welcome to the channel So today we’re gonna do the no mirror makeup challenge obviously you can see So we have So no mirror makeup challenge we got our lipsticks here Foundation liquid highlighters. Hilighters. I shadow we stacked Are you just gonna do at the same time? Yeah I guess will my put a pole and you guys can go and So first we’re gonna start Okay, we’re not like any beauty gurus. Yeah, we’re not the best that make up but we or sister Jeffrey. I know like were none of beauty gurus We just started we can’t wait Honestly, I can’t even do makeup with a fucking I don’t even know how I’m gonna do this without honesty So I’m just putting Fuck are you doing I’m gonna make like just a movie star Jesus blue Okay, so I think we’re good so With my purple take note, we’re actually trying like, I’m actually I was actually like Four minutes You know, we’re such rookies we’re using the same brush for each color actually I wasn’t so We’re gonna Take this snowflake one for Christmas Oh, there’s a mirror no, no no, no mirrors no mirrors. Okay, i didnt look at it. I’m doing this highlighter I Do that bad I didn’t So You didn’t do it again I’m rock the same way So krystns dumbass Didn’t flip the camera and show auntie’s reaction. It was the best action too, but it was the best way It was the best one But anyway, we showed the end results to krystns family. So Look Next time


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