Mel: Hello everybody! Mat: We’re Mat
Mel: & Mel!
Mat&Mel: Welcome to our new video!! Mel: This is our first challenge! Mat: MAKEUP WITH NO-MIRROR CHALLENGE
Mel: So we’ll just have to makeup without a mirror Mat: Right, and to prove that we don’t have any mirror here I’m gonna take a picture Mat: of the camera here where we are Mat: I’m gonna take a video, so you’ll see it’s exactly the same moment
Mel: Right Mat: Yep…as you can see there are no mirrors here Mat: You see it’s the esact same moment
Mel: Right Mat: Yep, and there is no mirror here
Mel: Absolutely not
[Try not to look at the mess] Mat: Let’s start, so…do we need to makeup in the same way or just whatever? Mel: Whatever we want Mat: I’d just like to say that I never use makeup, so I never really learned Mat: So I’m a little disadvantage Mat: She, on the other side, it’s really good at it Mel: Well, I don’t know without a mirror Mat: Well yeah I suck even with a mirror so just you can imagine without it!
Mel: i hope it won’t be too hard Mel: While I put the moisturizer on you can use the… Mel: …foundation
Mat: This one? Mat: So this is the first thing I have to put on?
Mel: Yes! Mat: How is it? You can’t tell me! Is it really bad?? Mel: Well it’s not perfect… Mel: but baby, I think I can’t tell you Mel: or it’d be too easy! Mat: Well it’s like the 3rd time in my life I use foundation so… *laughing*
Mat: Whaaat?? Mat: I can’t look at myself! I don’t know where my eyes is whitouth looking at it! Mat: I think this is gonna be so ugly!
Mel: I don’t know Mat: It’s too funny that you comb your eyebrows Mel: Well of course, they come out better Mel: I always comb them Mat: I don’t know if I should do someting really bad, like violet and this one Mel: Oh Jesus! Mat: We’ll I’m not gonna do a good makeup so I should just be stupid, right?
Mel: Whatever you prefer baby Mat: I funnier
Mel: yeah Mat: Shall I use these two?
Mel: Yessss
Mat: What do you think? Should I use these from middle school.. Mat: Violent and black with glitters
Mel: I don’t know, try it Mat: Mh? Mel: Omg, it’s really hard to do eyebrows without a mirror
Mat: I won’t touch my eyebrows Mel: I thought it’d be easy until yesterday Mel: So easy Mat: I told you
Mel: “yeah, how hard could it be?” Mat: Weeel, the eyeshadow too, how can you understand if it’s too much Mel: Uh?
Mat: How can you understand if it’s too much or too less
Mel: Idk Mat: So I’m using violet and black Mel: Thanksfully I have a lot of eyebrows Mel: I’m using this like this, I’m holding it because Mat: Can’t you just leave it there? Mel: No it’s too far Mel: I don’t want to reach it everytime Mel: Babyyy, you’re eyeshadow it’s so cool
Mat: I didn’t apply it good Mel: No, I like the color
Mat: Yeah but I didn’t apply it good Mel: I can’t tell you that Mat: Nooo *laughs*
Mel: What? Mat: I promise I know hoe to makeup, expecially eyes Mat: I know how to do it
Mel: Yeah that’s true. Sometimes when we go out for dates she does it Mel: Something easy but beautiful
Mat: I can even do more complicated stuff Mat: Like the smokey eye I did when I went to the Prom! That was beautiful!
Mel: Mmh, mh, mh
Mat: Eeeeh Mat: So don’t judge from this Mel: And I think once you did my makeup…yeah you used a brown eyeshadow
Mat: Can you blow on my eye, please? Mel: Enough? Wooow
Mat: No, it’s ugly Mat: You say it’s beautiful only because…
Mel: She’s beautiful! Mel: Now I Mel: I’m using this, right? Yeah Mel: Just because you showed it..
Mat: Her with her… Mel: Because you showed that your eyeshadows where violet and black
Mat: yes, yes Mel: So sorry if I’m showing it too Mat: Yeah, I’m saying that your doing one of your fancy makeups *Mel laughs*
Mat: F**k, you’re too good at it
*Mel laughs* Mat: Well she does it almost every day Mat: Blow me on the eye, please
*laughing* Mat: It’s ugly, right? Mel: Noo! Mel: It’d be really pretty if it wasn’t for the glitters Mel: well, I like glitters tho Mat: yeah but it’s not done right
Mel: no.. Mel: this one it’s better than the other one Mel: I won’t use eyeliner because I just can’t Mel: I tried so many times, eben with tape… *Mat laughs*
Mat: How is it?
*laughing* Mat: Beautiful, right? Mel: Lovely!! Mel: Show it..ah!! Baby I’m going away!! Mat: Sorry Mat: What do I have to do without a mirror? How can I apply this without a mirror? Mel: Don’t worry Mat: Too easy not to apply eyeliner! Mel: Do you want me to?
Mat: Yes Mat: yeah just a little bit Mel: Okay I will a little, just to laugh more Mel: I feel like I applied it on the eyebrow too Mat: No! *laughs* *laughing* Mat: Is it better? I’m perfect Mel: Yes Mat: You know what…
Mel: Well, it’s a little better Mel: Now I’m gonna apply the eyeliner Mel: well, I actually use.. Mel: this eyeshadow here Mat: Yes, easy!
Mel: Under here Mel: And then the black one here!! Mat: Ah Mat: I’m gonna take the lipstick. Do you like my eyes?? Mat: Oh shoot, I’ll have to look in the mirror Mat: No, I won’t do it, I PROMISE I won’t look at it Mat: I’ll just go in the bathroom and look just at the cabinet Mat: I promise
Mel: Pinky swear? Mel: Promise me??
Mat: Yeeeaaah, I do!! [She starts her soliloquy] Mat: We’re sorry but the sim card was fool and it stopped recording
Mel: Right Mat: But…
Mel: I just applied the lip stencil Mat: And I applied a little bronzer Mat. To pass some time Mat: nothing
Mel: While I was finishing, right Mat: So now it’s moment of Mat&Mel: REVEALING Mel: Re?
Mat: Revealing! Mel: Revealing… Mat: Rivelazione! (revealing in Italian) Mel: Yeah but I’d say “releaving” *Mat laughs* Mat: So now with our phone… Mel: Let’s see
Mat: with the camera Mel: Let’s see how we did Mel: Aaaah
Mat: Omg
[From the phone seemed to look a lot better] Mat: Well.. Mat: I thought it’d be worse
Mel: Right Mel: I did to, like my lips Mat: well, this is really ugly Mel: The lip stencil was almost over so I didn’t quite finish but it doesn’t matter Mel: I thought it’d be worse tho, honestly Mel: I though the eyeliner was gonna be only in half eye or something like that
Mat: Well it’s not really good tho
Mel: Yes, but.. Mat: Lips are a little…
Mat&Mel: smeared Mat: my makeup was going to be ugly anyway
Mel: My bronzer it’s perfect!! Mat: It’s so weird to see myself with a makeup like this Mat: You left a…!! *laughing* Mel: We hope you liked this video
Mat: That you had fun! Mat: Give this video a THUMB UP and
Mat&Mel: SUBSCRIBE!!! Mat: If you have ideas for other challenges Mel: Comment down here or dm us on Instagram Mat: right!
Mel: Or whatever you prefer Mat: And we’ll see you reaally soon with a really
Mat&Mel: serious video Mat: Really important
Mel: Right
Mat: With a specual guest!!! Mat: See you soon!
Mel: Keep updated!
Mat&Mel: Byyye! Mat: Hello everybody!
Mel: We’re Mat
Mat: &Mel Mat: And welc…
Mel: “We’re Mat”
*laughing* Mat: and “I’m Mel!!”
*laughing even more* Mel: I can’t believe it!!!


  1. Mel tem outros challenge bem legais. Quizz de perguntas e quem errar leva torta de Chantilly na cara. Que fica muito engraçado tbm

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