– What up, world? It’s me, Brizzy. And yes, my face is currently naked. Scandalous! Because we’re playing truth or dare and it’ll make sense when
you hear the very first dare or read the title of the video. So let’s get started. I dare you to do your makeup without looking in the mirror then film the rest of the video with that amazing look. I’m assuming this means I
also can’t use the viewfinder because that would be pretty easy. Okay, I’m just gonna turn it kind of upside down so I can’t see it. It’s at a terrible angle but I can tell if it
stops recording at least. This is so weird. Now I’m like where do I look? ‘Cause you’re so used
to looking at yourself when you do your makeup that if you’re doing your
makeup without a mirror you suddenly find yourself
without a purpose! Oh, I feel terrible already. Wow, when you’re doing this when you don’t have a mirror to look at you can just close your eyes completely. It’s kind of freeing. Oh God, this is terrifying. Oh, this terrifying. Let me see what that looks like. Oh hey, I look like a normal person. Oh, the wings are pretty janky but yo, wait, I’m not mad at this. Oh okay, that’s huge. That’s a huge wing but this ain’t bad. That’s actually a pretty
nice wing right there. This one’s just like… That lipstick does not do anything, okay. (laughing) You know, from far off
this is not bad at all. So this is fine, this is fine. Let’s do the rest of the video. Truth, how is your mime
career working out? Thank you for asking. My mime career was short-lived considering my voice
came back later that day. But while we’re on the subject of that, I am very sorry if I distressed
anyone with that video. I truly just wanted an
excuse to dress up as a mime and film something as a mime. So that was the result. I really wasn’t trying to trick anyone. I just wanted to be
like, I’m a mime forever! April Fool’s! Turns out I fooled a lot
more people than I expected. I dare you to imitate
a chicken and a horse at the same time. (clucking and neighing) Truth, you have to hide
a body in Hogwarts. Who would you enlist to help you and where would you hide it? I would get Hermione to help me because she’s the smartest one there and Room of Requirement. I mean, isn’t that obvious? I dare you to hug the camera. Oh, how dare you? This is just the worst dare ever. There we go hopefully, I mean, I guess someone out there
probably needed that hug. Truth, if you could create an anime what would the storyline be? It’d be like, okay, there once was a boy named Harry destined to be a star. His parents were killed by Voldemort who gave him a lightning scar. You get it, I’m just gonna stop. I could do the whole thing, I have. You’ve seen me do it but not today. Dare, tweet three famous
people about cheese. (laughing) This is the most hilarious dare. I could never Tweet JK
Rowling something like this because what if she actually saw it? She looks through her replies sometimes. If JK Rowling were to actually notice me, I would break inside
if it was over cheese. Boom, there you go. (laughing) I did it. Favorite not gen one, not
legendary slash mythical Pokemon? Umbreon! Yes, give me, give me the darkness. Give me the dark cuteness that is Umbreon. Truth, what is your least favorite part of the status you have achieved as a result of your success? Least favorite part of
having such a big audience I guess is what you mean, is the very very very
very very tiny percentage of that audience that goes overboard that become unstable and overly obsessed and dangerous. That is my least favorite part are the unstable humans. You don’t know when to stop. Say “What up world, it’s
me Brizzy” in Spanish. (speaking foreign language) (laughing) (speaking foreign language) Truth, what is one voice you
want to do but you just can’t? I mean if I’m being real, if I could pick any voice that
I could just do flawlessly it’d probably be Morgan Freeman. (laughing) Just so I could whip that out and be doing a flawless Morgan Freeman, people be like “What? “How? Would you? “Are you cheating? What?” That’s what I want. That’s what I want. I dare you to rap Hamilton
in Harley Quinn’s voice. ♫ There would have been nothin’ left to do ♫ For someone less astute ♫ He woulda been dead or destitute ♫ Without a cent of restitution ♫ Started workin’, clerkin’
for his late mother’s landlord ♫ Tradin’ sugarcane and rum ♫ And all the things he can’t afford ♫ Scammin’ for every book
he can get his hands on ♫ Plannin’ for the future ♫ See him now as he stands
on the bow of a ship ♫ Headed for new land ♫ In New York you can be a new man I guess that’s Harley
rapping Alexander Hamilton. Truth, do you ever wear your own merch? I don’t. I should but whenever I see it I’m like, I should wear this. Nope, that’s weird. That would be very strange
if I did that but I should. Did you know I even have a shirt? It says “What up world” on it and the link’s in the description. If you want it, it’s always been there. Truth, what on earth
is your favorite candy? Mine are Skittles. Okay bye, I love you so much! My favorite candy is probably Twix, Three Musketeers, Snickers. I really like chocolate bars. Dare, eat as much chocolate
as you can in 15 seconds. Don’t mind if I do. I bought Snickers Bites
just for the occasion. Hashtag spon, just kidding, I wish. Oh, the dream, can you imagine? Now you said eat as much as you can. I’m just gonna put as much in my mouth as I can in 15 seconds and then I’m gonna worry
about swallowing it. That’s what she said. Oh God. Alright, let’s get 15 seconds
on the clock, shall we? Go. (packaging rustling) Okay. Okay. Okay. I had to spit some out, I’m sorry. I’ll just choke. It’s so chewy. I did not think through the fact that Snickers is insanely chewy and I definitely swallowed
like two or three of these without chewing them at all and that was, that was pretty dangerous but it’s fine we got through it and it’s pretty tasty. Sponsor me! Can we have a video that’s
just all food dares? Could we do that? No one can stop me, I’m an adult. Truth, are you more proud
of your voice-over skills or your cosplaying skills? Bruh, seriously? There’s not much to be proud
of my cosplaying skills because I don’t sew. My cosplay skills kind of
stop at being a good gatherer and putting things together
and doing hair and makeup. That said, I am really proud
of my hair and makeup skills when it comes to cosplay. (burping) Excusee. Dare, lick the bottom of your shoe. (groaning) Honestly, I’m not that scared to do this. Let me find a good shoe to lick. Get the hair off it first. Oh okay, it’s actually covered in hair. This might be weird. Okay, here is my shoe. Three, two, one. (shouting and spitting) I did it though, did it! I’m gonna go drink some mouthwash, BRB. If you could live with any five YouTubers who would you pick? Okay, this is, these
are really just people off the top of my head but I would pick Tessa Netting, obviously. Laina, TJ Smith, Jon
Cozart, Thomas Sanders. Boom boom boom! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s live together! Imagine that sitcom though. (laughing) Truth, what do you think is your most embarrassing
video you posted? Probably my I want candy
dead video from 2007. Actually 100% my I want
candy dead video from 2007. Yeah, that’s on a different channel. I dare you to make a video of yourself singing The Phantom of the Opera. ♫ Think of me, think of me fondly ♫ When we’ve said goodbye ♫ Remember me trying so hard ♫ To put you from my mind (laughing) Okay, if I can play anyone
in Phantom of the Opera it would totally be Carlotta. Oh my god, so funny, so fun. I can do that all day. It’s the best. Truth, have you ever
accidentally done an accent in front of someone without knowing? Oh I’m sure I have. Do you mean my life? I am often, yeah, going into weird accents even if I’m around just Americans. If I’m first meeting
someone they’ll be like, “Where are you from? “You have an interesting accent.” I’m like no, I’m just talking weird. I’m sorry, that’s what
I do when I get nervous. But also I’m sure if I hang out with British people or Canadians I also kind of pick that
up and if not the accent definitely the intonation, like that certain person’s intonation. Like when you ask a question, you know what I mean? Stuff like that. Dare, pat your head and rub your tummy while singing the alphabet backwards. I will do this with my eyes closed just to prove that I’m
not reading it, okay? ♫ Z Y X W V U T ♫ S R Q P O N M ♫ L K J I H G ♫ F E D C B A ♫ La la la la la la la You gotta step up your dare, son! Truth, when are you coming to Florida? LOL. I mean I’m coming to
Florida for Playlist Live. Boom boom boom boom boom! It’s through Cinco de
Mayo, that’s all I know. It’s like May third, fourth, fifth. So I will be in Orlando,
Florida for Playlist. I hope you’re going. I hope we can hang out because I feel like it’s
been so long for some reason that I’ve been to a YouTube convention. So I’m real pumped. Sing a Disney song in Spanish. Let’s look one up. Okay, this is one my
favorite Spanish Disney songs and I’m gonna butcher it. Let’s go. (singing in foreign language) Okay, that’s enough, I can’t. It’s really hard for
me to get the syllables on the right beat when it
comes to singing Spanish songs but you know I can get it eventually. You can go to Hogwarts but as a squip a squip or live with magic
but don’t go to Hogwarts. Ilvermorny, let’s go! I’m going to Pukwudgie! Dare, Tweet, write, or say
something trashing Harry Potter. I can trash Harry Potter
as a person all I want. Yeah, of course, that’s easy. I’m not trashing the series, Harry Potter. I am trashing Harry James Potter. Okay, I Tweeted it. There it is, I did the thing. And it wasn’t even a lie. Harry is a total dumb-dumb. Why do you think he tries
to grab his Hogwarts letter out of the sky when there
are hundreds on the floor. Why do you think he doesn’t
know what a broom-shaped package could be holding? Why didn’t he know that
someone named Remus Lupin who was always absent during a full moon was a werewolf? When Snape just made them
write essays on them. Why did he buy all of the
sweets from the trolley? All of them? All of them, Harry? Good lord, I mean I relate
to that last one a little bit but come on, pace yourself, man. Truth, favorite Broadway musical? Probably Wicked or Sweeney Todd. I like both of those a whole whole lot. Make up a Harry Potter-themed
poem or song on the spot. There once was a boy named
Harry, destined to be a star. His parents were killed by Voldemort who gave him a lightning scar. I already did that joke in this video. Truth, five countries that
you want to visit the most? Australia, Australia, Australia,
Australia, Australia. No no. It would be Australia,
probably Japan at this point, Germany, that I haven’t been to. I don’t know maybe Iceland? Maybe Argentina. Argentina would be sick! I dare you to do your
best Snow White impression while eating a spoonful of hot sauce. Hot sauce! I don’t actually know how hot this is. I just got it at the grocery store. I don’t know. I tried to read the labels to try to find something that
was like super hot but I… I don’t know anything
about hot sauce so… Okay, why am I nervous? I should not be nervous about this. It’s coming out so slowly. That’s a bad sign ’cause that means you’re only supposed to use a little bit. Okay, I would say this is a solid spoonful if I add any more it might spill so… Oh my god! Okay. Wanna know a secret? Promise not to tell? ♫ I am standing by a wishing well ♫ Make a wish into the well ♫ That’s all you have to do ♫ And if you hear it echoing ♫ Your wish will soon come Okay, this is not hot. I’m sorry I failed. Like I feel the kick, I feel it, I feel a
tingle all about my mouth but this is not hot in the slightest. I’m sorry I screwed up, I tried. I should have, I should
have done more research but it is tasty. I will gladly put this on all my food. It’s not too spicy! What two YouTubers do you ship the most? The two YouTubers that
I probably ship the most that I’m not actually friends with are probably Jenna and Julien TBH. I really enjoy them as a couple. They make a lot of sense to me. I really enjoy their
dynamic, their podcasts, their humor, et cetera. Yes, I enjoy, I enjoy this as a thing. It may continue. They have my permission. I dare you to eat a lemon. Okay three, two, one. Dude, not bad. I’m gonna straight-up eat this. Oh! There’s the sour part! I’m just like chomping
down on it like an orange. Oh! It gets worse the longer you let it sit but if you just tear into it and swallow it, it’s not that bad. Second half. (coughing) Why is it getting worse? There, I ate the whole friggin’ lemon. It turned out to be easier than I thought. Truth, who was your first kiss? My first kiss when I was
16 was with Kevin Smith. Was it this Kevin Smith? I’m gonna let you figure that one out. I’m just telling you who it was. It was Kevin Smith. Dare, dress up a dog as
any Harry Potter character using random objects. Okay, I’m not gonna use
random objects, I’m sorry. But one second. (vocalizing Harry Potter theme) You’re a wizard, Ricky. This is Ricky, he’s not my dog. I’m just puppy sitting for TJ Smith. So if you want to see more Ricky and Lucy. Lucy is Harry Potter. Check the link in the description. Spray a tower of whipped
cream in your mouth. How high can you spray? I am unreasonably excited about this one. I’m honestly just curious
to see like I have no idea. (muffled wailing) I couldn’t breathe ’cause it
was plugging up my nostrils. (laughing) Well that was an adventure! Thank you so much for watching! Thank you for all your
submissions of truth and dares. If you enjoyed this at all please hit the thumbs up. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and I’ll see you next week
with a brand new video. Bye! Can you do a video, I have the hiccups. (laughing) I have the hiccups from eating all this weird stuff.

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