No Mirror Makeup Challenge Indonesia

Hi, I’m Queen In this video I’ll do No Mirror Makeup Challenge I’ll do my makeup, but without using mirror Here, I usually use this mirror when doing makeup And there’s my sister And she has turned away the camera LCD or whatever it is So I don’t have any idea how my makeup will look like I’ll put this mirror there There’re some of my makeup that has mirror like this powder But don’t worry I won’t cheat I’ll close it and will do the makeup without mirror Today’s makeup probably… Smokey eyes Glamour smokey eyes First is foundation And maybe this is quite easy Maybe all people can do it without mirror I have a lot of acne on my chin and I need extra coverage here Take some amount again because I think it isn’t enough Actually I have beauty blender But my dog has bitten it So, I’m hard to blend everything I’m just using eye tape, but I’ve removed all the makeup before Next is powder There’s a mirror here and I’ll close it I’ll use powder brush instead Continue to the hardest part As usual I’ll use two color of eyebrow pencil and I’ll start with the brown one Now, blend with the black one so it’ll natural But I don’t have any idea if it’s natural or not And maybe the thing that make it a bit “safer” is with this spooly brush Use the concealer Continue the other brow *pins and needles. lol* How? Lol With the concealer, I’ll use it as eyeshadow primer aka eyeshadow base There’s eyelid tape Next, I’ll use palette from SariAyu The colors are pretty, aren’t em? I’ll use buffing brush to take the black eyeshadow And I’ll start to make smokey eyes I love this Coastal Scent brush because it’s like the dupe of MAC 217 And it blends everything so well So, hopefully although without looking at mirror, it blends my eyeshadow nice too Well, hopefully… Then I’ll use flat brush like this to apply the eyeshadow on my lower lid Chestnut, is it right? Chestnut… Chesnut is my dog That has murdered my beauty blender Eye make up is hard to do without mirror No idea how the look is going on Continue with eyeliner from Silky Girl I forgot to add touch of light with this white eyeshadow on my inner corner of my eye Continue using eyelash curler Maybe it has already curled, then mascara Continue with false eyelashes How to take the lashes, you must fold the container like this, so the lashes won’t get damaged and take the lashes like this When we’re so lazy, usually we take the lashes like this and makes the lashes get damaged I use Chiaroscuro from Michelle Phan Because my nose is flat, from this side you won’t see it, sinked on my face, I need contour it I give highlight on my nose bridge and cupid’s bow I’ll use Inez to do shading on my cheek bone I didn’t see the mirror for sure Then blush The blush has no mirror Because it’s intense look, I apply the blush just a bit to make my cheek rosy The next hard part is red lipstick The color is really nice and fresh Lol. I just searched a mirror! Yap, it’s hard to apply lipstick without mirror I’ll use the brush then My lips are thick but still obviously so hard to apply the lipstick without the mirror Finish! I’ll see the result 1, 2, 3 I’m quite like the eyeshadow tho Just a bit dragged here And my brows are…. MY TEEEEEEEEEETH I’ll ask my sister to get closer Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s hard for sure OK this is my complete look Maybe, if you’re searching for Halloween Look, you can try this make up look Scary right My video is over Don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel and like this video Visit my blog and my social medias

8 thoughts on “No Mirror Makeup Challenge Indonesia

  1. queen! dg nada MC-nya Natur

    kamu lucu banget sih gemes. Beauty blender digigit anjing kamu huahahahahhahahah

    giginya! ohemji lucu banget :))))

  2. ka… lucu banget 😘😘 kisskiss saran aja nih kak, lain kali kalo upload mention product yg di gunakan di description boxnya dong. pengen tau apa aja yg di pake. tons of love for you kaaa…💕💕

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