hey guys ! welcome back to our channel today’s video is going to be another makeup challenge which is the ‘NO MIRROR MAKEUP CHALLENGE’ I’ve seen that many youtubers done this video so I would like to try it by myself and karn will be the one who is making sure that the camera is focus and also there is no reflection on the scene you know so I cannot see myself wihtout any further due let’s go let’s jump right into the makeup challenge I’ll start with this Bourjois Healhty Mix Serum and apply it on my face as a based foundation so let’s do this put it on my hand like this and I’ll dab it on my face oh my god it feels weird okay next I’m going in with the buffing brush from the Real Techniques and buffing all on my face karn is laughing off camera so I think I have to blend more okay I think we pretty much done the based make up so let’s go with the concealer today I’m going to use the Kate Covering Concealer for under eyes my fav ! but I’m looking for another one to try because Kate does cover up my dark circles but it crease a little bit at the end of the day you know if you have any recommendations, please comment down below and I’m going in with the flat brush this one oh no there is no name in here but it from Real Techniques from the core collection I will apply it on my under eyes circle and yeah I think I’m done but I’m gonna check with my fingers like going in to make sure that it’s all blended then I’m going in with this Catrice All Matte Plus powder and sets the under eyes area with this Sigma Large Powder Brush I’m going to set my T-Zone just a little bit because it tends to get oily there I think we finish the based then I’m going in with this Anastasia Beverly Hills Kits and I will apply this color as a bronzer first tap off the excess so my face don’t be like something burnt going in some more on the other sides then I’m going in with this contour brush from the Real Techniques and going in with the color Fawn in the middle here and apply it on my jawlines no on my….. hollow of the cheeks yeah I’m looking at the air con right now okay I think that’s finish so going in with the brush?! a blush. brush? a blush? going with the blush my favourite one, the Tarte……………. the Tarte Holiday Collection and I’ll make sure that I didn’t see anythings from the mirror okay I’ll put it like this so I can’t see and going in with the blush? blush…. Blush Brush from the Real Techniques and apply hmm the color Smashing the bright one I would like to challenge myself just a little bit tap off the excess smile apply it light-handed guy oh my god I think I’m done pretty good jobs though so yeah finish the blush then going in with the highlight Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminating Powder oh there’s mirror here so I will make sure that I cover it up apply it on the highlight places of my face of the cupic’s bow oh my god guys I forget to contour my nose so let’s do this going in with this shading brush from the Real Techniques apply Fawn on my nose on the side of my nose hope it looks okay uh huh then going in with the highlighter and apply on the bridge of the nose alright I think *sigh* we have come to another *sigh* another step which is the brow and this is the hardest first I’m going in with the spoolie brush and brush through my brow okay I think that’s okay going in with the eyebrow pencil that I used a lot okay let’s do this and then I fill in my brow using this one alright we’re on track right now guys my brows look nice I guess alright I think I finish doing these 2 brows and I would like to brush it through again so it oh my god that’s my computer brush it through so it doesn’t leave any harsh line on my eyebrows so next going to using the brow mascara thingy browgel and apply it on my brow wow weird sensation ever but I think the weirdest will be when I apply the mascara on my eyes that’s going to be scary okay alright okay I think I finish the brow and the face so let’s go jump into the eyeshadow portion what I’m going to do is apply the eye primer first it’s the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Portion apply like a little tiny tiny bit on my eyes because this goes a long way apply it on the eyelids and on the lower lash lines too next going in with this Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 it’s a mirror again so what I’m going to do is I’m going to cover it up like this so I can’t see myself so I’m going in with the color Custard with this Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush and apply it on my eyelids to set the eye primer so I’m going in with the color Goji from this palette and apply it on my inner and outer corner of my eyes using the blending brush Tapered Blending Brush from the Sigma E40 on the inner corner then I’m going to using the Base Shadow Brush to pick up some transition color and what I choose is this Shorbet from this palette apply it as my transition color so everything blend out nicely I’m going to go in with the Deluxe Crease Brush and apply the color like Tawny you know just a little tiny tiny bit is enough and run it through the entire crease and I’m going to apply the color Carbenet on the outer corner and inner corner of my eyes to darken up and make more dimensions like that then blend also inner corner of my eyes blend it out okay and blend blend blend blend blend okay with the wet brush I’m going to use the color Prosecco here and apply it on the wet brush and apply it on the center of my lids to finish the whole look I’m going to use the color Goji again and I will use the blending brush to intensify the color because I think it’s loosen the pigment you know alright okay I think I finish my eyes oh I forget the browbone highlight guys I’m going in with the gel liner to line my eyes I think I can tell that it’s going to be bad but you’re gotta keep going oh my god oh my god this is the weirdest ever. It’s like poking my eyes it doesn’t ended here oh no so let’s going in with the mascara guys but first I’m going to curl my lashes oh my god i’m doing this okay oh I thought I’m going to pinch my eyelids but no going in with this mascara and apply it on my eyes I’m going in with the false lashes I put myself in another level for you guys let’s go last step is to apply the liquid lipstick and today what I choose is Havana Night in the collaboration with Kathleenlights by Ofra Cosmetics and let’s do this I think I’m going to mess this up but we’ll see uh huh I’m feeling it oh my god oh my god can you guys see this and this but I think the based makeup I did is quite good because like I go light-handed because I’m afraid that my face’s going to look bad but I kinda like this look you know I like the eyelashes on this one but the eyeliner is so bad and also the eyeshadow your browbone color this one can you see the eyeliner of this one? oh my god it’s disaster so and the lips oh my god I don’t know what to expect but on the lower lips is pretty great but on the upper lips

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