. Maryam: Yeah, Ha you know who is really good
at finger make-up, Sandra Deluxe watch her videos, I secretly have a girl crush on her
make-up skills. Okay I think this deserves a little sponge
action, yeah uhuh, coming through, I don’t trust you on the mouth area I honestly, I
really don’t, I feel like you really mess me up. Whoa yeah, you see the fingers, no I’m really
second guessing everything here. Do they actually blend this out or not, no
this product I feel it, there is a different texture here, therefore I did not blend out
my cheek contour, wait did I even apply cheek contour, well this is a hot mess I really
don’t remember what I did and I don’t remember what I blended, how many life lines do get? Lee: One (laughs) Maryam: That’s really cheap Lee, okay, I’m
feeling like I’m satisfied here, I wanna say that this is looking good because that’s what
I usually say after a step, but I have no idea if it’s actually looking good, at least
it’s feeling good. Gonna use this Kaja or I don’t know Kaja I
have no idea if this is focused or not. Lee: It’s focus. Maryam: With a heart sponge and then you go
poop, isn’t that adorable, maybe I should not have done that, blending that is gonna
be kind of difficult trying to catch a glimpse of my reflection in that giant camera lens,
nope not happening. Lee: Can’t do that, that’s cheating. Maryam: I feel like if I keep on beating my
face it will just blend itself. Lee: Looking good babes, looking good. Maryam: Laura Mercier powder, for the under
eye because you know we did conceal there, we did highlight and brighten so wait, I’m
really trying not to poke myself, muscle memory come through, this is kinda bizarre and we
have a dinner date tonight, not a date a meeting. Lee: The good news is your make-up is done
by the time you finish this video so you won’t have to re do it. Maryam: Make-up better not fail me, just gonna
powder all over boom okay easy breezy beautiful, should I do like a little bronzing action,
yes definitely I should do some bronzing action, I’m gonna grab my Dior Back Stage Contour
Palette that I love so much, gonna use my Pixi brush from my colab from almost 2 years
ago, oh my God it’s been a while and I’m gonna basically warm up my forehead, you know the
usual areas that I would warm up and contour just like that, hopefully that’s looking good. Gonna add a little bit to the back end of
my cheek bone like the back side of my cheek bone, wait what is that called? Lee: Your ear. Maryam: it’s not my ear, next I think I wanna
do my brows, this part I think is gonna be a little tricky I’m gonna need some guidance
do you think I should ask for a life line now or do you think I should save my life
line for the liner. Lee: I don’t know, it’s a tough call because
liner is tough but you got a good hand. Maryam: But brows? Lee: But brows can really make a face come
together. Maryam: Wait this is Benefits foolproof brow
powder, sigh it says she’s foolproof so is this feeling like I’m accomplishing a brow,
the thing is my 2 brows are not exactly the same and I’m really trying to stay within
the lines here, within the width of my brow but honestly I don’t have no idea how this
is going, judging by your face it is not going great. Lee: No you are good (laughs). Maryam: I’m just gonna watch Lee he is gonna
be my mirror. Lee: No, no that’s cheating, no cheating. Maryam: It’s like the other day we went to
ballet and I was watching Lee’s face. Lee: You say ballet like it’s a country. Maryam: How would you say it? Lee: You went to a ballet. Maryam: What did I say? Lee: We went to ballet (laughs). Maryam: We went to a ballet and the point
is I was watching Lee’s face more than I was actually enjoying the ballet because Lee’s
an ex ballet dancer and I guess he speaks the language of ballet which I do not, to
me it was all beautiful and magical but apparently there was so much more than just beauty and
magic going on behind this ballet, Lee was judging it, Lee was tearing up, he was laughing,
he was smiling there was a whole range of emotions going on there so yeah, I’m gonna
do the same thing here, just gonna watch Lee’s face, how is that tail end. Lee: Like a dragon. Maryam: Oh no that’s what you said when my
brother did my eye make-up and that did not turn out. Lee: No I’m kidding, I’m kidding mother of
all dragons (laughs) Maryam: Gonna brush that out, alright on to
the next brow I always notice that this brow is a little bit thinner in width than my other
brow, so I’m gonna go a little bit lower here like here, hopefully that’s a good choice,
because you know when I do this in the mirror it makes sense. Lee: Lean a little to your leg because you
are a little off center. Maryam: Right here? Lee: The other way, there you go. Maryam: Oh my God the brows are gonna be a
hot ass mess, I just feel it. Lee: You are not even looking at the camera
(laughs). Maryam: Gonna pick up this brow blade from
Urban Decay, the marker end, I don’t know why I’m doing this, this is making the whole
process much more difficult but I just feel like I need some brow strokes in there, I
mean this is what I do on the regular so why wouldn’t I do this right now right, here we
go brush strokes brown hairs, wrong choice huh? Lee: No it’s good babe. Maryam: What, you know what Tarte Shape Tape
for the whim, just gonna pick up a little bit of this shape tape and this little flat
brush and hopefully I can clean up the bottom of that because I know the bottom of that
is just not right. Lee: Hopefully. Maryam: Wait, it that like the, what oh, oh
is that the bottom of my okay, okay here we go that felt right you just drag that down,
oh my God this is not right, this is not right I need a tequila shot, this guy is not listening
to me (rings bell). Lee: Laughs, you really want a tequila shot? Maryam: I said! Lee: For real. Maryam: You are for real okay let’s do that
on the other side, okay so while he is getting a tequila shot maybe I can sneak a little
mirror, hi. Lee: Hey! Maryam: This is wrong, this is so wrong why
did I do this? Yeah, just gonna concentrate on my brow over
here, o boy this is such a hot mess. Okay I’m done for my eyes today I have the
new Huda Beauty Matte and Metal melted shadows, I grabbed some neutral colors because you
know I’m trying to keep it neutral and low key, so I’m gonna use this double pump latte
matte side and I’m gonna dot some, my God right here in the crease, boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom, boom like that and then also right here in the crease, boom, boom, boom, boom
like that, uh huh you’ve seen me do this before, these are the second edition colors but I
do have a review on the original 5 colors up here. Blending out that eye shadow, looking good,
feeling fine, feeling smaxy we’ve got a dinner meeting tonight, I will be removing this make-up
because I just feel like it’s not cooperating. But that tequila is feeling good, Lee and
I kinda stop drinking, we drink wine every now and then but we stopped drinking heavy
liqueurs until Biore came in with this tequila tasting cart and left it at our house, so
now it’s in the video room and every time I film I gaze over at it and I’m like, do
I need extra juice, today I needed extra juice, how is that blending going? Lee: Good. Maryam: Yeah. Lee: Yeah. Maryam: I think we need a little drop top,
drop top pop a bubbley, tada tada tada honestly, I don’t know the song but if you do comment
down below, what a hot mess I am right now, holy shit alright now how is that lid shadow
looking Lee? Lee eyes up! Lee: Yeah, I actually think you look great. Maryam: Well if I look great then tantadadan!! Eyeliner. Lee: Tantadadan! Maryam: Alright I’m calling a life line for
this one. Lee: Stop right there (laughs) Maryam: Okay I’m gonna try to wing it out
from this point. Lee: Alright, well you gotta come down a little
more before you start winging, that’s a little dirty now, you are good, you are a little,
yeah that’s it now work your way back. Maryam: No I can’t I gotta connect. Lee: ohh you got make-up wipes? Maryam: Yeah but I can’t see, am I really
ruining it? Lee: Well it kinda looks like a whale. Maryam: Why are we doing this? Lee: Okay that’s good, fill it in you are
in the line come up a little bit, okay no more than that, move to your left and up,
that’s it don’t go more than that no, no okay go up. Maryam: Ha ha ha oh my God. Lee: Okay you need to fill it in a little
bit more. Maryam: Okay I am channeling my inner Nicky
tutorials, what would Nicky do? Lee: Yeah that’s good and honestly I don’t
think I would do more than that. Maryam: Yeah that’s it, it’s good? Lee: No I would fix the wing, but that’s not
the wing, that’s the wing. A little bit more, that’s good but come back,
yeah that’s it, that’s good I think you should probably shouldn’t go any further than. Maryam: Okay great, one down one more to go. Lee: Whoa, okay now bring it back to the center,
that’s good that’s really good now fill it in a little bit, yeah actually really good. Maryam: You know it’s really nerve racking
actually. Mascara Monsieur Big why am I making this
face, I think I’m good for the lower lash mascara I don’t think I could do any better,
Lee I need another life line. Lee: You only get one. Maryam: I have never applied my lashes without
a mirror; I don’t think it’s possible. I’m also not gonna use tweezers because then
I will definitely poke my eye out. Just gonna apply my duo lash glue and then
I’m gonna use my fingers to hopefully stick it to my lid. These are the Eylure most wanted lashes in
the style have to have, think these are tacky enough, I am gonna go for it, oh coming through
with that lash skill set, yes. Lee: Wow that’s good. Maryam: Good right, oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God wait this one is a little harder why, I don’t know this one feels a little
off. Lee: I think it works with the liner. Maryam: Yeah okay great, time for lips very
fun part. Lee: One second on the lips (13:11) oh wait,
you are good, come back okay you are good. Maryam: Okay I’m just gonna do my lip line,
yeah I really can’t outline without actually have to feel my lip line problematic, I do
not draw within the line you know dab a little that’s enough and for the gloss a little wet
cherry action from Lime Crime and I think my lips are good. For the highlighter gonna use this Maybelline
ex puma highlighter in the shade knockout, I better get this right I mean if I can’t
get the highlighter right then I don’t deserve to have a make-up channel, here we go kaboom. Do I need anything else maybe like a little
inner corner eye light gonna use this LC trio boom, you know the little brow bone action
yeah uhuh okay right there. Okay I’m done give me back my mirrors I need
to reveal this to my damn self yeah, I’m ready. Lee: You ready. Maryam: No, alright I’m done hit me ahm hmmm
couldn’t help me out with this one Lee and you could have helped me out with this one,
but honestly the dragon eyes are not bad, the shadow is looking quite good, the eye
lashes are promising, the brows aren’t even the worst part, the lips are looking good,
skin is not bad I got this, I got this I am a pro and I deserve this Youtube channel that
I built. Ohh yeah forgot to blend that okay now the
challenge is to take these existing products and actually fix this mess that I have on
my face, may I have a mirror please. Alright let’s observe this closely honestly,
hhmm well its worse than I thought holy crap these eyes, this liner oh no, I really thought
I was better than this liner you guys this is a hot ass mess, this is not good, it looks
way better on the monitor than it looks up close, it’s good though. The eye brows aren’t half as bad as I thought
they were but I was super-duper, duper confident with like the contouring that I barely blended,
I was super confident with the eye shadow which is also not really blended and honestly
if I was blind I would need to practice a lot more, this is not how it’s gonna go down
okay, no. Part of me is like a little disappointed with
my skill set and another part of me is like oh but you know if you use this type of product
and if you like really work it with your fingers then you could probably make it work so yeah
there is definitely some new discoveries that I made in the filming of this video, of course
I had a lot of fun, because it is a fun and it is a carefree kind of challenge which I’m
all about so I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you will be willing to try
this challenge and also let me know what you wanna see next on my channel, I have a phase
and fails coming up, I have a couple more reviews coming up for you guys, relationship
advice series # 3, is also coming up so I will see you guys in my next video, don’t
judge me by my appearance, check out some of my other videos I promise you I could do
make-up this is not me. I love you guys and I will see you very soon,

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