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Hi there! I’m Linda Hallberg Today I will do something that comes with
a big deal of anxiety for me I’m going to do a No mirror makeup challenge I will go through all the steps as usual I’m going for a grimy look with brown, dark brown and black colors -and red lips I start with a primer to get some luster I put it in the middle of the face
for a nice luster under my base And now I will apply concealer under the eyes This one is from The balm -and is called Timebalm There, that should be enough Now it’s time for foundation. I will use a liquid foundation And I will cover the whole face Since I know I have the right color, I start on the jaw line The best part is that I have no clue how this looks! I switched brush just now to put foundation on the nose I like to use a smaller brush because you can reach everywhere with it Now the base is done And now I’ll put some powder on the whole face -before I start with the shading I’m just dabbing it on there All over the face to fixate the foundation -using a transparent powder Before the shading I start with the eyebrows And this also brings anxiety to me -because I know this will not look good! I don’t have the slightest idea where my eyebrows are now -at least I can feel I’m brushing on some hair right now! My eyebrows don’t stretch that far and I have no clue where to go This is really hard! It’s hard to know what pressure to apply and
the amount of color that will stick Let’s say we’re finished there and now I will put some brow gel -to fixate these nice brows I just painted on! To make them stay there during the whole day Now it’s time for the shading, or contouring Since I’m so pale right now I will use an eye shadow This is one of my favorites called Desert There’s almost no limit to how much you can put on This one is from Make up store The things I’m most scared of now are the red lips and sooty eyes The fake eyelashes could be tricky too Shading the nose I want some parts to be highlighted… …like the cheek bones for example… …the nose bridge and also the forehead and the chin Now I feel satisfied with that and it’s time for the eyes First of, I will use a primer To get a nice and smooth color all over the eyelid I smear it up to the eyebrow to avoid edges in the eye shadow There! Whoa, okey… …this is so difficult! I will use these 2 brown colors, called Cocoa beach and Chocolate sun -together with Coral crush that I will use for toning Well… …this is so damn hard! I put a dark shadow on the whole eyelid The worst part is that I can’t see what
falls down and lands on the cheek So I may end up with lots of brown
daub on the cheeks when I’m done As I always say, don’t mind if it’s
uneven because you can correct that later You can feel the crease so you have
a point of reference to guide you I switch to a fluffy brush to tone the shadow upwards Now I’ll use the orange shadow… …I’m having a breakdown here! I tone this here to get a nice transition For some depth, I put on a darker shadow in the canthus And now I will use the eye pencil
on the upper and lower water line Up here… …and down here I’m putting some shadow below the eyes too I can’t see how much I miss the target
now but I can correct that later And then apply the same brown shadow I did on the eyelids I don’t mean to look down, it just happens I use the Desert shadow again to smooth out eventual edges Now it’s time for eyeliner… …another moment of anxiety! Should I make an eyeliner wing? It’s insane that after 27 years, I still don’t know my own face Now you know how old I am It looks good as hell, right? I will let this dry, then curve my eyelashes and put on mascara Well, at least mascara was easy to put on without a mirror And now for the fake eyelashes I thought I would feel where to put them, but no! I can feel that it’s very misplaced It’s so very misplaced! Now for the lips Since it’s tricky to put on red lipstick with a mirror -why not do it without a mirror! This is Nyx xtreme lip cream I thought I’d put on some blush, too I use this called Rosebud from Glominerals Now I’ll release my hair before I’m ready
to take a look in the mirror I can feel my pulse, this is no fun! Oh god! Well the eyelashes are good It’s not as bad as I thought it would be I’m not so happy with the eyebrows But I’m satisfied with the base I’m satisfied overall, compared to the expectations I had before This may be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done It could definitely be worse! This is totally fine If you want to see better makeups than this -subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you again next week, bye!

62 thoughts on “No mirror make up challenge (with subs) – Linda Hallberg Makeup Tutorials

  1. Du var ju super duktig 🙂
    Det skulle va as kul om du kunde göra mer sånna här tags, kanske boyfriend does my makeup, eller blindfold makeup!

  2. It look like you always check the mirror, though.. your eyes always had stared at the same point. Not a big deal but ..too shame.

  3. Haha härligt!
    Det var kul att se dej skratta och visa lite personlighet. Annars kan dom bli lite stela. Självklart är ju det viktigaste sminket men ändå, kul att se DEJ lite 😛

  4. En riktig talang är du, otroligt duktigt! Att kunna göra det där utan spegel är helt ofattbart enligt mig. Du är en riktig förebild för mig Linda! Kram på dig❤️

  5. It's better than most people, even without a mirror, Linda. But, hey, when you are talented, you are talented!

  6. Sem espelho ainda maquiou melhor que muita gente!! kkkkk Ri muito!!!

    without a mirror, you did your makeup better than most people! I laughed a lot!

  7. Älskar den här videon! Tycker inte riktigt om dina andra videos trots att jag ständigt läser din blogg och tycker du är sjukligt duktig, men du var så avslappnad och betydligt mer dig själv i den här videon. Mycket roligare att titta på!

  8. det ända som typ faila vart ju eyelinern och läpparna.. och fransarna. resten såg ju nästan felfritt ut på håll iaf 😉

  9. Sjukt kul klipp att kolla på när man tänker sig in i sitsen själv hur man skulle se ut! Man förstår hur beroende man är utav spegeln😂 bra jobbat Linda!

  10. Du är sånt jäkla proffs! Finns de som sminkar sig med spegel och inte kommer i närheten av vad du gör utan!

  11. varför säger du aldrig namnet och färgerna på dina produkter och borstar? alla andra gör det och det är typ tråkigt att kolla utan

  12. You got eyeliner game!  I guess it's a compliment when some viewers accuse you of cheating this challenge…or a sad reflection of their own selves.  

  13. det här hade varit skitkul om du visat att du verkligen inte använt någon spegel!
    när du skulle applicera något så såg man att du alltid kollade i en viss vinkel (spegel?), en annan hade kollat in i kameran eller blundat och känt sig helt lost under hela proceduren! du är bäst och jag gillar dina videos men detta var ingen hit, kändes för uppenbart att det nog var fusk inblandat.. 🙁 buuu.

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