Hello Girls and Welcome back to my channel This Video is different from any video I’ve done Because it will be No Mirror makeup challenge I will be doing all my makeup without any mirror It will also be a talk through video it means I will be talking through the video I hope you will have fun! I will start of course by appying foundation I have No Mirrors infront of me and am sitting right infront the window! am applying almost the same amount that I usually apply I will try to blend as much as I can because blending will help all the mess that I’ll do looks better :p Don’t forget to comment below any videos you want me to make and I will do my best I think enough, Right? Extra Blending, extra extra Blending! It may Look Niiiceeeeeeeeeeee I Have foundation on my Hijab, right?:/ I am going to take now concealerrrr and apply it on my eyes Am sure I look funny It’s my First time ever doing such a Video, am having fun! I usually start by doing my eyes and then foundation. concealer and all these stuff From the beginning it’s a mess so never mind Did I apply here? for not messing up my master piece foundation and concealer am going to take a powder and apply it under my eyes okay so am going to use a pallete I got from (ALi Express) I will link in the description box the link where you can get it I really love this palette the colors are pigmented! I used this once or twice and I loved it I will start by taking this color as a base Of course the palette has no mirror I saw lots of makeup artists that already done this challenge So I decided to do something new for you girls and something just to have fun If you want I can link below the videos that I’ve watched and liked For now am going to apply brown on my cut crease which is this how do I look xD Once again this is just a challenge don’t try what am doing for a norml makeup Because almost everything am doing is wrong Am gonna use use Luxe classic shader #232 from ZOEVA Okay, am going to take Burgundy shade On Cam it looks different :/ I have no idea why I close both eyes Maybe because I can’t see what am doing ?!mmm Okaaay, I think enough eye shadow I will take again the brush that I used on my cut crease without cleaning it and blend everything together ouch my eyes Okay so enough blending Now I will use spot liner #310 brush from ZOEVA for the Eyeliner And I will take my favorite Gel Eyeliner from Maybellene On mirror and sometimes I mess up the Eyeliner what will I do now without Mirror.. I know am gonna mess up everything now Can’t I just skip eyeliner?? What is happening with my eyes Even if the eye shadow is fine eyeliner will mess up everything But no problem the Video is just for fun Now my other eye I feel like this is the biggest failure in my life and History of makeup It is actually the biggest fail Let’s see how will I look at the end Am going to remove now the powder I almost forgot it With the same brush am gonna glow my face Okay I was supposed to conture before adding some glow I forgot No problem ! Let’s Move On The Most important thing in your life in your makeup life is to blend Blending blending! ofcourse all the glow went Little bit highlight trying to show conture line I will conture my nose now and now lashes I barely know how to apply lashes in front of the mirror Let’s see how it will turn out without mirror apply little bit and leave it 20 second 15 seconds Where did they went Lash number 2 leave the glue for 15 seconds I feel like there is something wrong Is it fixed? I dont think so it’s not Glue is everywhere I will take this lip liner it;s really nice and kylie’s matte lipstick koko k but it’s not important I think the only thing that will turn good is the lips And am done! I went and got the mirror and am back OMG! The lashes looks bad Conture is not bad it just need more blending My lips doesn’t look right my eyebrows doesn’t look like it’s done I hope you liked this video! If you did don’t forget to subscribe To see my future videos and the videos that I have already done and as I mentioned if I fund the link for the eye shadow pallette I will link it below I think I said one more thing Oh ya I will also link other Videos of the No mirror makeup challenge That I already watched and Liked Before doing this Video I asked people to vote on Instagram and facebook and I found that more people voted there Most of the girls voted to do this challenge If you want any other videos suggest me in the comments Bye

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